Hamsa Chakra and the Power of Discretion

Explore this in-depth Compilation and Introspection about the HAMSA Chakra and the Power of Discretion that Flows through Mouthpieces of God

Subtle Knowledge about Hamsa – The Chakra of Discretion

Connection to Moon and Solar Energy Channels

This article is taking you to the intricacies of the Hamsa chakra and its qualities, as described by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Enjoy this compilation of quotes that should trigger also our sincere introspection.

“We have never yet paid much attention to this center of Hamsa, which is, I think, very important for the Western world, rather than for the Indian or the Eastern. The reason is, at the Hamsa chakra, part of the Ida (left subtle energy channel/Moon Channel) and Pingala (right/Solar subtle energy channel) come out and manifest – means the expression of Ida and Pingala is given through the Hamsa chakra.”

“So this Hamsa chakra is the one that, as if has not gone up to the Agnya, but is holding on certain threads or certain parts of the Ida and Pingala, and  they start flowing through your nose, expressing through your eyes, from your mouth and from your forehead.”

Connection to Vishuddhi Chakra

“So you know that Vishuddhi chakra has got sixteen petals which look after the eyes, nose, throat, tongue, teeth. But the expression part of it comes through the Hamsa chakra, of all these. So it’s a very, very important thing in a Western mind, to understand Hamsa chakra.”

Hamsa –  The Crane and the Swan Parabola

There’s a beautiful couplet about this in Sanskrit, ‘Hamsah shvetah, bakah shvetah. kah bhedah hamsa bakayo? Nira-kshira viveketu. Hamsah hamsah, bakah bakah.’

Meaning ‘The Crane and the Swan, both are white. And what makes a difference between the two?

If you mix the water and the milk together the hamsa (swan) will just suck in the milk, so it can discriminate between the water and the milk.

While the bakha, means the crane, cannot’.

It’s a very significant thing for Sahaja Yogis to understand.”

Hamsa (the Swan) – Days of Confusion and the Divine Discretion

“There’s so much which can be said about this creature (Swan) I mean, endless it is. I mean how far can we go? In all your decisions making everything is discretion, the Divine’s discretion.

So much to be said about discretion there’s no end to it. And as you know that in these days of confusion, it’s the Discretion that is going to take us to our right direction. So Discretion is so important. In every our decision making, in your understanding thing, in small things, in deep things, in everywhere, discretion that is a Divine understanding, we have to have.” (Shri Mataji – Germany, Hamsa Talk, 1988)


Discretion is to be understood very deeply within ourselves. And how we develop discretion is very important in Sahaja Yoga. But before we go to that let us see how this discretion plays a part, very much, in the manifestation of our expressions outside. We are, the people in the West, who always try to express ourselves outside. It’s very important how you look, it’s very important where you look, what you look at, what you see. It’s very important that your appearance should be good. [They /we are] very particular, they spend lots of time in improving their appearance. This is the minimum. Also in our speech, in our expression of literature, expression of poetry, expression of our relationships with others, any kind of expression, requires discretion which is a deep-seated knowledge or wisdom.” (Shri Mataji – Germany, Hamsa Talk, 1988)

Connection to Ida Nadi , the Power of Root Chakra (Lord Ganesha) and its Essential Qualities  

“So it comes to the Discretion how to use your Ida Nadi and Pingala Nadi and Discretion to understand what is good and what is bad.

Now let us see the Ida Nadi.

Ida Nadi is very important because the Discretion in this can only come through traditional understanding. Ida Nadi starts from the Ganesha’s point – Mooladhara (the root chakra).

Traditional Discretion

So first we miss the biggest support, the biggest help, the biggest nourishment of holiness and auspiciousness, at Mooladhara, if we have no discretion. We always take to a thing, which is detrimental to our growth, and also which may destroy us, not only us but the whole country. We like people who are destructive, when there is no discretion. Discretion means that you must choose the things which are good for you, which are benevolent to you, which are good for the collective, which are good for your ascent. On the contrary, the people who have no discretion fall into the traps of wrong type of people like, say, Freud.

But people accepted Freud more than they could accept Christ. Because the discretion was completely missed. If they had that traditional discretion in them, they would have been saved. This traditional discretion is the thing that comes through Ida Nadi. Now that’s what the people call it as ‘conditioning’ and they say that conditioning is very bad, and people should not take to conditioning and one should be free from conditioning, which is absolutely a wrong idea. In that also there has to be discretion. What conditioning is good and what is not good has to be taken.”

Intuition and Lord Ganesha as (partly) The Ruler of Hamsa

The discretion of the Ida Nadi (left energy channel) is Intuition.

If you develop that discretion within you, through your meditative powers, you develop intuition.

And intuition is nothing but is the help of the Ganas (celestial beings / angels) which are surrounding you. If you learn to take help from the Ganas you can become very intuitive and without much intelligence of yours, you can say the right thing. The whole of Sahaja Yoga, I would say, fifty percent at least out of that, is based on intuition.
For that you have to develop a proper sense of Shri Ganesha  – the primordial principle or deity that is governing the Root Chakra .

Shri Ganesha, in it’s right sense, you have to understand. From there it starts because he’s Ganapati, he’s the one who is the master, is the chief of all the Ganas. So the Ganas give you the Intuition.

For example, say, I have to go somewhere and then what I say is that: ‘No, I won’t be able to go there tomorrow.’ And I won’t go, somehow. And people think : “Mother, how do You know?” I know, because the Ganas are there and what they say is the truth, they know all about it. Or anything I say about someone comes true. So they start asking me, “How is it Mother You have come to know about it?”

I live on intuition. Like I have to catch a plane I know by intuition what’s going to happen. This part has to develop by worshiping Shri Ganesh. So imagine, Shri Ganesha also rules a part of the Hamsa chakra.”

The meaning of Hamsa and Connection to the Solar Energy channel (the Right side)

“When we say ‘Ham‘ and ‘Sa‘ these two are actually the bija (seed in Sanskrit) mantras of the Agnya chakra.  That’s why at the base, at the root of it – the root of nose, where the sinuses – is the Hamsa.

And here, the “Ham” – “Ham” means ‘I am’.
If you are discrete you will not take to fashions, you’ll not take to stupid ideas. You have your own personality. You are a Sahaja Yogi.  That is the “Ham” part – ‘I am’not the ego part. But the “Ham” is to understand that : “I’m a Yogi and I know so many things which normally people don’t know and so I have nothing to do with them. I’ve not to take any lessons from them. They are not to teach me anything. There’s nothing that they know, I know much more.”

To be aware of yourself is “Ham”. So that comes from the right side I would say.

The Discretion of Right side is “Ham” and

the Discretion of Left side is ‘Sa’.

‘Sa’ means ‘You’-‘You are The One’.
In your case you know who is the ‘You’.

But for every human being, ‘You’ is the Divine. ‘You are The One’.

This comes from the left side, is ‘Sa’.

Hamsa as The Balance between the Moon and the Sun

“So the word “Hamsa” is made of two types of discretion where to see “I am” and where to see “You are”.

On these two balances, as they have shown here beautifully the Moon and the Sun, in the center is the Cross, which gives you the balance, which gives you the dharma (Sanskrit for innate righteousness, or innate religion).”

I think the whole of Sahaja Yoga stands on the balance of Hamsa.”

Dharma connected to Discretion at Hamsa

“How all these things are connected, one after another, layers after layers, you can see how Dharma is connected with Discretion.”

We are Sahaja Yogis, we are not dominated by any particular type of rhythm or particular type of music. Every variety we can appreciate and understand as long as it is dharmic, as long as it is balancing, as long as it is auspicious and holy. So you can see on the Hamsa how many things are judged.” (Shri Mataji – Germany, Hamsa Talk, 1988)

 Hamsa chakra in Realized Children

” If you have to develop the Discretion, you have to learn, you have to understand. It doesn’t come automatically. But with children who are born realized, their Hamsa (chakra) is so developed that they know it: what is right, what is wrong. Because their Hamsa is so much trained that way, they don’t have to use much understanding. But those who have become now Sahaja Yogis, have to know through their own experiences: their Hamsa it’s a filter, also. But for a child, he knows what is right, what is wrong, because his Hamsa is developed.”

 Discretion versus Indiscretion from Ego (right side) and Conditionings (left side)

“If you are discrete, as Sahaja Yogis, you will make others discrete also. Others will have to be discrete and to understand. And this “niraksheera vivek” is the differentiation between the water and the milk, the bad and the good, can come to you if you develop that discretion part.

In Sahaja Yoga, at every stage, you’ll find people falter, also with the right side indiscretion. And the right side indiscretion comes from the ego manifestation of people. This ego is, as I said, is “ham”. This ego doesn’t work when it has to work.”

“It’s not only here, India is much worse. As far as religion is concerned, the left side, they are very, very conditioned people, and there they fail to understand what discretion is..

For example, we had Gyanadeva. He was such a great Incarnation and he didn’t even have shoes on his feet! And these days they are taking out a big procession of palanquin, so-called shoes in it of Shri Gyanadeva – and thousands and thousands of people singing praise, just imagine. Who can tell them that : ‘Gyanadeva had no shoes, what shoes are you carrying in the palanquin?! And whatever village they go, or whatever city they go to, they are fed with sumptuous food, everybody falls at their feet. They have come with a palanquin and the shoes which never belonged to Gyanadeva in it’.  So this madness goes on.”

Discretion in Nationality based Conditionings

Now you see all these things happening around you in every country, in every religion, in every stupid area you see all this happening. But you just join hands, you become one with it.

And then it becomes so difficult to understand what has happened to you. Now this ego, when used properly, then it’s discretion.

Now also people have another very horrid, horrid conditioning apart from the religion – is of the countries, “I belong to India”, “I belong to Germany”, “I belong to England.” Everything is wretched.

I mean, to say something like that means you are not yet grown up to the Sahastrara (crown chakra of integration)  land. Those who start becoming some nationality do not know that your nationality is transformed, actually don’t need any passports.

In the area where the Divine reigns no passport is needed, it’s written large on your faces. 🙂

But still inside is deep conditioning is there that : “I belong to this country, my country’s very great, your country’s not good.”

But when it comes to Discretion is to think that : “All right, I was born in Germany and Germany has made lots of mistakes. Let me work it out, so that I get back all my German people into the area where resides peace, joy and happiness.” There is this conditioning, is used in discretion.”

“Now, when I am, say in the West, I have to discuss the West. But when I am in India you must hear me, you don’t understand the language, it’s good for you, because you’ll lose all respect for Indians. I give them left and right! [Laughs] And tell them what’s wrong with them.

So the discretion is to see what’s gone wrong with us, where are we wrong.” (Shri Mataji – Germany, Hamsa Talk, 1988)

Discretion in Religious Conditions

“In everything you will find there are two sides. Which way you move is your discretion. For example, there are people who have a conditioning of a particular say, a religion. Supposing they belong to the Jew religion and have come to Sahaja Yoga or they belong to Christianity and have come to Sahaja Yoga. So now what is the discretion? As soon as another Jew person comes or a Christian person comes in, they’ll just get into a fraternity of bhoots /negativity/dead spirits there. And they all become great friends, because: “She’s Jew, I’m Jew, my father is Jew, my mother is Jew, my this thing is Jew”. Same with Christians, same with other communities, same with any other nationality. Now, what is the discretion when you see?!

The best thing, Discretion, at that point, is to see what are the faults of these so-called human religions which are formed after the death of the promoters, or we can say the incarnations or the prophets who started the religion. This is first discretion.”

Discretion associated with Courage

“Tell me, any saint whom you know, who has not fought the society, who has not pointed out the mistakes of the society, in a very loud manner, without any fear. Have you known any saint like that? For Sahaja Yogis, it is very important to have that courage within themselves.

If you develop your Discretion, then it works out.”

(** excerpts above are from Shri Mataji – Germany, Hamsa Talk, 1988)

Hamsa Chakra – Physical Location

Today we are going to know about the Hamsa Chakra. That is the area between the two eyebrows. This one is placed at the base of the brain, which is called as Moorda, and this part is the complete controller of the whole of the base of the brain – again I say base of the brain – and that is a part of the Vishuddhi (chakra) still. It is an extremely important centre as far as the human awareness is concerned because these two nadis (energy channel in Sanskrit): Ida (left side energy channel) and Pingala (right side energy channel), before entering into Agnya

(6th chakra/subtle energy centre) and crossing each other, part of them crosses over this Chakra of Hamsa.

So when the Ego and Superego develop in our brain and cover our limbic area, from the both the sides the strands, which are coming out of the Vishuddhi (throat chakra), sit on them. So they also control these two institutions from outside. For example, it crosses like this, goes up like that from Hamsa – some strands – and then the others go up again and cross like this and form ego and superego. So from the backside, on top of them, these two strands go and sit. You all know that Hamsa Chakra gives you discretion, but still we do not understand what do we mean by Discretion.”

Hamsa is placed between Vishuddhi (Lord Krishna) and Agnya (Lord Jesus Christ)

“So on one side we have the help of Shri Krishna to give us the Discretion, and on the other side we have Christ.

In between is placed this Hamsa. So we have two great incarnations within us who are the Embodiment of Discretion.

So one side is Shri Krishna who is the one who looks after the conditioning side of it.

On the other side is Christ who starts looking after the ego side of it. The One who says on the cross, “Oh, God, forgive them because they do not know. Oh, Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.” Is the same one who takes a hunter in his hand and hits people, starts beating them, because they are making money in the name of God. See the discretion, that’s Jesus. Same Shri Krishna, Who with his Sudarshan chakra (negativity destroying discus resembling a chakra) can kill thousands and thousands of rakshasas (demons in Sankrit), becomes the driver of Arjuna (the hero of the Mahabharata Hindu epic).

The contrast of their behavior is the beautiful saga of  their discretion.”

Discretion at Sahasrara chakra – crown energy centre

“Once you know as a state within yourself, you are discrete; you cannot be indiscrete even if you want to be.

And that is what is the ascent part.

So once you come out of this (Hamsa) chakra and pass through your Agnya, you enter into Sahasrara (crown chakra) where you have to be discrete.

Whatever then comes out from there – blessed, whatever expression comes out – blessed, from the Sahasrara is all Discrete and beautiful.”

Did You Know?! We are Mouthpieces of God Almighty

“So that alertness should be also in the minds .. how to behave, how to talk, what to say. You are the mouthpieces of God Almighty. How can you waste your time chatting?

So it is to be realized how to behave for a person who is the mouthpiece of God. You represent Him actually,
how you should dress up, how you should walk, how you should sit, how you should eat.”

Self-Disciplining and Introspection – Ways to develop our Hamsa Chakra

“I was surprised at how people are drinking beer in the ashram. I mean, it is non-alcoholic, but it’s beer made of molasses. In any way it is beer. How can you drink that molasses business? have you ever been near any sugar factory, the smell of the molasses? You are consuming that.
So whatever you are eating, whatever you are spending, whatever you are talking, I mean whatever is the extroversion,
Whatever is Outside, must express your inside.
 So you have to develop your Hamsa Chakra: Self-disciplining and introspection. “Why do I do such a thing, I am a Sahaja YogiAsk this question every morning and in the evening. Please note it down, “What did I do for Sahaja Yoga?” We have fun. We have music. We have everything, but everything should be done in a dignified manner. Even dancing, I was saying, learn some rhythms… There should be gentleness. There should be understanding of the rhythm and rhythmic patterns. Learn more, how would you dance. Practice it. It’s all right in the house, how the ladies should dance, how they should walk, because your whole expression is the expression of God Almighty.
So how you should be among yourselves, how you should talk..”

Discretion leads to Learning Many Things

“Everything will change if you really become aware of the fact that you are representing God Almighty, who is the Source of Discretion.

In Discretion so many things you learn. The first is the tolerance. “It’s all right. We’ll work it out. It will work out.”

You will learn what is love, which is detached.

You will learn what is humor, which tickles, but does not hurt.

You will learn also what to say in your lectures, what to listen to.

Of all the things, you will know how to fulfill the visions of God Almighty.

Now today, I had to tell all these things, of course, is a part of the Vishuddhi (throat chakra/subtle energy centre).

Today my discretion was telling me all the time, so I had to force myself, that ‘Better not say all these things right now. 🙂 They’ll be shocked.’

I hope you are not shocked by what I have said. May God bless you.”

== Excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talk to Yogis in New York City  on April 28, 1991 on the occasion of ‘ Hamsa Swamini Puja” ==

Discretion and Human Evolution

“In everything that we do, Discretion expresses itself. And if you are a solid Sahaja Yogi or a Sahaja Yogini your discretion is evident and everybody sees it and knows it, that it is there. So for all of you it is important to develop your discretion today and to ask me to reside in your Hamsa chakra so that You are All the Time stationed in the Power of Discretion.

With Discretion we have evolved to human state and to go further we have to develop our Innate Discretion which I think is the essence of all the religions, of all the adventures we have had, of all the lives which we have known, is the Discretion around which everything moves.

May God bless you all.”

(Shri Mataji bows towards the Sahaja Yogis for 45 seconds,)

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    I read and thoroughly enjoyed this article twice. There is so much to absorb here and I feel to read it a 3rd time. These days we are constantly challenged on recognizing the truth, dharma and the innate discreation. What to do/say and when and how much to keep quiet and when to draw the line. To be able to see the manipulations and see through the wolf under sheep clothing. To develop that power of intuition is also so important. This article, Shri Mataji helps with how to become a swan. May all Sahaja Yogis and seekers of truth manifest the hamsa, the swan within. Thank you for this enlightneing compilation. A special gift for Canadian sahaja yogis for sure and the world too…it is www afterall !

  2. Doris Mendez

    DIOS !!!

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    Thank you so much!It is so nourishing for Hamsa but also for our Heart. Thank you for your inspiration and for your devoted work!

  4. Jolanta

    Thank you for posting this article with Shri Mataji’s lectures on Hamsa chakra.

    I love the simplicity of Shri Mataji’s talks and the patience with which She shares all this information.

    The article reminds me of this affirmation (I hope I remember it correctly) during guided meditation in Oakville Sahaja Yoga class: Mother Kundalini, please help me develop the gut feeling… It made perfect sense to me.

    Fortunately we can experience vibrations on our hands and heads to help us determine the truth even “after after the death of the promoters, or we can say the incarnations or the prophets who started the religion.”

    My understanding and feeling is that this is the main difference between Sahaja Yoga and all “religions” because the reality is there are wolves in sheep’s clothing everywhere.

    Jai Shri Mataji

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    Dear Anjali,

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    Thank you for sharing this article. There is so much to learn in Sahaja yoga! and the learning is like a breeze, it flows and effortless. All is very nourishing, feeds both the knowledge and spirit. It says a lot ” we are the mouthpiece of God Almight” ?

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    I am filling my cup with the treasure box of knowledge in this glorious article. The first time I heard Shri Mataji, the founder speak, I said, “how does she know all that?!” It is clear, the knowledge of Sahaja Yoga is a gift to humanity.

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    If I may candidly confide that it was one of the most wonderful and nourishing tour where it unleashes array of understanding on the very vital energy centre Hamsa.

    Why I say so is because the above composition is bracketed and articulated so well and with such a wisdom blended with unique style that a reader can’t avoid catching up the missing link.

    The entire blog posting on Hamsa chakra is truely a very thorough research here I must confide. It express the profundity of the presenter in presenting the teachings of Shri Mataji in such a beautiful arranged fragrant bouquet of knowledge, qualifying and touching upon all aspect of this vital centre Hamsa in one article. The last word in discretion and wisdom at the crossroad of Ida and Pingla channel.

    Personally i feel the qualification of Hamsa as the expression of Shri Ganesha as we ascend up from Mooladhar chakra down below up to this point prior to His settling in His human incarnation Form as Shri Jesus at Agnya chakra.

    What a wealth of knowledge.

    Thank you Ioana for such an exhaustive and articulated refreshing presentation. The revisit to the knowledge enlightened by Shri Mataji was truly was like a divine tour and meditation .

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    Worth of reading this article again and again,How divine discretion is needed in this world which is full of
    anti divine things.All this compilation of mothers talk
    about Hamsa chakra is full of energy, and I feel the mothers love how she wanted us to be protected through divine discretion to go into the clutches of falsehoodness .Thank you mother again and again and thanks Ioana for this article…

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