Positive Feedback from Oakville Sahaja Yoga Class: “Honour the Cycle of Life”

Enjoy the Positive Feedback from Oakville Sahaja Yoga Class “Honour the Cycle of Life”!

Feel the Love and Joy that was transmitted to all participants to the special Oakville Sahaja Yoga Class: “Honour the Cycle of Life”. This was part of the RAIN# 2 Program “Honour the Cycle of Life” (Realize Awareness in Nations to Heal M.E – Mother Earth) created by the volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network. All their efforts and creativity were highly rewarded! Read the feedback collective from a few participants and you’ll understand why!

We had an absolute blast of positive energy during the public program “Realize Awareness in Nations to Heal M.E. -> Mother Earth”

offered as a  Special Sahaj Valentine’s Day Event to Honour the Cycle of Life for Mother Earth on Sat, Feb 17, 2018 in Oakville.

Feedback from Participants:

“One more beautiful seminar and we were all drenched in vibrations.  Our hearts were completely filled with joy.

Thank you to the loving Halton family”

“A highly educational and informative seminar presenting Sahaja Yoga in a new light. 

The research fully supports the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in today’s fast paced high tech modern world.  The integration of flute music with the visuals of the presentation provided a highly enriched meditative environment. Thank you!”

My husband enjoyed very much, and he slept very well and woke up in the morning saying that he felt like he was healed!

“Really thank you so much for this wonderful successful program. Our new ones are getting more established :-)”.

“This was another beautiful fully loaded with vibrations event. I cannot believe that my 4-year-old twin girls sat through 2 hrs. program!

They were calm and paid attention and participated happily when they needed to. I could tell they enjoyed the flute recital, the dances, singing and cool kids. The two presentations; one on celebrating black history month and connections with spirituality by Beverley.

and the scientific research data information by Ana Bianca both were enlightening and gave so many insights I was very happy to learn.

The vibrations were so joy giving throughout and the way the format was put together with songs in between kept us all engaged especially the kids.  Finally, the workshops at the end were a perfect way to wrap it up.

and give something special to the newcomers.

Thank you for such a rich program. I felt it was for me and my kids especially to be in joy.

The next day one of my of daughters was saying randomly some of the words she learnt in Sahaja Yoga like ‘mooladhara’ (chakra), “kundalini” (energy), “Shri Mataji” …. all in joy. ” 

(Click!) Browse the Photo-Album from the Program & Seminar (with great details + 1 min video)

** Our next RAIN to Heal ME – Mother Earth program is coming:

Join the “New Beginnings” Public Program: Meditation, Live Flute Music, Science and .. More on Saturday, March 24 2018, from 2pm-4pm


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  1. Nitendra

    Amazing collectivity and their collective work.!!

  2. Paula

    We all feel that we are in “the same boat” and the program’s vibrations wrapped us in a joy we could feel. Let’s all catch the wave at the next RAIN TO HEAL MOTHER EARTH SAT. MATCH 24TH 2018 AT BRANT HILLS COMMUNITY CENTRE BURLINGTON. So lovely to see all your/our shining faces in the photos. Everyone is always welcome, no experience necessary!

  3. Kavita

    Like all programs this was just as awesome and full of vibrations. We had a wonderful presentation by Abhi (Abi – Ana Bianca :-)). Flute music (Shivangna’s) put us at a high meditative state.
    Welcome all to the upcoming similar program.RAIN on 24 March

    Lots of love and blessings

  4. Kruti

    We all had so much fun and our hearts were completely opened by the end of it! kids were singing in the car on our way back to home. Their faces were just lit up after the program. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. Beverley

    I had a wonderful time at the Oakville seminar, learned a lot and fellowshipped with other yogis. Enjoyed the food and social gathering with friends in their home.

  6. Brenda in BC

    Happy to see everyone happy and smiling.
    Miss you all,
    With Love,

  7. Sahaj

    Beautiful pictures just like blossom of mother earth.

  8. NITI

    Felt happy being part of this vibrant collectivity.

  9. Paula

    Looking forward to 2022 classes Restarting tonight Monday Nov 21, 2022 and this class had so many great vibes and memories for us. Here’s to making new memories.

  10. Ajay Nargas

    Happy to read everyone’s experience and funat Oakville in 2018..Now more keen to read new experiences of truth seekers in 2022. I am sure it would have been more pleasurable.

  11. Ajay Nargas

    Happy to read everyone’s experience and funat Oakville in 2018..Now more keen to read new experiences of truth seekers in 2022. I am sure it would have been more pleasurable

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