Why Relaxation is Important?

Let’s find out Why Relaxation is Important, How to Relax in Yoga and What Chakras and Energy Channels help us relax – Enjoy French and Moon Connections

Try walking on trails while in a meditative state .. It’s special!

Discover the Importance of Relaxation for Your Chakras’ Well-being 

Let’s find out Why Relaxation is Important, How to Relax in Yoga and What Chakras and Energy Channels help us relax while exploring the enlightened knowledge shared via this compilation of quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s lectures. One can discover as well some interesting connections to France’s subtle role and the Moon’s energetic qualities. Let’s start!

“It’s a real blessing of Sahaja Yoga for all of you to relax. Relax well, because in relaxation only you realize that:

  1.  ‘We are now realized souls, that we have entered into the kingdom of heaven’  [i.e. when accessing the subtle energy level of the crown/Sahasrara chakra]’ 
  2.  ‘We can see the beauty that God has created all around us’
  3.  ‘We have become sensitive to His grace and to His kindness and to His love.’

Try to make your forehead relaxed. Many people come to me with face like that (distorted, twisted face) … Relax.

If you relax you will find that your Heart also opens out.

Why can’t you open your heart?! Because you have no trust in yourself. It will open your Agnya (the third eye chakra), open your Sahasrara (the crown chakra) , and your heart will open. Once the Sahasrara is open, the Heart will open automatically, so you will have peaceful life.”

“Have you seen a child being nursed by mother, how concentrated the child is. Sucking everything ! It doesn’t bother who is who, where he is sitting, what is it, what is catching. It doesn’t bother as to who is next to you, what is your relationship with others. Or it doesn’t bother, at all, as to the future, as to what he is to do next. So Innocence keeps you in the Present

(an) Innocent man is permanently relaxed.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation System Acts on the Parasympathetic Nervous System leading to Complete Relaxation

But as a result of this Awakening, what happens to us?! First the Kundalini has to pierce through your fontanel bone area – actually. It is the actualization, the happening that is truly happening, that is important. That means when your Kundalini comes out from your fontanel bone area you start feeling a cool breeze coming out of your head… Once it comes out you’ll be amazed that you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your hands also and all around you.  You start feeling that Cool Breeze everywhere.”

” And when you look at the sun or the sunshine, you find small little comma like things like, Chaitanya is called, the All Pervading Power.”

“This all pervading power is the power of love, of Divine love, sublime love.

“Not carnal or flesh love that takes you down towards hell man or diseases. Now when the Cool Breeze starts coming out of yours hands you feel absolutely relaxed. I met a gentleman who was very jittery and was very nervous and I asked him what do you do ? He said I am doing courses in relaxation. But I said yo are not relaxed, what do you do ? So he said I go on suggesting myself ‘Relax relax relax’, and I relax. Now supposing I tell myself I am the mayor of Munich, do I become ? Is your central nervous system under your control so you say that relax ?!”

“But when the great saints introspected themselves, [those] who were worshipping the Mother (Kundalini Power/the Goddess/Mother Mary or the Holy Ghost), they found out that what She has done for us… Then for relaxing also, what does she do is that she gives you the sleep. When you are tired and you can’t sleep, she makes you sleep. She relaxes you. So the power of relaxation she has. Because She acts through the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system can excite you, can depress you. But the parasympathetic relaxes you, relaxes your heart, relaxes your body and completely you feel relaxed and sleeping in the lap of your Mother. But there are many people who cannot sleep, because they are thinking about something they have to achieve. If you cannot sleep, then something’s wrong with you. And when you cannot sleep, I also cannot sleep. Whatever is collectively happening, also works on me. Anything wrong you do, that works on me. Specially collectively. So you cannot sleep because you are thinking of things which are of no value. How, to overcome that, in Sahaja Yoga we know, we have to go into Thoughtless Awareness.”

“Now, how will it work out? First you will find there is no thought in you mind. Thoughtless awareness – many people talk about it and talk of Self Realization. But have they done it? Of course, it is needless to say that once you get your realization.. your problems are solved, physical, emotional, mental, all problems are solved and you become absolutely relaxed. When there is Kundalini crosses over the Agnya chakra which is the centre of Christ, you become thoughtlessly aware – you become – again I say it’s the becoming; then it crosses the fontanelle bone area… This is the real baptism one can say – you can feel the cool breeze on the hands from the all pervading power around; but that’s not the end of it – it’s just the beginning. It’s just that your seed has been germinated but as Christ has said – some seeds got lost because they’re places on the rock. So do not have a heart of a rock – just keep it open, keep it open. You’ll feel very relaxed also – extremely relaxed.

Relaxation from Kundalini Energy coming on the Central Channel

“So, through the Brahma Nadi (the central energy channel, the innermost one!), She (Kundalini) starts sending those threads (of subtle energy). By that, they relax the centre (=chakra). By the relaxation of the centre, the sympathetic nervous system also starts relaxing and when it goes to the Agnya Chakra, then your eyes start relaxing, your pupils start dilating and your eyes can become like mine, very black, absolutely relaxed.So, you can easily see in a person how far is the Kundalini. If it has pierced the Agnya, then the eyes will be completely dilated and will be shining and then She enters into the Sahasrara.”

Relaxation from Shri Mahakali – the Power of the Moon Channel (Ida Nadi)

(I took this photo 2 weeks ago when right after our weekly Sahaja Yoga Class offered in Burlington, during carpooling with other yogis .. there was this strong inner calling to go by the lake Ontario just to watch it, meditate and relax further — all that evening at the class we talked to beginners about the Heart chakra, Shri Shiva, the Spirit — and Mother Nature listened and displayed her magic answers right after: watch the Heart, the Spirit shinning within the Heart on the Sky– the shimmering was absolutely magical, the Liver was emanating Cool Vibrations and a  tall gentle cool breeze was blowing above the head in Sahasrara. I just felt to bring this photo IN this article here .. and while I started typing .. I also read the quote that was already here… READ and See the Divine Serendipity that is so Sahaj! Such minute connections!!

“She is the One who is the Power of Shri Shiva (the Spirit reflected in our heart). She gives us the relaxation.. She is the one who relaxes you, because She takes over all your responsibilities. She takes over all your problems. She is the One who solves all the problems. It is we who forget to leave all the problems to Her. If you just leave problems to Her, all your problems are solved. Not only that, but you really feel blessed. It’s not only physical – also it is mental – that She makes your mind absolutely free of worries. She doesn’t worry and She doesn’t want you to worry. If you worry, then She tries to show that, by your worry, you are denying Her. You are not accepting Her. Worrying is something very common and people take great pride in saying: “Oh, I was worried.” How can you be worried when your (spiritual, innate) Mother is Mahakali?!

Now what She likes? Mahakali likes the Light.

She is worshipped in the night, because then we can put on the light.

“She likes enlightened persons. Also She likes the light. She likes the Sun. She likes something that will be completely enlightened and brightened.The Sun itself is very important to work out this Mahakali thing. But, as it is, in the West especially, we are very hard-working and very much Sun-oriented and we worship the Sun. All this we do: worship the Sun and also go right-sided very much (=over using the right energy channel which is future oriented). Then it is She who gives us the Balance. She is the One who gives us the balance, by relaxing us completely and protecting us.”

“Sometimes we are competitive and we are really worried and we want to do something which we cannot do. Then we get upset and we don’t know what to do. Then it is She who brings sleep to us. So, when we sleep, She looks after us, She soothes us and She takes away our problems., I should say, it’s such a tremendous power of Mahakali – that She knows everything about you. Everything! She knows your mind. She knows your heart. She knows about your health. Everything She knows. Actually, She is the Mother, in every way, who cares for the little child.”

A Relaxed Beautiful Alertness from our Greatest Friend

“I hope you understand what I am trying to say that a person who’s relaxed need not be a person who is lethargic but alert, alert you can be as well as you can be relaxed, because you are Sahaja Yogis.”

“The greatest Friend you have is the divine power which is looking after you and doing everything for you.”

“IF  you have that kind of a relaxed beautiful alertness within you, you are going to enjoy life, you are going to enjoy Sahaja Yoga and you are going to get many, many more people doing Sahaja Yoga. “

IF you don’t have this among yourselves, then people are going to say,’ Oh Mother whatever you may say, but Sahaja Yogis are no good’, so for today in this country of France where we have got liberation, where we have fought for liberation let us take to Real Liberation and the real liberation of the soul of our Spirit, to Enjoy”  – and Shri Mataji’s essentail advice follows:

“Enjoy everything that is available, with understanding.”


** all above are excerpts collected from various scripts of  lectures , interviews, programs offered by Shri Mataji on the subject of Sahaja yoga meditation. Most of the nature photos are from our Halton region in Canada, captured by sahaja yogis.

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  1. adrian

    The quote… “An innocent man is permanently relaxed and remains in the present”.

    Innocence allows us to experience our original freedom, the freedom to trust. So often we are concerned with trusting others, and that leads to worrying. Of course worrying can only lead to not being relaxed.. We choose through our own free will wheher we “worry or not”. So why would we ever choose to worry when we understand that it can lead to a loss of our innocence. Trusting is the key… trusting in ourselves to experience our original innocence… and to simply be.

  2. Smita Joshi

    amazing compilation! thank you

  3. ann

    So quiet and peaceful I feel the vibrations are so strong with these words of power from our dear Mother. I am moving today and this is a wonderful gift that has given me relaxation and free of worry.

    Love Ann

  4. Sunaina

    Jai Shree Mata ji?

    Ivona! today this message seems for me:)

  5. Anjali Gandhi

    So much to be grateful for when we understand the value of all that is available to us. It is all within us but we denied it all this time until Shri Mataji made us aware. Thank you Mother. Thank you Ioana for this beautiful article and such relaxing photos of divinity. The moon and the clouds are like pleased deities showering blessings. So wonderful you share such precious moments captured on your camera with us for us to enjoy and trust we are blessed.

  6. Ioana

    Received a comment on what’s up from a beautiful Yogini from New Zealand:

    “Just what I needed to dissolve head and heart into .. with all the dismantling of altar and painting going on …. feel so much strength that Shri Mahakali is with us in every step of the way . Thank you dear Ioana .. Beautiful article”

  7. helen

    Wonderful pictures and words of wisdom!
    Thanks very much! So calming.

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