The Time has Come for R/Evolution (VIDEO Testimonials + Answers)

(video#1) R/Evolution Testimonials 

(video#2) The Time has ComeWho is Shri Mataji
 (excerpt from press interview – Brussels, Belgium, 1985)

(video#3) Testimonials from Students – Halton Youth “De-Stress” program

(read) Standing on the brink of the Ocean of Humanity – One Answer: Inner Transformation as a Big Revolution

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We hope that you felt the joy this inner transformation that we call “R/evolution” is bringing to so many around, and how genuinely these people had shared their experiences with everyone. If you want to check how was in 2o12 at our “R/Evolution – From We to One” , check the article written by Paula Erskine for The Humanitarian” and enjoy/feel the energy from the few snapshots taken during that event:

(click!) Solving The Equation At R/Evolution:  From We to One

4 Responses to “The Time has Come for R/Evolution (VIDEO Testimonials + Answers)”

  1. gejalaxmi says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  2. letitia says:

    Multumesc pentru toate aceste noutati

  3. Colleen says:

    What a great collection of videos and information, thank you Ioana!!! Beautiful!! Can’t wait to share. 🙂

  4. Chandra says:

    I watched it several time in the past but it is so revealing even today when I watched it again!

    For me, there is still so much to explore and understand from Shree Mataji’s DIVINE responses to all the questions asked.

    YES, we are blessed and that is enough; all other things are of no importance at all.

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