How to Meditate? Simple Meditation Step by Step (What to Do / What to Say / Positive Affirmations)

Let’s Find out How to Meditate at Home with Simple Meditation Step by Step

Intro to Sahaja Yoga Meditation with Basic Explanations:

We will also learn How to Meditate at Home and introduce positive affirmations into a “Step by Step Simple Meditation” experience. You will find out: What to Do and What to Say when you’re connecting with your energy centers’ qualities. Soon you will  realize how helpful is to use such Positive Affirmations during meditation.

(What to Do / What to Say / Positive Affirmations)

SY -Intro

What is Kundalini energy?


Try this Guided Meditation as a Dialogue with your Kundalini energy:

  • Your Left hand remains open on the knee, expressing openness and the pure desire to communicate with the universe during this sahaja yoga meditation experiment
  • Your Right hand is placed on the body, as indicated in the image posted below
  • Say the Affirmations out-loud or in your head; they are addressed to your innate subtle power, called Kundalini – motherly source of healing, restorative energy.

What is Self-Realization?

How is manifesting this Kundalini energy Awakening?


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  1. Niti

    Simple and easy to follow. I am sure this article will be helpful for all new people. I will forwards this link to them.

  2. shet

    thanks sahaj brathers ,this lessons of great
    help to me as an African we the yogis here of this end of the world does not have asset to most of shri mataji s talks thank u very mush, u are blessed by our mother shri mataji.

  3. Colleen

    Very good article. Very simple and so easy to follow. I will be sharing this with others, new ones, on facebook many times in the future. Thank you for this. 🙂

  4. Krystal

    As a new member to Sahaja yoga this artical was very informative to me. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of what is actually going on in my body and what triggers what. The “at home meditation” was perfect ! as it allows me to have a guide, rather then just sitting not knowing what to do (don’t get me wrong this is enjoyable too, however want to be more connected and somewhat learn the practice) 😉

    The music on the previous artical was very lovely too as it helped me with my “at home practice”

  5. Mohinder Sidana

    Great article
    it teaches us how can we know ourselves and feel the connection with this all divine power
    helps us to become peaceful and loving people

  6. Vijay Raymond Daniel

    Steps 3&4, 5&6 pictures are missing, can you please post them

  7. Jolanta

    This article is very helpful. It provides simple and easy to follow steps in the daily practice of Sahaja Yoga.

  8. Paula

    Super simple meditation guide for the times we find ourselves travelling or unable to make it to a wonderful class in our area. I feel better each and every time and I know that this method is portable. I pack it to go and unpack it or flow with it wherever I am. Sometimes I feel the force flowing through me when I’m walking, in nature, through music, conversations and even when danger approaches. It helps me navigate to a balanced state and back to safety. It is a new awareness of pure knowledge to help through all stages of this dramatic play called life. The feeling of joy, connectedness and oneness with others and the whole world . It is like the quote from Socrates who described himself as a “citizen of the world.” It gives travelling and exploring inside and out a whole new dimensional joy factor.

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