Oh Happy Day! (Speakers ON for 2 Great HAPPY VIDEOS)

Remember Yoann Freget?! 2010 – Jazz Groove @ Toronto Highschool!

Feel the Great Vibrations from this Video!

Yoann Fréget singing Oh Happy Day with “Gospel pour 100 Voix”  – he is now 1 of the 2 Soloists of this 100 members group!– at the “Palais Omnisport de PARIS BERCY”, The Biggest Stage in France, – April 2011

** now we can say that we have witnessed a Music star rising; we had so much joy experienced with the “Art and Spirituality” Tour of Yoann Freget in Canada, 2010; the feedback we’ve received from everyone involved was great, the joy of the spirit was felt, the hearts were uplifted and Kundalini energy was dancing and made us dance too. Enjoy some great news from our dear friend sahaja yogi, Yoann and let’s do a bandhan (what’s that?! come to classes and learn about this :-)/ let’s keep him in your loving thoughts as he is in the last phase of the Soul Music contest in France, happening this week, on July 24, 2011. If he wins, Yoann will get to sing in Dallas, USA with the best soul singers ever! And yes, Yoann will definitely visit us again, wouldn’t this be great?!

(check 2 VIDEOS + Newspaper Article) Soul Music Champion in Halton – Yoann performing & Sharing Spontaneous Meditation & Connection through Music to Thousands of Students!!

Spontaneous meditation – Feel the Kundalini energy with Yoann and Omar (in Milton School, 2010)

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  1. paula

    How lucky Ontario was to enjoy free concerts from Yoann. He is proof that the more you give, the more it comes back to you in blessings! Congratulations Yoann, you were born to sing and spread vibrations with every note.

  2. paula

    I should say thank you from all of Canada and U.s. as he performed in many places on behalf of Sahaja Yoga and for the benevolence of all to awaken the energy within each of us! Many schools and communities benefitted with numerous accolades and appreciative audiences.

  3. Shashidhar

    The joy Yoann @ Omar are spreading is certainly infectious!

    Hope they enjoy and spread Divine blessings all their precious lives…

  4. hala


    With Love from Lebanon

  5. Debbie

    Congratulations Yoann – we are so happy for you. I felt the vibrations throughout my entire body within a few seconds – it was so amazing.

  6. Elsie Kuly

    It was so enjoyable to have Yoann come to Burlington and sing. He brings such joy through his music. These videos are great reminders thanks

  7. Elizabeth

    How wonderful for us to be able to share in your gifts Yoann. Beautiful vibrations

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