A Bouquet of Wisdom on Father’s Day: Family Time, the IF Poem and Quotes on Father and Fatherhood as Super Consciousness in Yoga & Father-Land in Chakras

Let’s absorb the Fragrance of this Bouquet of Wisdom offered to you on Father’s Day

Rediscover the IF poem and Lots of Sahaja Yoga Knowledge on Chakras and Principles

This year the Father’s Day was truly beautiful with an inviting weather so ideal for spending an active family fun time with all dear ones, gathered together outdoors on such a sunny day, in the generous lap of Mother Nature. Hopefully many of us had a great day!. Let’s also enjoy going deeper in understanding more about the Father Principle, in a subtler ‘yoga related’ way.

In my family we grew up loving the books (adventure, fantasy, poems) of Rudyard Kipling and most sure,  the IF poem – shared below in 2 video versions – is striking a sensitive cord in almost every reader, parent or child. Re-reading it one feels that only an ideal Father would give such a hearted and wise advise to his child, caring deeply that the child matures in a beautiful human being that becomes Whole while in oneness with the Whole.

If — A Sahaj Poem by Rudyard Kipling


Below are presented some connections that are not so well known, though they represent universal truths, communicated to us by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Let’s try to understand them.

Father as a Divine built-in Principle resides in the Crown Chakra – known as The Lotus with 1000 petals

“..the Father, Father is the one who rests on top of your head. So that is Super Consciousness. Now the top, there where you see these petals, is a Lotus, is the Super Consciousness.”

Reaching the Father is the Goal of Evolutionary Ascent and Leads to Yoga and Collective Consciousness

That is the evolutionary ascent we have to achieve, is to become conscious of the Super Consciousness, which is really the Collective Consciousness. You have to become one with the Whole. So that means you are aware of yourself as “I” , – becomes “The Whole”. This has to happen. What is called as the ‘second birth’ (known as Self-Realization too).
So we comeback to the origin, that first the God Almighty the Father, and Mother is His power, and He’s the spectator and She’s the play. That’s how it works. And the Son is created to lead the people through this problem of ego and super-ego, because it is so much tight that someone of a very great nature had to take up the resurrection as a drama.”

Let’s find out:

Where is the Father’s Energy Centre (Chakra)?

What Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Issues may create when it is Blocked?

“So the Right side [i.e. the right energy channel] of every human being represents the Fatherhood. And the Fatherhood of a man is very important. If this centre (the Right heart centre known as the Right Anahat Chakra) is spoilt, or if there is something wrong with it then you get asthma, as a disease. Asthma is only caused by this centre being spoilt or some other combinations, with this centre. Asthma is very common among girls and boys. And the relationship with the father, or the understanding of the father, or your own fatherhood is not alright, you get this trouble of asthma, and for that one has to ask the questions to the Sadhakas, what sort of a father you have. As one gentleman came and asked me, “Why everybody is asking me, what sort of a father you have? Everybody asked me, what about your father, what about your father ? What has my father to do with me?” Actually everybody feels the right heart (the subtle centre/chakra), and they have to ask about the father. Because, Father resides in the Right Heart, and the principle of fatherhood, if it is spoilt, if there is a problem with the principle of fatherhood, then you get this problem and many other problems which I do not want to discuss now at length.’

‘But you can understand a person who has no father, how diffident he is, and how he behaves, and also such people, those who have not known father, can become very wayward, licentious or permissive, or could be very much secretly licentious. The people who lose their father they lack in that discipline that the father gives. Or could be, such people could take to a very remorseful and unhappy life. Or they could be very hard on their children, or could be extremely kind and spoil the children. It could be any way. So it has both the reactions, either too much of love-giving or too much of strictness. It can be anything. Or a person could be of this kind, may be very strict in childhood, and could be extremely lavish in old age. It is a very imbalanced personality.
So the person who has no father has to know that his father is Shri Rama (the divine principle ruling the Right Heart Chakra). He should not worry about anything.  He should have no fear, at all, about his father not being there or father being dead or something happening like that. On the contrary, if the father is dead, it is better to tell him not to worry about you and that you are alright, so that you leave your father in peace and ask him to take his birth, than to bind him to this earth. This is the Right Heart.
If a Sahaja Yogi just decides that: ‘I have a father and a mother, God Almighty is my Father and my Mother’, then these problems can be easily solved. But in Sahaja Yoga, it is not what you think that works out. Like in the car if you sit down and think that ‘I am going to Connaught Place’, you would not move. 🙂 You have to move your hands. In the same way, in Sahaja Yoga you have to move your hands (use the clearing techniques for the chakras based on the vibrations directed through our hands). Clear your chakras, move them higher and put them up! It is not what you think that’s important in Sahaja Yoga. Not at all. You may think that ‘I am doing very well in Sahaja Yoga, I am very good’, but it is not so. It is what you actually achieve, your Ascent is the point. So, as in the car [analogy], as I told you, you can not just sit down and think and do the job. In the same way,you have to run this machine [our system of chakras], and you have to see that you get all this movement. There should be gati ( movement in Sanskrit) in you.

‘Otherwise, there is no sense just talking about Sahaja Yoga, thinking about Sahaja Yoga, and convincing yourself that you are a great Sahaja Yogi. It is how you manifest, karyanvit (in Sanskrit) is the point, which very few people understand. Very few people understand that it has to be manifesting. It is not just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk morning till evening.”

An Enlightened Yogi Master Can Clear the Chakras when Talking by “Karyanvit”

“Even when I am talking now, I am opening your Heart Centre. I am working it. Even I am talking, also I am opening it. It is working. You will see your heart chakra is open by the time I finish my lecture. It is so, because I know how to do it. When I talk I am just watching where the chakras are catching, what is happening. I am catching all these points and touching it and trying to open it. And that is how it should be, that even when you talk it should be karyanvit (manifesting). Even when you are quiet and raising your hands it should be karyanvit. Whatever you do, you should be karyanvit. Even if you glance at anyone it should be karyanvit. It should not be just a kind of a jabbering that we do sometimes about Sahaja Yoga.”

Pingala Nadi or the Right Subtle Energy Centre as “The Father Land”

“So the whole development came up like that and surprisingly they also called it as a Father-land. Father-land, the right sided, the right sided manifestation you can say, the manifestation of the action. So that’s how we grew up with our action, developing our ego. First we had just the part which was the pituitary within us at an animal stage, but then pituitary was pushed out, our ego came up. As the action took place on the right hand side we developed this yellow stuff … “(the right channel is connected to the Sun and is represented by the yellow colour in the diagram of our subtle system of chakras and subtle energy centres)

At our Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes in Halton: Burlington, Oakville and Milton one can experiment everything that was mentioned in this article, also can verify the existence and the status of these subtle energy centers, chakras and channels, learn how to correct them and even more, how to enlighten them.  So, come any time .. 🙂 We hope you  found this article interesting.

Meditation with Affirmations for Balancing the Left and Right Energy Channels and Chakras – Get Connected to the Para-Sympathetic Nervous System

Let’s hear IF, such a sahaj poem and message, once more.

If — poem by Rudyard Kipling

Typography: IF by Rudyard Kipling from George Horne on Vimeo.

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  1. Mike

    Marvelous!!! Simply wonderful!!!
    Thanks a lot to share these messages & poem with us! I listened this marvelous poem again & again, and I felt Kundalini! So wonderful, so tremonduous!
    May Shri Mataji continue to inspire your job, and also for all Sahaja Yogis in the World, so that true seekers discover the Absolute Truth inside them, so that Mother’s work enlighten the Universe!
    With my Love!

    1. rajeev

      Love and LOve

  2. adrian

    When Shri Mataji states…”even when I am talking now…” The point is that there is a consciousness that is at work, of course it is the consciousness of love… it is like a perfectly tuned guitar… its vibrations affect those other guitars that are close by… metaphorically of course… These guitars are those individuals who are being affected because they are OPEN…

    So when Shri Mataji is talking… she is talking with the intent of love… from LOVE and with LOVE… so it matters not whether you read the words or hear the words… you are being attuned from within by the WITHIN… yet you must allow yourself to be OPEN… meaning that the more you yourself reside in LOVE… the more you become attuned to the vibrations of LOVE… of course that means without EGO and without the need to JUDGE… and to be FREE of FEAR.

    Happy Father’s Day… and of being Fathered

  3. Claudia

    The magic of words~ I loved this !

  4. Kasthurie Govender

    Thank you, this was really beautiful!

  5. Debbie

    What a beautiful message. I continue to be amazed and feel so enlightened by this pure knowledge.

    Thanks… Lots of love always.

  6. Francoise

    On the same note, Shri Mataji’s silent Divine presence is as powerful as Her word.

  7. sanjay taneja

    Many Thanks for sharing Divine Messages — so Loving and so powerful.JSM

  8. rajeev

    simply made of love each
    word is love itself spoken by our Divine Mother… and then further repackaged for easy understanding of all who have not understood it as yet…thankyou Ioana

  9. Dushki

    Beautifully, very deep and strong…. I translate it to Slovak language, to share with our brothers and sisters.

  10. Abhay Amlekar

    This is wonderful collection of Mother’s talk on father pricipal. Really very subtle. Most importantly covered all the important aspects of father pricipal very methodically…just like an encyclopedia.
    Wishing all success and love.

  11. Rajiv

    Wonderful and precise. This is exactly what we need to do.
    Thanks for sharing these precious words of our holy mother.

  12. Patient Guedenon

    Thank you so much for the article. It enlightens me and fill me with divine cool breeze. It a wonderful article.
    Pure Love

  13. vidya Richardson

    This word moved my spirit so much that my tear keep rolling with love.

  14. Bhola Sharma

    Awesome…. Poem enlightening!!!

  15. Priti

    Thanks Ioana for sharing so beautiful article. Yes it is an absolute truth that GOD is our mother and father, if we remember this all our problems will be gone and heart chakra will be fixed. I loved the example Shri Mataji gave of the car. GREAT MESSAGE FOR US is to work on chakras by moving them and clearing them out. Love to all. HAPPY FATHERS DAY !( Priti )

  16. Antoinette Wells

    Always inspiring and well constructed, this blog of yours, dear Iona! It feels always so positive and elevating to read these poems/articles/talks…
    With warm wishes

  17. Philip Taylor

    Inspiring words. I always liked Rudyard Kipling and I enjoyed watching the video. Thank you Ioana. Happy Father’s Day to all!

  18. Savita Motagi

    Thank you lona! Its give nirmal anand and no words can describe it. Happy fathers day. May our father who art in heaven bless us to be his Worthy children’s.
    Jai Shree Mataji

  19. Angie

    Thank dear sister, sublime and holy this work.

  20. Paula

    So many Pearls of wisdom, literally, this compilation of talks, the poem, one cannot improve upon the silence and bliss that enters the mind and transports us to the universal state of complete oneness, the yoga state. Timeless wisdom.

  21. Dr Rajesh

    It’s the deepest feelings generated from the bottom of our heart expressed your attention thro us. Thanks Shree Mataji

  22. Aldo

    Thanks for sharing, I loved the poem and the article!!

  23. Jolanta

    Very timely, and universal at the same time, as, according to the government/consumer culture, father’s day is supposed to be celebrated tomorrow, and yet, thanks to Shri Mataji, we becomr aware that there is so much more to it than purchasing/selling stuff…

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