Experiencing the Eternity of Being – Silvia’s story

Silvia’s Experiencing the Eternity of Being in the presence of her spiritual teacher – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi- in Romania, in 1990.

Observe how the image complements Silvia’s story on experiencing the eternity of being. You can see details from the amazing collage created by 5 artists that practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Gisele Moura (Brazil), Rohit Sahaji (India), Marilyn Leate (Italy), Simchich Vladislav (Ukraine-Litvenia) and Hordynska Vira (Ukraine). Their paintings assembled together created this beautiful backdrop for Easter 2021 Sahaj Event celebrated in Jerusalem.

“I was in the house offered to Shri Mataji during her stay in Romania.

One evening, after Shri Mataji served dinner, I offered her a bowl of water to rinse her hands.

I was looking at the bowl of water so I wouldn’t drop it.

When Shri Mataji noticed me, I felt all my attention being strongly drawn inside and I was aware of a total silence that existed within me.

After a few seconds, Shri Mataji said “Thank you” in a voice that was completely devoid of the slightest hint of vanity.

At that moment I felt that I am an eternal being and that that “Thank you” was addressed to me for the whole past and future of my being.

I perceived the Eternity inside me, as a Reality impossible to deny.”

An “Eternity Capsule” captured in one of Nature’s “Easter Eggs“; Isn’t this magnificent?! April 10, Oakville, Halton, ON, Canada

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Shri Mataji in Romania

(click!) L’Éternité de l’être – Silvia * (click!) Eternitatea Ființei – Silvia

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  1. Sahaj

    Attention is like the water in bowl.. I strive so that this attention of mine doesn’t splash out of my being.

  2. Jolanta

    What an amazing experience! The people who were in the presence of Shri Mataji were so fortunate! I got lucky too, when I came across the flyer about Sahaja Yoga meditation at a public library, and started to attend those classes.

  3. Kruti

    The beautiful painting of Shri Mataji and this amazing experience of Silvia is truly inspiring. Such a coolness can be felt just going over the article. We have so many layers within us and as we go deeper, we realize that the eternity is within us, it’s just matter of time to experience it. There is so much uncertainty and chaos outside, we can silent our mind and achieve that peace, very much needed in these times of pandemic.

  4. Jane

    I feel the last two pictures are both offering with great humility …the “egg” in the tree photo to us ? 🙂 and the flower the man is offering to Shri Mataji. .. and may we receive it with grace as Shri Mataji has shown us.

  5. Gratiela

    I feel that the paint fils my heart with light.It is amaizing what sahaja yogis create togheter.
    Thank you Silvia for sharing your experience,it was great to be in the presence of Shri Mataji,
    during Sahaja Yoga meditations i feel the same ,our “nucleus” is eternal.

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