Trinity of Roses – Vibrant Fragrance from Cabella

Three roses in one Rose – Amazing beauty in Cabella’s Gardens


Just returning from an international sahaja yoga seminar at Cabella, Italy where about 3000 people that love practising this type of yoga meditation had gathered to enjoy collective meditations, chakra workshops, art presentations (music, theatre,dance,videos, etc) as well making many new friends and enjoying the beautiful Italian nature and delightful food and gelatto!

I am still waiting for some great Cabella photos from friends that had better cameras than mine, but most of them are still there, enjoying a full 2 weeks Meditation Seminars that comprised this year a World Art Festival as well.

This article represents only a delicate Zephyr  that is trying to bring to you a pale vibrant fragrance of Cabella roses: from nature, from people, from art.

3-singing-roses-yoann-from-france-singing-gospel-with-2-talented-friends Just an example: this bouquet of young singers that were simply amazing when they performed a gospel together.

Yoann from France (left side of the photo) despite his very hectic schedule has promised that will try to work out with us a soon to be Canadian tour!!

You might seen him invited by Oprah’s show anytime, such an amazing talent he is.

Many performers, exquisite Western Classical music (Bach would have rejoiced to listen to his music played by such talented artists) or Indian Classical music, or American rhythms, or Russian or Chinese … all World had gathered with colourful and joyful vibrations from all corners of our planet home.

pop-music-at-cabella Yes we had pop music, also jazz, traditional dance from Colombia, too many and too diverse to name them all here.

Just few colorful photos I hope will bring a glimpse of the joy that we all experienced from this amazing blend of art and spirituality that ultimately had resulted in a continuous flow of pure and nourishing vibrations –  sheer positive energy.  Outdoors meditation - absorbing the power of Mother Earth

Of course, we spent the days mostly outdoors, fully immersed in nature’s vibrations, trying to feel Earth, Sky, Air, Sun, Water, Moon and Stars.  It was so much sweetness all around, we were all living the bliss of being in a large family that represented the best qualities in humanity. All races, all ages, all genders, all religions = spontaneously enjoying together and admiring each other’s treasures of culture, spirituality and strengths.

Ultimately for many of us, the days we’ve spent there represented stairways to a higher realm, where we call can live peacefully and in harmony within the same house of Spirituality.


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  1. Satish Sharma

    For your nice and holy photographs/postings from sahaj haven by reading and watching we are feeling that we have attended the seminar.
    again thanks.


  2. yoann freget


    yes! it was wonderfull to live this great moments of peace and bliss in Cabella,

    At this heveanly place, wich in fact lead you inside the Heaven place in you, you really feel in your self deep cleansings of your soul; of your chakras, and then when you come back to your contry you really feel that so many things have spontaneously changed in you… and this inner Joy that Sahaja Yoga meditation establish is much is deeper after, you feel your Spirit!

    So amazing to see how this Motherly Energy of the Kundalini, when she is activated and free within us, do all the living work!

    Does our thinking make something for a seed to grow in the Earth?

    If we achieve this state to listen the Silence of God, then we fully let Him do without mental interferences, and all works out!


    May God bless everybody!


  3. paula erskine

    The rose is so unique and beautiful! Like 3 roses in one. Just like the 3 channels we have inside representing past, future and the present. I was in Italy for this event and look forward to sharing my photos as well. It was truly an international event, full of gorgeous music, a purifying river to soak your feet, beautiful mountains and truly lovely people. It is so interesting to share with others our experiences and shift our attention towards collective enlightenment. Love was in the air and it filled me up! We can tap into that love anytime, anywhere, and feel joy where ever we may be, that includes bringing it home and letting it permeate into our lives. I really loved being outdoors most of the time and drawing great vibrations from nature.

  4. Malti Menon

    It really is so beautiful…………great vibrations can be felot from the pictures.
    Thanks you for the description, I can close my eyes and feel myself to be part of that collective, love,joy and happiness.

  5. Rosalie Nickerson

    I wanted to say : Together Forever Cabella FOR A Harmonious World!


  6. kevin

    The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body.

  7. Oresta

    It sounds like Cabella was a beautiful experience! Enjoyed reading about it and looking at the pictures. The rose in the garden looks beautiful.

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