Organic Farming by Sahaja Yogis in Brazil ++ Musical Bonus

In Tune To Mother Earth: Yoga Centre with Organic Farming

– A Story of Success from Brazil: Yogi Farmers!

Beautiful Music from Brazil: A Sahaja Yoginis’ Quartet 

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3 Responses to “Organic Farming by Sahaja Yogis in Brazil ++ Musical Bonus”

  1. Sandra says:

    Congratulations for this dynamic Sahaja enterprises.

  2. Doina Mira - Romania says:

    Wonderful! This is the future, definitely! Let’s wish and pray all, this future to come quickly and may it becomes the pure desire of all people of the world!
    Also, congratulations for the idea of Canadian programs – is something we should all with confidence to take over!

  3. Elimane AW says:

    Thank you for this great ongoing and exalting experience !
    Experience to be repeated all over the world!
    May the collective be protected and held in the attention of Shri Mataji.

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