Yolanda – Gratitude: “Your Classes have changed my life both at personal and professional level!”

Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Barrie 2015Benefits, Appreciations, Feedback

Yolanda – Director of Community Wellness Centre in Barrie sent us her Appreciation for the benefits of sahaja yoga meditation:

Yolanda - Appreciation letter 2015

Feedback on Barrie Meetup – Free Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Barrie feddback June 2015

Barrie class feedback 2015- june -April

Barrie feedback -Aug 2015

Sample of Meetup Activity – Events & Communication

Barrie meetup activity

Barrie Feb class - 1st at CWC

Feedback April 2015

Coming to Barrie Team

All classes are unique. Our team of volunteer instructors are absolutely dedicated to share their knowledge and time so everyone at class/meeting is reaching the state of connection through the self-realization process that is triggered by the awakening of Kundalini energy. Holly, Jon, Igor, Paula, Peter, Miranda, Olga, Shulin, Isabelle, Ioana and many others are taking turns to be there.  We are all indebted to the Community Wholeness Centre, respectively to Yolanda – the executive director – who is providing the location for free to our weekly classes and events in the most welcoming space, where both spirituality and wellness can thrive, being shared with pure love in Barrie.

Love at Barrie class

Thank you Yolanda and may CWC  become home to many many seekers interested in self-realization, balance, inner joy, contentment and .. wholeness in community.


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  1. Colleen

    Great article, I wish I could attend Tuesdays as well!!

  2. Holly

    The Barrie class really feels like family with great collective vibrations:)
    I simply enjoy the hearts of all every time!

  3. paula

    What a moving testimonial from Yolanda. Thank you for sharing your story. You are now a realized soul with a deep purpose…your lamp is lit, and you have gone above and beyond to help others feel the light of their spirit ignite. You have seen and felt the transformative effects of Sahaj yoga in your community. Your generosity towards fulfilling this higher purpose was the start of something that can turn inner peace into healing. I have heard all of you gushing after class with excitement,hope and joy. The room you provide is so inviting with it’s chairs and comfy pillows. I really have always enjoyed your understanding and instant recognition that this was exactly what Barrie needed.

  4. Jon

    We have all felt very strong vibrations in Barrie! It is a joy to visit Barrie and enjoy our time with our Barrie family. Thank you Yolanda for hosting our classes so graciously. I look forward to coming back when my work travels are done. See you all very soon!

  5. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful! Showing the healing quality of the Kundalini, meditating with Sahaja Yoga.

  6. Olive

    Ioana is a great teacher. I look forward going to her Wednesday night class. I have noticed a difference on how I feel mentally and physically since I started her class four weeks ago. Thanks Ioana.

  7. Rabi Ghosh

    Beautiful testimonial. It shows how we are progressing in gradually ushering new seeker to seek their own truth and also be their own masters. Beautiful illustration in post.

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