Fly – Vole with Yoann in The Voice/La Voix 2013 (VIDEO with Lyrics & GREAT VIBES)

(VIDEO) Vole with Lyrics: Yoann – The Voice /La Voix (Qualified among the remaining 12 contestants!)

Vole – Lyrics

Fly fly little wing
My dear, my dove
Go far away, go serene
Let nothing hold you back
Join the sky and the ether
Leave us all, leave the earth
Leave this misery coat
Change of universe

Fly fly little sister
Fly my angel, my pain
Leave your body and leaves us
Finally stop the pain
Go and join the other river side
Where are  flowers and laughter
That you wanted so much
Your child’s life


Fly fly my love
Because ours is too heavy
Because nothing eases your pain
Fly to your last trip
Leave your hours exhausted
Fly,  you deserve it so much
Become breath, be dove
To fly away


Fly fly little flame
Fly my angel, my soul
Leave your skin misery

Go to meet again..
The light

(Writer: Jean Jacques GOLDMAN
original Artist: Celine Dion)

Another great performance from Yoann. Did you feel the vibrations? Beautiful and Pure and the song is filled with symbols that have what we call ‘sahaj connections’.

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  1. anaic

    flying on the wings a of a dove, a pure spirit expressing its beauty through the attention of all his friends that rejoice in an “etheric” joy

  2. paula

    It was such a privilege to have the humble yet mighty Yoann Freget grace our halton and Mississauga gymnasiums and classrooms with his irreplaceable brand of vibrational music concerts. As is the Sahaj way, Yoann performed for free everywhere, even the Oakville Organic Market…imagine all the people…who received their self-realization because of his dedication to spread this light to everyone! Here he is now on The Voice! The vibrations in any music he sings is just heavenly! Wonderful performance, so proud of you back here in Ontario.

  3. Raj

    Lovely vibrations!

  4. joyce

    Vole, sung by Yoann Freget, his performance was not from this earth but directly from the Divine and touched me so much it reminded me of when my dad died and I had to let him go.I was the head of the family then at 30…A talent so pure and heart felt like it was going to explode..wonderful young man..beautiful soul!!

  5. Isabelle

    i don’t know what to say for there are no words, just tears.
    Thank You Shri Mataji for this blessing.

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