Tale with Sunflowers and Subtle Connections

Sunflowers seen in the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington (Halton, Ontario, Canada) in 2021.

Tale with Sunflowers and Subtle Connections to “The Collective Being”

This article was inspired by a very special day I spent in Romania earlier this summer. It was completely under the “Sunflower” and “Collectivity” auspices. The night before I could not sleep much, the birds were singing accompanied by a variety of jungle like sounds. It was truly fascinating to experience this in a busy city neighborhood. I even took a video-clip that night to have proof of it! The sunrays arrived and all that wild noise dispersed. That day I was invited to participate to a sahaja yoga meditation class. I had few errands to complete so I was running late. My desire was to bring flowers as I was meeting Romanian Yogis after a long time and my heart was bubbling with a sweet feeling of loving-longing. On my way I had few opportunities to buy some beautiful flowers but I passed them by, wondering why on earth I am not taking those?! For the last portion of my travel, I need directions. So, I felt drawn to take a turn and stop by a small kiosk. I realized it was a flower kiosk and right there in front of me was The One bouquet waiting for me: Sunflowers that I’ve never seen before, they seemed glowing, perfect and unique!

This is one of them. You can see all the sunflowers and some Romanian yogis I’ve met that day in this photo-album.

Later on I’ve noticed that factually, each one was different from another! I’ve asked and those were the only ones they had. I rushed with them in my arms towards the meeting place. I could see the group of yogis from a distance, waiting. That very moment my Kundalini started rushing up and I felt cool vibrations of joy from head to toe (actually vice-versa :-)) beaming in breezy happy waves! Of course, we embraced and went together in the beautiful house where the Sahaja Yoga class was scheduled to start any moment. My friends brought a beautiful vase that had daisies and sunflowers delicately painted on it; then I noticed that a field of sunflowers was hanging on the walls. Slowly the room was filled. Some people brought fruits; others brought sweets. Typical Romanian hosting qualities of nurturing and caring for their guests. However, nobody else brought flowers that day which definitely was atypical. It seems that these sunflowers were enough and meant to be the ones beaming Beauty next to Shri Mataji’s loving face. Another sweet coincidence: the video pre-selected to be played happened to be from a Public Program with Shri Mataji in Canada. No doubt there is a Divine Coordinator that does not overlook any detail when creating a magic show of love and power. When we left the building, a gentle pink sunset welcomed us. All sunflowers were shared and everyone started playing with them and with each other like little children in a garden of wonders.

Quick snapshot of a group of sunflower-children 🙂

There was a feeling that these Sunflowers somehow multiplied and transferred their sunny prettiness to their human likes. Did I tell you that the air was so heavily filled with fragrance from the lime trees planted along that street? That was a rich perfume we kept absorbing and praising collectively. We continued chatting under the dark sky enlightened by the Collective Joy of the Spirit sparking fireflies. That’s my tale with sunflowers from Romania.

Moving forward, enjoy some interesting quotes from Shri Mataji that help us improve our. discernment and recognition of what Sahaja Yoga is , or isn’t and how Shri Mataji loved to use the Sunflower comparison many a times.

Take it all in like I did!

A forgotten photo I took in my aunt’s beautiful home from Brasov, another must-visit town in Romania. I was playing with the idea of being together with the Sunflowers in a medallion shaped reality in which we face each other; reflected symmetry creating mutiple existences.

When the Sun is the Spirit, Let your Heart be like a Sunflower

Heart is cleared after Self-Realization

“Science can only do that much whatever you see you can see, but this you cannot see: the All-pervading Power, unless and until you are Realized [a realized soul has the Kundalini enery activated within], you cannot know.

But after getting realization you will be amazed: you can even see Kundalinis moving above, you can even see those dead souls moving about.

Now this anybody can see: you see there’s a Sunflower because only the Sun’s Light it considers; but the Sun is the thing which exposes it! See now, you always feel very much lighter than you had when you have first come.

It [the Sun] clears your Heart, you see. For you have found the Truth, they [heart’s blockages] disappear from you.”

[Shri Mataji’s lecture during the Seminar for Beginners at Finchley Ashram in London, UK on Oct 26th, 1977]

Sunflower with triangular peculiar head under a spiritual sky; during a visit with yogis at the RBC in 2021

Sahaja Yoga: Attributes, What is and What is not (Sahaja Yoga is Not a cult) ?

It is your evolution

Sahaja yoga is not a cult! It is your evolution, is your natural thing that’s happening to you.”

It has the discretion of a Sunflower

It’s not a cult where there’s nothing like bad and good: every guru is good, every pub is good, every madman is good; It’s not like this! In a cult, everybody is good you see, there is nothing like bad thing, every thing is good, what is wrong? That’s cult. But in natural processes, we have Discretion. And we know what is good and what is bad. If you have seen a Sunflower, it knows which way to turns its face. The trees know which way to turn their faces, which way to move. The roots know where to go, how to go towards the sources of water! They just don’t go towards the deserts! That is also good! So this is not a cult! You must know that.

[Shri Mataji’s lecture at Finchley Ashram in London, UK on Oct 26th, 1977]
Take a closer look! This photo has a beautiful story. A Sahaja Yogi friend from Romanian sent it to me recently. He had noticed that the flowers from the garden facing the kitchen window, started turning towards it, after his family made a medtation altar with Shri Mataji’s photo placed by the window. As their family spent lots of time in the kitchen and the lady of the house is a great cook loving to be there … they wanted to have also good cool vibrations and the best source available was Shri Mataji! It seems that the flowers sensed it too!!
There is No compromise with Darkness, Untruth or Destructiveness

“This is not where everything is all right as long as you give some money, or as long as you are a member or as long as you think you belong to some sort of a organization…No! it is absolutely there’s no compromise.

There is no compromise with darkness, with untruth, with anything that is destructive for human beings; we cannot compromise. “

[Shri Mataji’s lecture at Finchley Ashram in London, UK on Oct 26th, 1977]

There is freedom (one can compromise but then, will be thrown out of the evolutionary path)

As an evolution, there is no compromise. One has to understand that we are human beings, and we have freedom. That if you want, you can get along with compromises. But as far as evolution is concerned, you will be out. You won’t be there.”

[Shri Mataji’s lecture at Finchley Ashram in London, UK on Oct 26th, 1977]

What is needed to pass through the Narow (Agnya Chakra‘s) Gate ?

Photo from one of the outdoors Sahaja Yoga Meditation events in Burlington (Halton region of Canada) – Shri Rama Puja

Maturity, Adherence to the Truth and Identification with one’s own Spirit

[In case of a compromise with destructive forces]You cannot pass through the gates of Agnya chakra.

You will be thrown on sides. You will be thrown into places, where you don’t want to go. You cannot pass through that. If you have to pass through that gate, then you must know that there is no compromise of any kind. You have to come up to a certain maturity, and a certain adherence to the truth and identification with your Spirit.

[Shri Mataji’s lecture at Finchley Ashram in London, UK on Oct 26th, 1977]
Sunflower in our garden.
Shivangna – after a havan and outdoors meditation in Burlington. As she was carrying these sunflowers it felt like they were One.
That year we had such tall sunflowers in our garden. Loved the Sunflower supporting the Bee and the Sky above.

Sahaja Yoga does the Living Work and can Improve the Quality of Plants and Animals

In Sahaja Yoga, when you come in, you know how to do living work; like in the affluent countries, they use seeds which are hybrid. These hybrid seeds are of no nourishment to us, they are no good for our brains, they confuse us. Especially the hybrid animals, their milk confuses us. Hybrid animals themselves are very confused, but in Sahaja Yoga, you take the ordinary seeds and you vibrate them. If you vibrate them, then what happens that you start getting seeds which are even better than hybrid. I tried an experiment with a Sunflower so I developed a Sunflower about 2 kilo weight, about one foot diameter and such big, big seeds, that you can’t make them out to be sunflower seeds, so the collective was so amazed at it and they felt that this kind of seed will solve all of our oil problem.

[Shri Mataji’s lecture in Madrid, Spain on Nov 6th, 1987]
Shri Mataji with her sunflowers from Puna, India in the late 80s when She experimented on her farm with seeds nurtured with Her vibrations. There was an article in Newspapers at that time with the photograph of the giant sunflowers.

Shri Mataji’s Successful “Non-Hybrid Sunflower Experiment”

“Same thing happens with the animals. You take ordinary cow, Indian ordinary cow and you give her vibrated water to drink and she gives about the same milk as an Australian cow.

An Indian cow, if she gets Realization through this vibrated water, she gives milk which is very good for the brain. So that is how we improve the quality of our animals by Sahaja Yoga. “

“Now regarding matter, we have to understand that matter is only good for giving it to others, but if it is given by a realized soul, it has tremendous effects. Before Gregoire wanted to write his book, I gave him a fountain pen and he said I never wrote a book and he started writing so well. Same with Rustum, he became a scholar. So Sahaja Yoga gives you an additional power, by which you can neutralize the bad effects of materialism [when] there is no direct rapport between the children, between the friends, between husband and wife.

Matter is to beautify your life, not to make it ugly and create problems between each other. 

All this kind of nonsensical feelings come in through this kind of materialism and we are no more collective and the Collectivity gets lost. “

[Shri Mataji’s lecture in Madrid, Spain on Nov 6th, 1987]

The Sun and the Eternal Spirit

Photo taken while our car was passing by this field (Collectivity) of Sunflowers. The Sun was shining from above loud, large and clear like their Collective Spirit.

 “From where are you going to get your nourishment? The Spirit is shining, the Sun is shining, but your Tree of Life has to get your nourishment from  Collectivity. Once you realize that, it works wonders!

It has worked wonders with so many people all over the world.

But there is a greater danger for people, where individualism is regarded as something great, where people think to be individualistic in their attitude towards their selections and choices and the decision-making. “

This Collectivity is to be grown within you. Actually what do you become after your growth?

You become a Collective Being. So you have to nourish yourself in Collectivity.”

[Shri Mataji – Public Program on November 10th, 1980 in Caxton Hall, London, UK]

“People just don’t understand this simple point that you have to become the Collective Being. And that nourishment, if it is not growing into you, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi at all. You are just having the trip of your ego or your super-ego. And this is very important. By saying you are brothers and sisters and this and that it’s not possible, I know that. It’s wrong. It’s another game. Just like baptism it’s another game to say,Oh, we are all united together and we are all brothers and sisters and nothing should prevent us from being that.

“Socially we can be alright, but politically may not be, or economically we cannot be and all sorts of things can come [if we are not a Collective being].

Now, the growth has to come, that you have to move your awareness towards the Spirit. And when that happens, that your Spirit dominates your awareness, that your awareness becomes the Spirit, then Sat Chit Ananda [begins]. ‘Sat’ is the essence of your awareness, is the Truth; through your awareness you know the truth. ‘Chit’ is the attention and ‘anand’ is the Spirit. The essence of the Spirit is joy. All these things become one. That has to happen.”

[Shri Mataji – Public Program on November 10th, 1980 in Caxton Hall, London, UK]
Shri Krishna Puja celebrated in the garden. The night was wondrous. The Sunflower was like a candle under the moonlight.
Guru Puja 2022 hosted by the Oakville Collective. We had a realization program in Burlington earlier that day and all participants left in separate cars in different directions, Later on, we all arrived at the very same time in front of the hosting place! And all of us from that morning program brought Sunflowers to the puja! Yogis that joined from other places did not. 🙂 so we ended up having a larger variety of flowers.

“Then the growth is much faster. When it is half way round, the growth is less. And the growth is to be felt in your Collectivity, not in how you organise some things and all that – no! In Collectivity.

How you feel about the Whole World, how you are connected about the Whole World.

What you are doing about it ? Can you work it out for them? Where is your attention?

Again: as soon as you go on your Spirit, you will start worrying about the Whole Universe. It will happen.

The priorities will change!

[Shri Mataji – Public Program on November 10th, 1980 in Caxton Hall, London, UK]

Enjoy the Sunflowers’ Day in Bucharest Photo-Album here.

Recommended Video Experience:

Please, let us know your impressions about this article. If you feel inclined, share your own “Sunflower Power” experiences. Let’s Be Collective!

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    It’s real source.,which is sun itself.Thanks for sharing..

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