A Belgium Student’s Experience with Sahaja Yoga in Canada

Enjoy Eva’s Testimonial as a Belgium Student’s Experience with Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington

Let’s get ready to take Eva’s letter into our hearts and feel her experiences as our own. Enjoy the journey!

Eva’s Letter shared below as her Testimonial with the Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton region

Dear all,

Last month, i had the opportunity to discover a bit more of Mother Earth. I decided to choose Canada as my end destination, because I wanted to visit one of my dear yuva friends, Ana Bianca, there since it’s really important in my opinion to really keep properly connected to each other as much as possible. But my journey was beyond any expectations..when i first arrived in Canada, i could immediatly feel a flow of joy falling over me! Once arrived at the Popa’s house, i had a nice talk with Ioana (one of our thousand nice talks i guess :p!). That night she warned me for the North American Seminar madness that would come that weekend. First, I didn’t really know what she exactly meant by madness, but after 2 days it became all clear for me: the Popa’s house would get a little ‘changement de decor’ and would transforme into a Yuva ashram just for the weekend. But this was just a minor project, compared to all the arrangments that had to be taken etc..I witnessed Ioana superglued to her computer to answer e-mails for 3 days :D! Obviously Ioana’s house wasn’t the only house that would transform in an ashram, lots of yogi’s from the Halton collective ( Anjali, Debbie, Perviz and Peter) opened up their homes for all the American Yogi’s that came from far away as well. We had some sleepless nights to make sure everything would be arranged before the big start of the North American Seminar 2011.

Eva’s Recollection on the Free Meditation Marathon and Seminar

On Friday evening we held a collective havan at aunty Indu‘s place in Oakville to start the seminar with open minds and full of vibrations. The Next morning, we had to leave early, like really early..to go to Stratford to give a public program in a library there. Although not that many seekers where there, the vibrations were supercool! Conclusion: nice start of the day.

After a short stay in Stratford, we got back on the road to Goderich.

The town got hit by a hurricane a couple weeks before and the scars were still clearly visible.

We had our ‘Experience Indiaconcert in a hall after a  guided short self-realization experience for all the many new seekers that were there.

The concert was really nice and joyful, everybody started to clap their hands spontaneously! Our next stop would have been Brussels (still in Canada!), but everybody was getting quiete hungry, so since we weren’t that far from lake Huron, we decided to go for a fries-picknick there (YES, the Belgian influence was there 😉 ) combined with a collective footsoak.

After chilling, footsoaking and meditating on the Goderich beach we headed back to Burlington to enjoy a delicious meal of a yogini (Harjot aunty) from the Halton collective.

Sunday morning, we had to wake up early again because we were heading to the Niagara Falls.

Some of us were slightly overdressed,others a bit underdressed to face up to the Falls :)! It was my first time at the Falls and in Canada too, so i was quiete excited to have a look at Mother Nature’s beauty!! And as expected, the falls were a blast! Really impressive and overwhelming, especially we went for the journey behind the falls!

After a short public program and puja in a public centre in Niagara, we went back again to the falls to see them at night with a bunch of yogi’s, mainly yuva’s (young  sahaja yogis) in fact.

After that we headed back home to Burlington and took some rest, because it surely was MADNESS.

I’m still very grateful to the whole Halton collective that did such a great job in organizing this whole event!

Their hospitality, kindness, joy, .. it was just AMAZING!

Nature in Canada

The second week of my stay, we went for some nature discovering, like Crawford lake, lake ontario,walked on some trails, … all of them really beautiful and such a pity we barely dont have any of these major beauties of nature. The nature makes you relax and just feel good in general! That’s why I think it’s very important that all of us go more often in nature if the possibility to go is there!

New York! New York!

After some relaxing days in nature, we hit the road again to New York City for the weekend. It was such a beautiful road through nature! New York was very very impressive, all the skyscrapers, the statue of liberty, times square etc..something everybody should see at least once in their life I guess!

Sisters Bonding

The 3rd week and immediately also my last week of my stay, yuva bounding was the main activity. I stayed over at Aparajita’s house in Brampton with the intention to explore a bit more of Toronto, but since the weather didn’t really allow us to do that, we decided to go for a traditional American day: going to the movies,eating lots of popcorn, chatting and basically just enjoying each other company! The next day,we would go to Wonderland with all the yuva’s for Yogi’s birthday! It was such a nice day! I got to know some more yuva’s there and all of them are so wonderful, warm and welcoming!

Canadian Seekers

Every week, I attended the sahaj class in Halton too. It was really inspiring too see how the classes worked on the other side of the world. But not only the classes were slightly different, also the seekers were different. In my opinion they were way more open for it and really motivated to grow in Sahaj asap and explore all of it in no time. One day during class, a man asked me what my ‘technique’ was to stay as long as possible in meditation. I tried to explain him that there’s no way to put meditation in different techniques, it’s more something where you’ll find your own ‘technique’ to find inner peace..there are no such things as specific techniques to reach a certain state of mind, because meditation is basically one of the only things that we CANT control by ourselves!


My story ends here and I just want to thank everybody again for everything they did for me: hospitality, joy and the love!! I’m sure this trip was much more than just visiting a friend, it became more an eye-opener for me that it’s really important to keep connected to Mother and each other and that there’s no need to be afraid to spread the wisdom Shri Mataji taught us. Nowadays, It’s really the time to go deeper in Sahaj to be able to have clear view on the world and all the negativity that’s happening around all of us. JSM!

Yours, Eva

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  1. Rajani

    What a beautiful article Eva. We miss you! You brought with you so much openness and love. You always had a smile on your face no matter how hectic the day was :).
    I also felt the importance of collectivity during those days. Although I couldn’t make it for the marathon on Saturday, it was amazing to spend time with all the SY’s who travelled from the States and elsewhere at the Havan and at Niagara Falls. It was such a powerful weekend! ;). I really hope we can make weekends like that a more regular occurrence.

  2. Rajani

    P.S. Abi, I LOVE the pose (and the boots!) 🙂

  3. anaic

    So much joy coming out of these photos ! When we see the photo of the dancers and then the birds, it is difficult to say who is dancing and who is flying : dancers are flying above the ground and birds are dancing on the see ! Same vision of natural joy….

  4. abhay

    it was very nice to hear that that you enjoyed
    just to add up something that m the one of the yuvas here in india n almost all weekends we people meet n enjoy so much.n also we stay away from negatvity by being in collective…. as we meet our sahaj friends every weekend n enjoy so much hope you people also enjoy every sec of life
    may god bless us all..

  5. anna

    Dearest Eva,
    you look soooo good in all the photos! Really relaxed and chilled out (not just in Yuva terms, but REALLY chilled from the obvious vibrations flowing in and around you <3)
    Thanks for your account of your stay in Canada, sounds like the place to be!
    auntie Anna (Vitto and Clara's Mum)

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