Enjoy the New Beginnings Video and Enlightened Quotes about New Dimensions

Let’s Enjoy the New Beginnings Video and Enlightened Quotes about New Dimensions

This article is meant to bring you into a meditative state and even inspire you! We hope you’ll enjoy the video compilation as well the quotes provided further down. All the photos are from our yogis from this Canadian region (Halton) that absilutely adore Mother Nature. Please, drop a comment so we know if you’ve enjoyed the article/video and maybe share  with us all what idea or advice touched you the most.

(video-compilation) Shri Mataji talks about the Age of Aquarious and New Beginnings

Below we are sharing Shri Mataji’s Inspiring quotes about New Ideas and Ideals:

“As I’ve told you before, that after Realization (the awakening of Kundalini energy) you become extremely creative –creative in everything. Especially in giving Realization to others, and also creating in your life art, music, poetry, drama, writing –all kinds of things you do. ” “You get new ideas about painting, new aesthetics. In music, you start understanding absolutely. You may not know what classical music is but you will start understanding the subtle music.” “We have seen now so many cases who have never been on the stage even, have given very great, inspiring lectures. So the creativity comes like an inspiration for others. They see you and they feel inspired. You are not the one who goes into the shadow and sits back. But openly you come out, with no pride or no sort of aggression, but complete humility, and you give such beautiful feelings to others, such understanding about yourself and about the other, through your Collective Consciousness.”

“Your ideals are yourself. You have to bring New Ideas in the Western countries then only you can change it because you are such a dynamic force.

Everyone of you have to rise up and build yourself into ideals and try to lead a life of that ideal within.

For this you have to sacrifice. And the greatest sacrifice is that of your Ego which makes you so obstinate and hardhearted. Face yourself.

This ideal has to be created. One has to have compassion; one has to have love and understanding. Never talk ill of one another. Never.

Try to help each other for we are very few and we cannot afford to fight among ourselves, for we are wedded to a very great cause. We cannot have wrong ideas, we cannot waste our time on mundane things ..

New Ideas have to be built up. Are you people really aware of your responsibilities ? Sometimes you are worried about yourselves only,’where I am catching ? What is happening to me ? ‘ It is so self-centered or you are worried about others, ‘he should not have done this or that. He should not have sat next to Mother.” Some people know more rituals, others know more protocol but does not matter. I don’t care for your protocols and rituals. It is nonsense for me.

What does it matter to me? The one who loves others is the one who really loves me. I have had all these rituals and protocols and I have no care for these things. It makes no difference whether you say good morning to me or good evening to me.

What you say to your brothers and sisters is the most important thing. Sahaja Yoga will never work if you do not look after that side, i.e. how you behave towards your wife, husband, your brothers and sisters. That is the most important thing and anybody who does otherwise will get out of Sahaja Yoga… the so called important people .. who tried to dominate others by saying ‘this is not good. You should not put your hand there. Don’t put your feet there etc., etc.’

“Who can know the protocol of the divine Mother (**) ?! You cannot bind me into protocol. You cannot bind me into anything. I am unlimited. I am detached. To think that, you have me attracted towards you by your protocol, which is dead, has no meaning. It has to be a living protocol of being kind and generous. Be beautiful! Some are lethargic… Everybody finds fault with each other. They are not Sahaja Yogis. Sahaja Yogis are the ones who take it (to) Sahaja.

Why did you come to Sahaja Yoga ? You are Seekers. You have been Seeking for Ages.

Are you going to waste your life? In any case you have to sleep most of your life. Why not work it out now?!

In every way be active. Firstly you become real and very good citizens and with moral values  which are your foundation. You yourself judge. You are realized souls. I leave it to you to judge…  You must have your own ideas…

Get in the center. You should really love yourself, cleanse yourself and be in the center.

Never be proud of your ego.

How can you say such a thing to some one? Why hurt anyone ? Agnya (chakra = the third eye energy center) bloats more and more. So many are like that.

I know when somebody tries to show off, tries to be a Guru and tries to push down others. ..

You are all Buddhas. Buddha is the one who is realized, the one who is enlightened, one who knows.

You are the enlightened ones. How can you have an ego ?!”

(24th May, 1981 excerpt from Shri Mataji’s advice to Sahaja meditation practitioners on Subconscious, Supra-conscious and our correct Foundations and Ideals, in UK.

** “Divine Mother” or “Saintly Mother” -> this is what “Shri Mataji” literally means and she is revered as a guiding spiritual teacher)

“All those who have such ideas should make an effort to create some new books, some New Ideas, some new creation. It’s very important because in these modern times people want to do something new, something novel. Under these circumstances, I’m sure you all will work out.. I congratulate you again and again. and I hope you will have the commitment to do that. May God bless you.”

(March 21st, 1993 : Shri Mataji’s Speech on her 70th Birthday Celebration)

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