Halton Children say: “I want to meditate!” (Photos & FEEDBACK from Children’s Day in Halton with Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Isaiah (Bible):

“And a Little Child should Lead Them”

Ganesha and Shriya - Face to Face

Let’s Read Experiences (from Kids & Parents) & Watch Ahilan’s Beautiful Photo-Album

Feedback from Kids & Parents:

Sonia  (Oakville) who brought her 2 daughters to the event:

“My children had always showed interest in meditation with me, especially my older daughter. I was so happy to have experienced that night with them. My children really connected with the class. My oldest daughter is typically shy but that night she painted with the group and enjoyed it. She keeps the rocks.” Sonia had shared with our group at the class sometimes her daughter(s) join her for the evening meditation and that they’ve felt the energy at the class and want to keep going the rocks & shells painting project at home as well. And keep asking about Shri Ganesha(!)

Gratiela (Burlington) who brought her teenager daughter 1st time to the class:

I saw my daughter happy coming here. She is interested in doing meditation. Raluca told me that she felt the cool breeze and vibrations in all fingers. She felt good, she was joyous.”

Harjot  (Burlock – Burlington) – joined by her husband  – had brought her two boys that evening:

“It was very nice to be able to brig my kids to show them where I go to meditate. My kids really enjoyed coming and next day they wanted to meditate with me. My 9 years old performed bandhan ( the energy shield / a subtle energy protection we teach at the classes) and he calls it rainbow”.

How Was That Night?! Amazing! Check the Album and the Captions for the Photos

And we are looking forward to hear your experience from that night and to see you again for another Cool Kids Experience, this time related to Canada Day! Check it out:

(click for Agenda!) Friends, Parents & Cool Kids for Canada – Invite to Creative Fun, Yoga & Meditation FREE Special Event on June 29

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  1. Antoinette Wells

    very sweet!!! Look and their shiny eyes!

  2. sanjay taneja

    JUST AMAZING— JSM– Lots of Love.

  3. agam gupta

    amazing idea which is working out, really liked it will try to implement it……….in INDIA TOOO

  4. Chandra

    My fear of the future of Sahaja Yoga vanished as fog clears up when Sun comes up.

  5. Shulin

    wow such a lovely class 🙂

  6. Colleen

    Looks like lots of fun!!

  7. Mohinder Sidana

    It is always a joy to come to sahaja yoga class

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