Meditation with Affirmations for Balancing Left/Right Energy Channels & Chakras – Connected to Para/Sympathetic Nervous System

Left & Right Energy Channels – Sanskrit: Ida & Pingala Nadis

left - Right Sympathetic Nervous system

Medicine/Biology/Psyche Correspondence

“This autonomous nervous system has got two groups of nervous systems, one is sympathetic another is para-sympathetic. Now the sympathetic nervous system, though they (doctors) call it autonomous, but it is under our control. Because in sympathetic nervous system, in any emergency, it comes into play. Like supposing I’m frightened, then I start running ; then when I start running the sympathetic goes into action and when sympathetic goes into action, the para-sympathetic brings it back to the normal. Means, supposing you are running very fast, your heart starts pulsating very fast, but then it comes to normal by the action of the para-sympathetic.

So we have two types of left and right sympathetic nervous systems. Both can be activated by our own emergency created by us. Now see the left and right according to the doctors is all just the same, for them it’s quite a blind ally. But sympathetic also what they understand is that the left and right are just the same, but it is not so. Left looks after the emotional or the desires as you say, the emotional side, the conditioning side and also the subconscious. Because it creates the Subconscious within us. The present subconscious is created by this (Ida) nadi (means ‘channel’ in Sanskrit).”

“Left Sided Person” versus  “Right Sided Person”

“How the left side acts ? It’s a very complicated thing, the left side. It’s much more complicated than right side. On the left side we have also seven nadis (subtle energy channels) and these seven nadis are placed one after another. Now these seven nadis (channels) that are on the left side, as you know, they cater to our past. See, for example, every moment becomes a past. Every present becomes a past. When we have past of this lifetime and also we have past of our previous lives, then all the past is built-in within us since our creation. So all these psychosomatic diseases, as you know, are only triggered by the entities that appear from the left side.

So those people who go to the left by any chance, by thinking too much about their past, crying about themselves and always complaining are more difficult than the people on the right side. But the right side people are troublesome to others, while the left side people are troublesome to themselves.

“Now a person who is left sided cannot be collective. It is very difficult for a person who is very left sided, who is all the time feeling very sad, unhappy and worried, cannot enjoy the fun of collectivity… while a hot tempered person, a right sided person, does not enjoy any collectivity, does not allow anybody to enjoy collectivity, no doubt, but tries to be in the collective so that he can assert – because such a person tries to show the superiority, is something superior – naturally he cannot enjoy the collective.

On the contrary, the person who is depressed, all the time thinks: ‘Nobody loves me, nobody cares for me, I’m so depressed, this, that,‘ – all the time expecting something from others, also cannot enjoy the collective. Such a left sided person will find everything is something unhappy.”

“Now this sort of an attitude, negative attitude – to find everything negative – is the way we really spoil our left side.”

Saints and Scriptures from Bible and Hinduism: Saint Michael & Shri Bhairava & Shri Mahavira

“In the Bible, these two powers are named as Saint Gabriel and Saint Michael respectively. After Self-realization in Sahaja Yoga one can awaken these powers by addressing them in Sanskrit, Marathi or even in English. The Nadi (subtle energy channel) on our right side, which is known as ‘Pingala-Nadi’, is activated by the power of Shri Hanumana. Whenever, any sort of pressure or constriction develops inside this Nadi, it is instantly relieved by Chanting the mantra of Shri Hanumana. Similarly, even by chanting the name of Saint Michael one would experience relief in the Ida Nadi.

Ida Nadi is on our Left Side and and manifests the power of Saint Michael or Shri Bhairava, Obviously, chanting the Mantra of their names relieves any trouble or constriction on the Ida Nadi.

The aforesaid matters can be verified by any person after Self-realization in Sahaja Yoga. The purpose why I am telling you all this, is to impress upon you that it is absurd to quarrel against yourselves after grouping as Hindus or Muslims or Christians. If you could see The Principle behind all this, you would realize that all these saints are like many flowers on the same Tree of religion and are connected with each other because of the One and the Same Power.”

Why using Affirmations in Sahaja Yoga Meditation?

When a chakra has been damaged and the residing archetype (called deity)/principle recedes, the chakra needs constant attention and nourishment. Affirmations connecting Kundalini energy (or by invoking the Name of the yoga teacher/guru that is a great realized soul) to the chakras are used to bring our attention back to the respective qualities of the chakras, so that the energy of the corresponding deity returns. Thus the qualities of the chakra awaken and begin to act spontaneously within us. Some excerpts from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation are provided below for deeper clarification. Now what happens actually is that this Kundalini is the one who is the seed of life energy within us, perceived as an innate motherly/curative/supportive energy.

Below (after the video) there are the Affirmations corresponding to the chakras/centres that are placed along the Left Channel, from 1 (starting with the Root Chakra, placed under the sacrum bone), rising higher and higher along the left side of the body, up to 7 (corresponding to the Crown/Sahasrara chakra).

Excesses of the Right Side (French subtitles) from Bernard Cuvellier on Vimeo.

Affirmations for Every Chakra on the Left Subtle Energy Channel (from bottom to top)

1 Mooladhara: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am the powerful innocence of a child.
2 Swadishthana: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am the pure knowledge/technique of the Divine that acts.”
3 Nabhi: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am completely satisfied within my Spirit. Mother Kundalini (Shri Mataji), by Your grace, I am a generous person.”
3a Void: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, am I my own guru/master.”
4 (Anahata/Heart): “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace,  I am the pure Spirit and the instrument of God’s love.”
5 Vishuddhi: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace,  I am not guilty at all, because I am the pure eternal Spirit.”
6 Agnya: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am not the past nor the conditionings. Please forgive me, please let me have pure faith and may I go beyond all fears. ”
7 Sahasrara: “Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am protected from all the (left side) challenges and I will be victorious over all the challenges to ascent.”

Affirmations for the whole Left or Right Subtle Channel:

“Mother Kundalini (or Inner Energy), by Your grace, I am fortunate to be under the protection of the Divine Mother, The Feminine Aspect of God, the Power of the Holy Ghost. (relating to the Shri Lalita chakra, the operating mechanism of the left side).”

Mantras for the Left Channel: use mantras with the names of Saint Michael or Shri Bhairava.

Mantras for the Right Channel: use mantras with the names of Saint Gabriel or Shri Hanumana.

“What should I do?”

Advice for a Left Sided Person that is practicing sahaja yoga meditation for a while and is using the powerful positive energy emitted by the photograph of our guru/teacher: “You take  Shri Bhairava’s name, sit with your left hand towards Shri Mataji’s photograph and right hand on the Mother Earth and that’s how all your blockages of negativity will go away.

So Bhairava (or Saint Michael) always has a light in his hand  and he runs up and down Ida Nadi (left channel) to make light for you to see that there’s nothing negative. And this negativity comes to us by many ways. One of the negativities are the possessiveness such as: “This is mine”,”my property, my ..”

So then, you see, once you get attached in this manner, what you find is that your children also become negative. But if you want to be positive, it is very easy and for that you should see where is your attention.  Are you only seeing problems or you are seeing some FUN in it?There are people who cannot make fun out of anything. If it is a sunny day they will cry: “Oh God, what a sunny day,” and if it is a day with clouds they will say: “Oh, what a day.” Nothing can please them!

But to enjoy the positivity in every negativity is the capacity of a Sahaja Yogi.( thinking that ) ‘The negativity doesn’t exist’ – it’s an ignorance. Also it is not ignorance because ignorance also doesn’t exist. If everything is the all-pervading power, then how can there be ignorance?!

But supposing, in the force of this power, if you hide, run away, you will say that there is negativity. Like, you hide yourself in a cave, close it properly, and say that there is no sun.<>So those people who cannot become collective are either right sided or left sided but more left sided. But left sided people can be collective in negativity. There is a very big fraternity of bhoots (Sanskrit for negative entities). You see some drunkards sitting together. They are saying: “See there’s so many problems, ecological problems.”  They are all drunk, and: “There are problems of other kinds – when will this end?”<>So another one says: “Wait, wait, wait – I’ve heard that the whole world is going to collapse very soon.”

If a Sahaja Yogi cannot become collective then know that he is not a Sahaja Yogi.>So one has to know that this is the work of Bhairavanath (Archangel Michael /archetype) within us. Another work (is) that he gives us light in darkness, is that he destroys all the bhoots (negativity) within us and all kinds of bhootish ideas and funny ideas about attachments and also the depresiveness. So today I am very happy that we are worshiping Shri Bhairava because he is very much connected with Ganesha. As you know, Shri Ganesha is at the Mooladhara (root) chakra while Bhairava moves onto the left side and goes to the right side (to Superego that is placed on the right side of the head). So all kinds of conditionings, all kinds of habits, can be conquered through the help of Bhairavanath (saint Michael archetype).”

Right Channel

Excerpts from the following lectures of the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation: 1991-03-28-Mahavira Puja and Shri Bhairavnath Puja at Garlati, Italy, on 6 August, 1989 and 26/09/79 — Shri Kundalini Shakti and Shri Jesus Christ — Bombay — India

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