Human Brain’s Subtle Architecture

Let’s Find out about the Human Brain’s Subtle Architecture

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Enjoy this compilation of quotes from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It offers powerful answers and explanations related to ‘How the Brain, the Ego and the Super-Ego were created’ and ‘How do they function within the Human Brain’s Subtle Architecture’ theme. Be patient and you’ll be rewarded!

Why God had created the Ego and the Superego and What is the Human Brain’s Subtle Architecture?!

Explore the Powerful Answers from Shri Mataji who calls Herself to be a “Thousand Year Old Woman

Question: Why has God created this Ego and Super-Ego within us?

Shri Mataji is answering below:

This can be an awakening Journey, so buckle up! One can learn well when one pays attention!

Compilation of Shri Mataji’s Quotes that take us through our Inner System

The Four Dimensions  & Importance of the Human Brain:

“From our stomach, the Med, the fat, rises into our brain, passing through all these centres, evolving to be the cells of the brain. Even brain is the Med, fat cells, what you call as Mendu. So for the Med to become the Mendu, it has to evolve, to achieve a certain amount of charges of awareness, of human awareness. The human brain is the most precious one because it has a dimension which animals do not have, a Mental dimension you can say, an Emotional dimension. His Physical dimension also has another dimension. We can say that on every dimension we have four sides. Emotionally, we understand love: we understand how to receive, how to reciprocate, we understand beauty, we understand poetry, we understand sweet gestures. We can create these things also. On the Mental level our dimension has a fourth dimension I should say, by which we create things.  Animals cannot create, we can create. On the Physical also we have a special advantage, that we have lifted our heads up. Our hands act in a different way than our feet. We have a better capacity to hold things. Not only that, but also we can use this body to lift much higher things that are here. For instance we can create a crane and lift the things. So we have also got a power by which we can have mastery over the matter. This is not among the animals. So we have already a higher dimension which is reached in our brain. How such a beautiful human brain is created.”

First Reason: Protection during the Human Evolution

“So at this stage of human evolution, when man has reached this stage, we should say that it is still transitional; little more he has to jump and he becomes that for which he has been created. So in this transition, it is necessary to protect that brain very carefully.”

Second Reason: Independence from the Will of God that leads to Wisdom

“Secondly to make this brain Independent of the Will of God and to make it used by itself, so that it develops another dimension of Wisdom, by faltering, by making mistakes, by correcting, by failing, by going into extremes. Man starts coming in the Center and understands, that this is the position. Now see in our country the political views. Since the British time the political scene is constantly changing and then you reach a position where you say that this is the position. All this is done by a human brain.”

Correlated Evolution of Human Organs

“So a human brain is the most coveted thing, most evolved thing, and with the brain, heart also. Human Heart also has to be correlated with the brain. So both the things evolve. Our stomachs are evolved very well. Actually our stomachs are much more subtle and they cannot take gross things, we require very fine and sophisticated things for digestion.”

The Creation of the Ego and the SuperEgo

“At this stage to protect this Brain, you require a hard covering. So God has created this system by which you get completely covered. By creating the Ego and SuperEgo, which is just to say a by-product of your activities. Any activity a human being does has a reaction. For instance, if you say ‘no’ to something, it has a reaction, he creates his Ego. If he accepts something he creates a Super Ego.”

The Architecture of the Human Brain adapted to Evolution is  Revealed

“This also done, because the brain of the man is made triangular and prismatic in nature. It is prism-like brain. In this prism of this brain, when the rays of God’s Divine Power flow in, it goes into refraction into different angles, and by the principle of the parallelogram of forces, part of it escapes outside this side and part from this side. One side the man can think of the future and of the past, but the animals do not think of these things. So that is how our brain is specially made. It is protected by creating the Ego and Super-Ego completely by which our Talu, where the Fontanel bone is, is covered. You are separated from the All Pervading Power. You get your independence, and freedom to act as you like, to use your brain as you like, to learn. The evolution has to go further, this is the Transition period, when you have to try.”

Explanation: The Building Mechanism for the Next Stage of Evolution

“We can say like this: for simile, because simile should not be drawn too far. Suppose I prepare an instrument. After preparing it I first try it on a small cell (battery). And then I put it to the mains. In the same way first it is tried separately, individually with an articulation. The other day I gave a simile of an egg. An egg is created by articulating it completely protected, till it reaches the complete stage of its rebirth, the Dwija, then only the mother bird pierces the egg and there is a rebirth of the chick. In the same way you are made, protected, so that you are made ready. Ultimately you reach a stage, where you are just ready to jump into another state, and it happens. In the incubators also, if you put these eggs, with the warmth, warmth is the love, and with that they grow, and at a point all of them hatch out. Of course not at the same time, but say within a couple of days.”

Understand Sahaja Yoga, Moksha and Mokshadayini – It’s about Ascending to a New Phase in Evolution

“It is in the same manner that the Sahaja Yoga is working out today. That you are just ready to have it. You had a very great past, you have been seeking, you have been going round, and you have no idea as what you had been doing. Today you are wearing ordinary dresses, like ordinary people, and today you are here for a lecture with me, and at this time this happens. This is a greatest miracle for some people, but for me it is just a happening. It has to happen at this time. We see lots of flowers turning into fruits, but we don’t call it a miracle. Because we have taken it for granted. So many of these miracles we have taken for granted. Now it has to happen to human beings. And when it happens, it happens like that! – Naturally, you think that for me it is a child’s play. Because that is my Job, to give you Moksha (= the Spiritual Liberation, the Self-Realization, the awakening of Kundalini energy). I am a Mokshadayini ( the giver of Moksha, of Self-Realization).”

Like the Flower & the Bee: The Natural Miracle of Self-Realization – Only in Freedom

“No doubt about it. If that is my nature, than I will do it. If the nature of the Sun is to give you Rays of the Sun, it will give. It is not difficult, because that is the nature of the Sun. If is the nature of the human beings to see things and colours, he will see it. What is so great about it, what is to be proud about it. I mean I don’t understand, that if You are That, then you are That. What is there to be higher or lower? I can’t understand. This is all because of the Human Ego, that a man has valuations, he thinks this is higher, that is lower. In a way, human beings are higher than animals. Unless and until you are freely accepting Sahaja Yoga, it does not work out. You have to be absolutely free. I cannot entice you, I cannot hypnotise you, I cannot do anything. It has to be there. And that is why it works like that. Why should you feel that there is something wrong in it? It has worked with so many people. So many people have felt it. You will also feel it. It is your due, so you are feeling it. And supposing there is something wrong with the seed or something wrong with the flower, we will correct it also. It may take two days more. Doesn’t matter. It is not something extraordinary for me. Yes it is, in a way, because in all my previous lives I have not done it. So I feel very happy. For example, when you are a leaf, you cannot do the things of a flower. But when you are a Flower, then a Bee can come and do it.”

Prophecies about Next Phase of Self-Realization en Masses: The Advent of the Mother

“What is so much surprising about it? Because it has been promised so many times. It has been said, even Vivekanand has said, that ‘Mother will come and She will do the job’. He has also said that Buddha is just a part, a little drop. He has said all these things. When you quote Vivekanand, read him properly. He has also said, ‘I cannot do anything, Mother is going to do’. Everybody is putting on that Mother. Shankaracharya said ‘Mother will come’. In the Bible, if you read John’s revelation, that a woman will come and She will give rebirth, She will be protecting the Child, all these things are there. And now when the Mother comes, you say ‘Why are you the Mother?’ Now the Mother must come with a horn or what should she do?! But I am the mother, and I have to do the job. Now you start finding faults with me. So what to do with you people? After all what should I have? Whatever I have thought proper, I have. What else do you want me to have? If Lord Ganesha has a trunk of an elephant it has a meaning. And if somebody has something else, it has a meaning. We say that Surabhi, the first cow which appeared in the Vrindavana, in the Vaikuntha stage. She appeared, and all the Gods were inside her. We accept a cow but we do not accept a human being, who has got these Powers. It’s all right. Don’t accept. Not that you should flatly accept me because once I say it, then there are many matajis all over now. :-)”

The Signs and The Recognition from Great Saints and Yogis from Himalayas

“But what I am saying is that you should feel the Vibrations yourself, you should take them, and if you see the Kundalini rising then that is the first sign. If you see the Kundalini rising, you should. When I went to Ambernath, there was one Janardan Maharaj (well known saint yogi in India). He had come because he had heard about me.

He came just to ‘test me’, or whatever it is.:-)

“So he was sitting near the stage, the people told me that ‘He may not accept you Shri Mataji’.

I said ‘IF he is a Realized Soul, he may.’

When I just went inside and went to the stage, he just fell flat at my feet.

Then he told me: ‘I saw everybody’s Kundalini rising, as soon as You stepped inside. I could see. They can see also.’  

He saw everybody’s Kundalini rising. As soon as I came in they would not [stand-up], but the Kundalini rose, to wish you welcome. So they [the saints]  know. Many people know. Gagangiri Maharaj (well known saint yogi in India) knows. He told many people, I have not met him. He has told many people about Me. When I went to see him, he talked to me as he would talk to an Incarnation. He did not talk to me as he would talk to Mrs. C. P Srivastava. He did not. They have taped all that he has said about me. He asked the fellows, ‘Why Mataji has given you all this thing? Why has She given you? What have you done? She has given you this precious thing [the Moksha/ Kundalini awakening]. What are you going to do for her?’

He scolded all of them. He said all these things. It is on the tape. There is another person, his name is Pralhad Bramhachari. He is from Calcutta. He went to America. He told people about me. They now know about me. He told them that She has come now, and there is nothing to worry. But you people are such egoistical that you cannot bear to hear such things about anyone. That is the truth. You are too egoistical.

There is a proverb, ’empty vessel makes too much sound.’ It is a sign of emptiness.

Those people are telling me, even that Nagnath Baba from Ambernath said ‘Mataji they can never accept you. They have never accepted any Incarnation up till now, and they are not going to accept you. Try your level best.’ The Gagangiri Maharaj says ‘For twelve years you try. If they are all right, then I will come down’. They [these great saints, the yogis from Himalayas] are all afraid of human beings. Really it is true. There are many like that  very old people.. How are you going to behave yourself, or you are going to behave in a manner that is going to be detrimental to your progressing Spiritual life. What are you going to do?!  It is for you to decide.”

The Build-in Knowledge and Evolutionary Mission versus Learning from Books

“If you have read a few books, you cannot settle me in those books, you see there is Yoga Shastra. Yesterday, Justice Vaidya told you that there is Satvik Yogashastra, etc. Yoga-Shastra for me! What is it? Did Rama read any books or Krishna read any books, that I am going to read any books?! You see this is for people, who have to climb up. I know Everything. So why should I worry about such things?! I have to just pull you out. That’s all. I know my job. A person who knows the job does not have to do all this (reading). You yourself should realise that Mataji is doing like that, just by her Chitta (means Attention in Sanskrit). If you put anything to my attention, it works. I don’t have to bother. It is like a human being lifting anything. Now an ant will say: ‘How did you lift it?!’. It is possible for a human being lift to like this, and for me it is easy to lift your Kundalini and to do the miscellaneous things like that, because it is my attention, Chitta.  My attention itself is Anand, it in itself is Bliss, itself is a knowledge. I don’t need any intelligence or anything because I know everything.”

“In my head there is a library. You have read one book. That fellow had found something from somewhere, now how am I to tell you how this mad man has found out something from somewhere and how did he find in darkness what did he find. He must have found somebody’s leg and thought it must be somebody’s hand. Now for a person like me, it is so difficult to go to every person, anybody who has read a book there, a sentence here…  I said:  ‘Now leave it now, you want your Realisation then come along and have it!'”

The Mathematics (Geometry) and the Science of Divine Love . Take it Even from Einstein!

“And the greatest problem is all this is Love, that is just a Form of Love, it is nothing but Love which expands, gives you Vibrations, again receives back, it goes in a Parabola like that which you call a Pradakshina of a Shakti.”

“What is Shakti? Shakti is a Parabola. And now Einstein is talking about a parabola.”

“We have a parabola long time back here. We knew it was Shakti (Sanskrit term referring to the Feminine Divine Energy/Power). You can explain this in your Science and everything. In this life I have learnt English language, a little of science and a little of psychology and all that. These psychologists are so one sided people. Yoga-Shastrakar are one sided people. They do not match each other. I am telling you the basic principal between the two. Both are human efforts. I am a different person. Now what should I do, if I am like that? How can I become like you? If I know how to come up why should I become a little baby; and say I must crawl up gradually?!”

Advise about God from “A Thousand Year old Woman”

“I am an Old Woman of Thousands of Years! So I know everything.”:-)

“You are still a baby. How can I become like you?!”

“I am an Old Woman of Thousands of Years! So I know everything. You are still a baby. How can I become like you?! So today is the day I thought of telling you about it; so that you just don’t worry about how I do it. I really do things, I cure people. Now here is the gentleman, a heart patient, ask him. Even before I met him, he got quite cured and I cured him. There are so many people here who will say that. Once a Frenchman asked me a question about the Western life. I did not answer it at that time. I started saying something else. So the boy Rajesh, who brought him to me, said, ‘You see Mataji has not answered your question. She has recorded it, and it will act!’ Because in his case it has acted.”

“So, God, whatever he has done, is for your good. He has given Ego and Superego not to get spoiled and finished. You cannot blame God for that. Supposing God has given you light to go that way. He has told you to take an independent light to find out that. And if you start burning with that light, what can the God do? It is not God’s mistake!”

We need the Ego and We have the Answer to “Why?”

“Many people think that this Ego is horrid. Ego you must have. You have not to fight with your Ego. Only thing is that your Ego should become One with that (ego) of God. That’s all. It’s a very simple thing if you just become One with that God. Now supposing this (it’s about the microphone) has an Ego… How can I talk with this? I will say something, this (the microphone) will say something. But if it has no Ego, as his Ego has become one with my saying, then it carries my voice, carries my sayings, everything.. it is so simple. It is very simple thing but you cannot do it. Is the point. So, I am here. Once you are awakened, once your light has come, then you can do it also, why not. I have told Gagangadh Maharaj (he is a great guru in India), when he started telling me why he cannot give realisation to people like this: ‘I have done so much and I have undergone so much! How these people are doing it? These people (he was referring to sahaja yogis) will become very egoistical’

I said, ‘They will not’. He said: ‘How do you know?’ – I said that they (the sahaja yogis) are made after the pattern of Shri Ganesha. ‘Same powers they will have. Even with the finger moving, my Sons can give Realisation, they can. Who are you to challenge and ask me?’ He kept quiet. He said: ‘You are the Mother. Do what you please.’

There is Proof of this Fantastic Experience and Diagnostic Method

“It is a fantastic thing; that is why it is difficult for the people to understand. But anything like this has to be Fantastic. And we have to prove the existence of God. We have to prove that he exists, and he works. All those people, talk about Nanaka, Kabira, and Hiranya Sanhita and all your Yogas. I am going to prove it to you. Have you ever seen Kundalini pulsating before?

“I will show you the pulsation of a Kundalini. You have never heard before, that on the fingers the Vibrations are coming. But you have not only felt it, but can diagnose a person. You can tell a person, what he is suffering from and cure him also. Now you will say ‘How is it possible?’. Somebody says that ten thousand years before, we have never heard a thing like this. Everything must happen ten thousand years before? Then why are we proceeding further? Better go back. What an argument is this? After all we have discovered going to the Moon. Then we never said ‘Why do we go to the Moon! ‘You see it is a simple question.”

The Research on Kundalini is Completed and Available

Shri Mataji continues:

I have studied all the permutations and combinations and Everything of Kundalini, of whatever is possible.“It is not so simple with the human beings. They can be easily persuaded, they can be enticed, they can be hypnotised.”

“I cannot be hypnotised. But you can. Anybody can hypnotise you. I have seen thousands of people getting hypnotised, taking out their clothes, dancing, jumping. All sorts of things can be done. The hypnosis is so much that when they come before me, they, also start doing that. Because they are used to it. It is like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, who list. So it is wise for you to understand that I know all these things, and I will tell you everything, I have got it for you specially, I know all the permutations and combinations, and you don’t have to do any research about it. No money is needed to be spent. Still, you see, there are people with me for the last seven years, and still they say that Mother every time you say something, we had to learn. This is this, this is that, this combination, that combination. Even five lives will not be sufficient for you to know a little bit about this knowledge. So why worry about this research and this, and that? Just listen to me and use your hands and learn and discover for yourself that this is the Truth. And don’t listen to everyone, third person coming round the corner… You are special people. By God’s Grace you have got Vibrations. It is a very big thing. Those who haven’t got will also get it… Now if there is another Question, you can ask. “

“I have already taken quite a long time for one question, as it was a Very Important Question.

The above quotes are coming from the answers provided by Shri Mataji to this question: ‘Why God created the Ego and Superego’ – during a visit to a Hindu Temple in London, UK, 1977. I had found this Q&A fascinating and very powerful. Indeed, one can feel the divine knowledge flowing from an avatar of our days, luckily one that is so approachable and caring as a true mother or grandmother. Had to share it with you all :-).

Let’s clear our Mind with the Pink Waters and Horizons found by Burlington’s Ontario Lakeshore

Let’s know if you’ve found this compilation useful and enjoyed this article. 

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  3. adrian

    “You have to be absolutely free”… quote from Shri Mataji, found below the photo of the bee on a flower.

    The quote is in reference to being free of “enticement”… being influenced by… in other words, you must be free of the influence of externals… or you must listen to your own “within”. It is not about what is better, worse, higher or lower… these are of EGO. And even ego has a role to play… why otherwise would we have it?

    “we will correct it”… is in reference to the within. In order for the within to correct… we must allow… not to cntrol from the outside… but to feel free to allow control to come from within… that is about trust.

    “consciously choosing through your own free will to be who you already are and who you have always been, and always will be.. SPIRIT.”

    1. adrian

      “On choosing”… the question is… “when is the right time for choosing and for what?”… If you are waiting… what is it that you are waiting for?… If you are living in the moment…in the present, then you do not have to wait… your free will allows you to not fear, yet to be responsibly fearless because you understand that your choice comes from the pure desire of the knowledge that IS… it is part of the spiral journey that you are on, and ever expanding into… ascending.

      1. adrian

        Be free…
        And stand Tall…

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    Wonderful, rich and powerful content. Thank you – a very nice way to start the work week!

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    1. Ioana

      Dear Niranjan, thank you, you are absolutely correct. Did the change. Please, keep an eye on our articles here 🙂 and let me know whenever something needs to be corrected. All the best!

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    Thanks……………Jai Shri Mataji

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    So much truth that God has given us all we could ever need, and our journey is learning to use these gifts in a positive way.

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    As I am reading these beautiful words from our dear Mother at my desk Ganesha flashes on the phone screen, a caller has that name, bringing in the vibrations of what Mother was saying, just allow the divine ego to come thru as one voice thru you.

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    So rich Iona! Will have to go back to it to absorb it all. Many thanks for your comprehensive research. Warm wishes Antoinette

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    Very enlightening…we have been misusing the very instruments created for our protection and turning them towards our own destruction. The ego and superego. If we can become one with the divine’s ego then we can really grow spiritually. So many answers are in this article. Thank you for this ioana. Thank you our divine Mother for having hope in us and revealing these very sacred and secret pure knowledge to us.

  15. paula

    I love what Anjalie said, I cannot improve upon these incredible revelations about humans on the scientific level…it is the science of love…and it is so deep…and it leaves one in awe of the knowledge that is being shared so freely, so simply, to improve out lives, and help us to feel our connection to the whole. Every moment, every day, every year, reveals more beauty about mankind’s true nature. We just have to be open minded and open hearted, and through a scientific phenomenon, we can feel a cool breeze flowing inside indicating that the central nervous system has been activated and we are privileged to feel this new dimension of vibrations flowing all around. It is a wonderful time to be alive and witnessing mankind flowering to this new reality which brings a sense of joy and happiness. After that, it is just about following the joy, that is the path. It has liberated my spirit and guided me in a very positive direction, no matter what the drama of life brings, I have the tools to cope, and the power to feel and spread love and joy. The more, the merrier, we can change the consciousness of the world by just starting with tuning in to our higher selves.

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    I’m glad I learned about the need for ego which “should become One with that of God.”
    Very Informative article. Thank you

  17. Jolanta

    Re-reading the article, as part of the SYMN homework, is a great reminder of how fortunate we are to have had our Kundalini energy awakened – I was feeling pleasant vibrations while reading SHri Mataji’s authentic words. Thank you Shri Mataji!

  18. Oresta

    I enjoyed the articles and realize that we need the ego because God created it. As you grow in your spiritual journey and become more God minded and come from your higher self you will recognize the ego within yourself but pay no heed to it as you come from a place of love. No one is more special than anyone else. We are all creations of the divine and meditation helps you to realize this, that we are all one.

  19. Kyla

    I enjoyed reading this article. I enjoyed hearing about the well-known Saint Yogis in India that she referred to who came to “check” if she was the real deal. She had to come flat out and tell us that she has simply worked everything out, she is not like us, it won’t be possible for us to go over and check her permutations etc., we are humans and it would take us 5 LIFETIMES! So don’t bother, enjoy the self-realization that Sahaja yoga can give and enjoy the vibrations.
    I hadn’t heard of Talu, the “protection” that is created by ego and super ego above the fontanel bone. I guess this blocks our connection, with Sahastrara, which I have known, but it has a purpose to be there. So that we work through learning our human-ness and evolve and see the evolution. We start with independence from the will of God, then we can choose to line our selves up with the will of God, because through our trials and errors, we can see that it feels so much better to let the will of God act through us.

    I get most tricked by ego and super ego when I go sometime without meditating and feel like I can do it on my own, I don’t have to depend on meditation, and I can still feel good. It doesn’t last very long! Then I end up in a rut, I have trouble re-connecting with the will of God, and my mind is taking over and the atmosphere within me just becomes so much more unpleasant…. a battle zone and so distracting. I end up more in that ‘destruction’ state, as Anjali mentioned.
    I learn and re-learn!
    But overall, steadily I know am deepening and opening, and bit by bit becoming the flower, more and more. Cause you gotta start somewhere! And this is the pace of my journey.

    It’s like my ego suddenly decides I’m at the destination and I’m going to ‘cruise’ for a while. But now that I have my realization, the ascent momentum, the will of God, is that it wants me to continue on this journey, not to stop growing. In a practical sense I start feeling beaten down by all the challenges I have to face, but all I have to do is meditate and let these things get worked out. = ) And the challenges are probably more from my ego and superego in the first place.

    Oh it will be nice to be able to talk to people in person after class again! I feel like I’m having a conversation with myself!

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