Yoann – FINALIST in The Voice /The VOIX (ALL VIDEOS!)

(Video) –  Yoann Freget : ‘I am calling you’

(VIDEO) Garou’s Team Performance: “If I Ain’t Got You” (Yoann and Emmanuel Djeb in Semifinals)

(VIDEO) Yoann Freget & Emmanuel Deje on The Voice: ” Cry Me RiversTogether

Videos: Yoann Freget on La Voix/The Voice (2013)


(Video) Fly – “Vole” (choice Celine Dion)

(Video)  “It’s a Man’s World” (choice James Brown)

(Video)  “The Greatest Love of All” (choice Whitney Houston)

(Video) Don’t Lie with Dee Lay – TV Show Interview with Yoann

There are 4 finalists on The Voix. On May 18, we’ll find out who is the winner. Until then enjoy how vibrations can be spread or not through Music –  Yoann’s performances are remarkable examples of how one can become an instrument for transmitting cool vibes.

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  1. Dragos


  2. Elizabeth

    such an amazing talent. really beautiful voice.

  3. Nehit and Shivangi


  4. Hema

    Way to go!

  5. priya

    Bravo incroyable and super

  6. Colleen


  7. Louise


  8. louisesherwood

    Reminds me of Aretha Franklin- Holy, Holy, Holy.


    In the spirit.

  9. James M

    Tremendous really enjoyed. Wonderful singing!!!

  10. Maryanne

    WOW wow wow wow wow, aint no stoppin “US” now. I’ve heard you several times through the years, GREAT!!!!!

  11. Kristine

    Absolutely stunning!

  12. Priti

    Dear Yoann HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS for being the Winner. We love you and love your Divine magical singing. May you spread our Mothers love not only in France but in the whole Universe. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so proud of you. Thanks Ioana for sharing with us.

  13. Elsie Kuly

    Yoann’s voice is spectacular. He pours his heart into his music – transmits that to the audience. He deserves to win. Emannuel is great too and the 3 male singers and the young lady do a terrific number. this video is next best thing to being there thanks

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