Find New Meanings for Valentine’s Day

Find New Meanings for Valentine’s Day from Persian Realized Soul and Customer Service

Happy Valentine’s Day! Our Valentine’s Gift to you is in sharing this bouquet of wisdom, music, humor and subtle knowledge in the following two articles:

#1 (click!)  Rumi’s Poems for A Sahaj Valentine’s Day-Class:Hearts in Blossom with Meditation…FREE Public Program

“Your task is not to seek for Love,  but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Jalal ad-Din Rumi (read more) 

#2 (click!) How To Install Love in our Computer made of Chakras?Advice from “The” Customer Service


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  1. armaity bhabha

    Sharing a poem I wrote for today…


    There is no power as strong as love
    which joins each heart to every heart
    and makes it beat as one.

    It’s an experience that we all reap
    starting right from our mother’s womb
    which fills us with such courage and grit
    to face the world and all its needs.

    Love is not just an emotion as we think
    it’s a potent energy ready to bloom
    planted by the Divine within us each
    making us more human as we’re meant to be.

    Pure unconditional love for all
    in this love-starved world of today
    can work its wonders if only we let it
    work its magic and show us the way.


    1. Colleen

      Very, very nice Armaity, thank you.

  2. Jayanthi

    Dear Armaity, what a beautiful poem so appropriate and desperately needed in this modern world, thanks for sharing, I will look forward for more poems from you in the future.

  3. Paula

    Armaity this poem has beautiful vibrations the truth can be felt running up our spines with such force. Thank you i always enjoy your poems..

  4. Helen

    The poem is wonderful, truthful and open. The customer service directions on how to open the heart imbibed in the chakras offers the brilliant path way, the how to!

    Love, helen

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