New Research Paper on Effect of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Quality of Life

Effect of Sahaja Yoga meditation on Quality of Life – Research Study 2012

The researchers had measured the quality of life, anxiety, and blood pressure before and after the treatment with sahaja yoga meditation. Below is the entire document and a list with more interesting articles (videos and more) on the medical and overall wellness benefits of sahaja yoga meditation practice for everyone (children, adults, seniors, women at menopause and so on).

** research done at Mahatma Gandhi hospital

List with Important Articles on Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Medical Research & Benefits

299 Physicians (GPs) experience Sahaja Yoga – Meditation Workshop Seminar & Medical Research published in Australian Family Physician

Using Sahaja Yoga meditation for less Stress and better Wellbeing – published in Australian Family Physician, June 2009 2009 Article Sahaja Yoga -Medicine Research. Dr. Ramesh Manocha from Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia -minutes…

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The much awaited video is finally here! (click!) Doctor Andrei was SNAP’d in Burlington & Mississauga Magazine! HOW WAS IT @ the Eleven “Science & Meditation” Lectures in Ontario (February 2012)

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Meditation for Work Stress: Channel 10 News Praises Sahaja Yoga Meditation – VIDEO, JUNE 2011

Last week Channel 10 (Australia) presented a News bulletin telling how a meditation technique called Sahaja Yoga is helping in relieving and/or preventing stress.  The story featured a bus driver who had been suffering from stress had discovered Sahaja Yoga, and…

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Children with ADHD off Medication with Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Video that gives Hope

Medical Research at Royal Hospital in Sydney – Australia This is  a short video, giving us  us hope that non-invasive, natural and simple ‘treatments’ such as Sahaja Yoga Meditation can be successfully used in helping the children with attention deficit-hyperactivity…

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Global Health Conference in Heidelberg, Germany – June 2011 (VIDEO & MUSIC too!)

The organizers from the Medicine faculty of Heidelberg university in Germany have invited .. to their international event “Global Health and Preventive Medicine 2011? ..

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Rome NOWA Centre for Evolutionary Learning during the Meditation & Yoga international Seminar

Italy played a fantastic role for experiencing Meditation & Yoga en-mass. Truly a fantastic year for exploring the amazing and diversified potential that Sahaja Yoga Meditation has to offer ! Remember the short story about the International Seminar –…

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Sahaja Yoga Meditation in DESI NEWS Canada:`The Power of One`(Nov 2011 issue)

The newspaper article on 2 pages featuring Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Desi News, Canada’s #1 South Asian Magazine. The article is not…

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(click!) Professor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University – “Sustainable Effects of Meditation on Health” lecture with GREAT LINK to Researching Meditation WEBSITE!

Let’s Sit and Meditate now ..

meditation-bench-in-burlington2“Meditation is such a soothing thing, such a beautiful way of connection with the divine, that all your problems get solved  in that meditative mood ..”

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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    All of this information is very interesting and informative, thank you. It’s always great news when something so simple and easy as meditation can have such profound affects.

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    Very good idea to add the links to old articles! Thanks a lot!

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