Gentiana’s Meditation in Alaska

This Article is about Gentiana’s Meditation in Alaska revealing the Root Chakra’s Gift of Fearlessness

Gentiana participated in 2019 to the Sahaj Guru Game launched at the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class. She presented it, then she shared it also in an email so we can create this article for all to enjoy it as a Testimonial taking us through Gentiana’s Meditation in Alaska revealing the Root Chakra’s Gift of Fearlessness. Let’s follow her there!

Hello Everyone,

I am Gentiana and I enjoy going to the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes (both Burlington and Oakville :-))

Gentiana presenting her Sahaja Guru Game journey in front of the Burlington Sahaja Yoga Class in 2019.

A few months ago , when I agreed to step forward and play the ” Sahaj Guru Game”, I chose a piece of paper among many others that were placed on the meditation table. On this piece of paper it was only one word: Mooladhara. At that time I knew nothing about the rules of the Game. Later on, I found out that there is only one rule, And that rule is…. “There are no mandatory rules for Sahaja Guru Game, only sincere commitment to meditate and to further explore Sahaja Yoga meditation”.

Okay, so here I am being gently guided by Yogis from Burlington Class to start reading and absorbing sahaja yoga knowledge about Mooladhara chakra and focusing on this Chakra on my daily meditations. And so I did.

Mooladhara is, as we know, our Root Chakra (subtle energy centre).

Image from the Milton Sahaja Yoga Meditation class opened and supported by the volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team several years ago. This image is from one of the first Sahaj Guru Game session dedicated to the Root chakra known as Mooladhara chakra.

When I started to focus on Mooladhara and meditating while being aware of its presence, I went deeper in my self discovery Journey.

The more I meditated on it, the more I love it.

Since childhood, since I can ever remember, I had a strong Connection with the Nature finding absolute pleasure spending time among trees, plants, rocks, climbing cliffs ( I grew up in a beautiful city in the Carpathians mountains, in Transylvania region of Romania).

(Ioana) Photo from Brasov – Romanian town.

So I always loved and felt Home, in the Middle of the Nature.
The Message I get while focusing on Mooladhara Chakra is the absence of fear while being grounded.

These two feelings, being grounded/supported on one hand, and being afraid-/fearful on another hand, can Not coexist.

Mother Earth is erasing the fear, because you can fear nothing when you truly feel supported.

The more I focused on Mooladhara , the more I loved it!

I love the Silence between the sounds while feeling grounded .

And this is not something new, but something I am aware of .. (thoughtless awareness) .

Before we get the Ego, that can really twist our thoughts , and all in the name of ‘being safe‘, we were all innocent; it is a big distinction between being innocent and being naïve, in my opinion. Being innocent is trusting that all is good because you are supported.

I will share with you one of the many moments that I call “Mooladhara moments“.

I had the joy of experiencing Alaska this summer.

(Gentiana) Photo from trip in Alaska.

I chose not to buy an internet package while being on the cruise and really let myself merge with the nature.
I was disconnected from work, due dates, dead lines, problems that needs to be solved and my daily meditations got not longer, but deeper.

One morning, half way through the cruise, I woke up very early.

I jumped out of the bed, and I had the urge to slide the door and step in the balcony. During the night the ship advanced very much inside a fjord and stopped very close to a huge wall of rock; that mountain seemed to connect the water with the sky.

Tears were falling down my face , it was an “aha” moment, a “Mooladhara moment” when the time stopped.

It was so much Beauty!

The colors and the light, the water, the pieces of ice floating on the surface, they all blended and I stopped thinking. I really don’t know for how long my tears rolled down my cheeks and the Only thing I was doing was breathing in total joy, knowing that I am supported.

The Nature is so big and so beautiful, we humans can only love her and respect her, Mother Earth can not be destroyed.

The first thought that came to my mind, when the thoughts claimed their right to be, was. THANK YOU MOTHER EARTH.

And thank you all, for listening to me – by sharing my Sahaj Guru Game I hope you’ve felt my experiences through your vibratory awareness.

It felt as we were meditating together on Mooladhara (root) chakra .

Thank You – Gentiana”

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  1. Paula

    So moving was Gentiana’s testimonial connecting the root chakra knowledge with nature and a deeper sense of self knowledge through sahaja yoga. Very powerful vibrations, how magnetic you have become, you are rising and standing so tall, a shy and humble student of yoga, yet you commanded the attention of the room.The video was beautiful too.

  2. Anjali Gandhi

    Dear Gentiana, thank you for taking us on this amazing journey of that special moment where you experienced the great pause, felt supported and fearless. It is like blossoming of a beautiful fragrant flower. Reading your testimonial gave me some answers as well and I felt what you shared is so simple yet so deep.
    The pictures and the video by the sisters are breathtaking and awakening. I felt the call to rise by the Shakti. Powerful.
    What an amazing article

  3. Anjali Gandhi

    One more thing the picture with the angel protecting the brother sister (innocence) is so perfect for this article too. The angel even has a light in sahasrara…so wonderful how this article came together.

  4. Doina Mira Dascalu

    Thank you Gentiana! I felt deep in my heart all your genuine experiences. The innocence of your discoveries and feelings was really overwhelming!

  5. Ioana

    From India received after sharing this article on What’s up:

    ” Wow .. breath taking scenes and amazing inner experience Gentianas”

  6. Ioana

    From a New Zealand sahaja yogini we received the following comment after sharing this article on What’s up:

    “Thank you Gentiana for sharing your profound and deep experience .. my heart touched yours and cried the same tears .. becoming one with our Beloved Mother Earth .. What a beautiful story ..”

  7. Ioana

    Also from Romania:

    ” Wonderful, how profound, thank you for sharing”

  8. Antonia Ma?ukat

    What a beautiful exploration of the Mooladhara! Very inspirational!

  9. Carolyn Vance

    Ioana…you never cease to amaze with the beautiful stories, videos, photos…tremendous vibrations! Please keep on!

  10. Jolanta

    Beautiful photograph of Alaska illustrating the “Mooladhara moment”, and very powerful message conveyed in the video about the disastrous effects of our greed(s) exceeding our need(s).

  11. Oresta

    Loved reading about your experiences Gentiana. I loved how you connected to nature while in Alaska and truly felt the beauty that was surrounding you. Your discovery that you are fearless while being grounded and supported by Mother Earth was truly profound. Loved the picture of Alaska and I can see how you could be touched experiencing all this beauty.

  12. kavitha

    Enjoyed reading the beautiful experience shared by Gentiana. Took some time enjoying the beautiful scenery in the photo and description provided and imagined how it would be in person.

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