Video Testimonial from Vancouver on Tales & Truths about Sahaja Yoga Meditation (Keshava, 20 years old)

Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull .. we can read the book of Richard Bach .. or listen to Keshava’s VIDEO ..

Enjoy few more such Spontaneous Testimonials:

Emma, Young Teacher from BurlingtonVIDEO

Divya, Young Engineer – How Sahaja Yoga Meditation helped with Studies -VIDEO

Unemployed Stressed Woman about the One Million Dollars JOY VIDEO Testimonial from a Toronto Mall Experience

We Feel it!!” in Chapters – 3 VIDEO Short Testimonials in English, Korean and ..

We thank you Omar and Maxim for all these video-testimonials capturing in an ad–hoc style (very “sahaj” as we say it .. means in a natural and spontaneous truthful way) ..the  emotions and impressions from people that either “checked” on Sahaja Yoga meditation for quite a while and “tested” it pretty seriously and beyond any doubt .. or from people that just tried it for the very first time. It seems that in either cases, it makes a Difference … a Positive one. Hope you’ve enjoyed the testimonials … and when you are ready .. share yours with all of us .. we are ready to listen and enjoy 🙂  .. Thank you.

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  1. Yoann Leeladhar

    This videos are AMAZING…
    You can feel so much sincerity,deepness and peace in it…
    Congratulations to all, and for brother Omar and uncle Maxim for their great jobs for that!…
    We need to share it… more and more!

  2. Anja

    This and the other videos are so great and full of deep love and understanding!

    @the videomakers 🙂 Omar n uncle Maxim
    THANK YOU! Great job:)

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