Tales & Truths – Part#1: Emma from Burlington

Enjoy Emma’s sharing about How Sahaja Yoga Meditation makes a difference in one’s day to day Life. A Big Thank You to Omar and Ricki that had launched this video testimonials project. More will be posted shortly!

Emma had started practising Sahaja Yoga Meditation at the class we offer in Burlington, following her mother’s successful example. Emma continued practising and studying this form of meditation at other classes across Ontario, wherever she had to relocate or where she was invited to help. Currently she had volunteered as a sahaja yoga meditation instructor for the Hamilton class; she also has the experience of participating to International Meditation Seminars and Workshops (in Italy). We are always glad to see Emma joining us in Halton -whenever she can –  for our special events, seminars or even for some of the regular meditation meetings we have in Burlington and Oakville 🙂 Just for clarification,  all the instructors in sahaja yoga meditation are volunteering their time and knowledge free of charge and with much joy, following the example and the teachings of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga.

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  1. Manga

    Thanks Emma. Enjoy your meditations.

  2. Andra

    Bravo, Emma!

  3. Elsie

    a wonderful testimonal from Emma. I also feel as she did that people in Sahaja Yoga are more accepting, non judgmental, loving, and kind, no matter what your age. although there are many good people in our community, in the Yoga groups, we all have the same intent to become the best we can and pass on what we are taught by Shri Mataji to others. There is much laughter which I don’t find at grocery or department stores where everyone is rushing with unhappy faces.

  4. Tracy

    This is a great project that Omar and Ricki are working on. We thoroughly enjoyed watching the testimonials and look forward to many more. It is such a joy to hear the experiences that make Sahaja meditation worthwhile in the lives of such diverse individuals. It shows the truly universal appeal of Sahaja Meditation. We look forward to meeting Emma and Divya someday. So nice of them to share their experiences with all of us and even though they do not know many of us who also practice Sahaja Meditation worldwide, they are making new friends who they have not even met! Someday we will meet Emma and Divya and have much to share with them. Thank you Ioana for sharing so many wonderfully inspiring posts on your website. We always look forward to your next posting.

  5. Emma

    Thank you for your feedback everyone! It’s so nice to hear your experiences as well.

  6. Debbie

    Thanks Emma for sharing your experience with us.

    Lots of love always.

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