Session 1 (Sept 7): Feedback from Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Chakra Workshop

Feedback from the 1st Sahaja Yoga Meditation and Chakra Workshop on Sept 7, 2022

Meditation altar – just before the class started

We hope you’ll enjoy this article as we’ve gathered together photos and impressions from our “Power Lies Within You” session that was offered on September 7th, 2022. There are also a few links and hints to “what else is there” in case you’d like to grasp more knowledge or explore more what our team has to offer!

For the first class we gathered together 16 people, many we have not seen at all for the past 2 years, others that met us for the first time since they’ve started with our online classes, and of course, some participants already belong to our “Yogi Family / Team”.

We used this session to “really meditate”: reach to and remain into a deep state of Thoughtless Awareness that even Gandhi talked about.

Our poster for the 8 special in-person “The Power Lies Within You” sessions scheduled for the rest of the year:

Also, there was really nice to give a chance to everyone to provide feedback right after the guided meditation, to address eventual questions related to what they felt inside, any changes to their overall state or specific energy blockages.

There was a yogi visiting from India who explained how his chakras opened and felt coolness and complete thoughtlessness during the entire meditation once we made a “stop” to clear a certain energy centre that (it seems so!) was blocked at a collective level. Interesting!

Our traditional “sahaj family photo” with everyone that stayed after the session to help wrapping up and “clearing” the room. Thank you dear “old” and “new” Sahaj Family members! Everyone took posters to spread the “good news” in our Halton community and beyond! 🙂

One lady said that she kept telling herself ” It’s great, really great” during meditation, because that’s how she felt!

Another lady felt “really centered, cannot describe it, but really centered”.

A young gentleman said “it was deep, quiet, and deep, I stayed thoughtless”.

One of our younger yoginis sent a text message yesterday night when she reached home saying:

“Today’s class was magical for me”.

In fact a day earlier, we had a special celebration for Shri Ganesha – the principle of Innocence and Divine Wisdom – and it felt magic. This photo is from our gathering, many spoke with much love about “The Power Lies Within You” special sessions we envisioned to deepen the spiritual awareness in our community.

It was really great to feel the power of spiritual togetherness. One sister yogini we have not met in a while, came and we hugged as in “old times”. The vibrations were flowing in rivers from head to toe. That pure love of sisterhood is palpable!

It was really moving to hear from a beginner that she felt her progress was deteriorating over COVID but how she really felt like she was “back where she was already after coming to today’s class”. Others said they were really happy to be back!

it was so much fun by the end of the session, a lot of “sharing” of flowers, posters, anything that can be part of a “pass it on”

It felt indeed as a Family Day of Enlightened Souls. We are sharing here and there some articles for you to explore and realize that there is such a rich treasure to be shared and so many aspects to can learn about and benefit from!

(click) Family Day in the Words of World’s Family of Enlightened Souls

This is (some of) us in our first “The Power lies Within You” session on September 7, 2022.

Another gentleman came to the class with a headache, yet he actively helped setting up the room with the projector and everything. After our guided meditation he was asked about the headache: it was gone! I guess he got rewarded after all!

Others confined that had so many thoughts and worries that day yet they came with excitement to our class and it was worth it, they felt at peace, they felt positive vibrations and clearing of thoughts and lightness in the energy centers after our very thorough “Self chakra workshop” session . Everyone went home knowing how to clear their chakras!

The talk excerpt from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – made a strong impression and it opened the gates to many ad-hoc confessions and recollections from yogis about their own spiritual journey.

Another photo from the previous day when we celebrated “Shri Ganesha” and were invited at a lovely family’s home. The hostess desired to take few “small group” photos. We felt to share this one, after the most traditional chai was served and everyone felt comfortable to catch up with each other.

We intend to share the theme for the next “The Power lies Within You” session that is on Wednesday, September 21 at 7pm to 9 pm at Brant Hills Community Centre. Stay tuned! Don’t forget that we will meet this Sunday morning, weather permitting, for our Outdoors Meditation and Chakra workshop.

Also, make sure you subscribe to our information channels as we will organize more events (outdoors and indoors) with our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team and you don’t want to miss them! Especially that most of them are really family catered.

Our most recent seminar was just 2 weeks ago- Shri Vishnumaya – here there is just one photo from the “outdoors” portion, with the “first team” and we have many other beautiful ones and with the “larger team” .. waiting to be grouped in a photo-album. 🙂

In case you have pets that LOVE people and maybe even are already enjoying meditation, you can always bring them along! Ours might be there, looking forward to making new friends! 🙂

(click!) The Power Lies within You – Join 7 more Special Meditation Chakra Sessions

(click!) My First Ever Sahaja Yoga Meditation seminar ** from Miranda

Take your time to explore the 2 short articles shared above, one will give you the info you need to join our next special sessions and the other one will let you into the heart of a Beginner to our classes and her truly beautiful experience in winter time with our team.

See you soon!! There is so much more we desire to share with you, there are Powers that Lie within You! Let’s explore them together!

Last feedback note from a young participant to yesterday class, just received while writing the article:

“It was good seeing everyone and nothing like an in-person meditation”. True!

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  1. Ajay Nargas

    It was my amazing experience in first inperson class after covid. pandemic. Body was cool , Enjoyed longest thoughtless awareness state. Workshop concluded with Chakra cleaning knowledge. Thanks Ioana for beautiful collective workshop. Jai shree mataji

  2. NITI

    Love all the beautiful pic,and was happy to be one of the event.Thanks Ioana

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