Poet Namdev, the Kite and The Spirit – All say: “Awaken and Arise!”


There is this real fascination for kites that we all have. Not only when we are children but it stays within us during our entire  lifetime. Same kind of fascination we have for Stars. In general for the notion of Rising and reaching above – for the sense of flying towards larger-purer spaces where we become ourselves more elevated beings.  Enjoy the poem:

“The boy takes paper, cuts it and makes a kite, and flies it in the sky. Talking with his friends, he still keeps his attention on the kite string.

My mind has been pierced by the Name of the Lord,
like the goldsmith, whose attention is held by his work.”

Namdev (tailor, poet and seer = realized soul)

from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page #972 – poem that was kindly provided by John Noyce, historian and researcher friend.

Poetry is one powerful, as delicate vehicle it is, for our hearts to reach there. That’s what I feel and I am no poet..

But through Meditation one can touch the highest – most desired Star, that shines on the sky of our subtle constellation – The Spirit. Then we talk about the Inner Transformation because there our Kite becomes the Sky – the vehicle identifies with the destination.  In Peace.

Below is a very simple quote that shows what sahaj stands for: spirituality, genuine respect and love for true values, simplicity, connection to the roots and to the fruits of our individual and collective Tree of Life – speaking the Truth while experiencing it.

Hope many of the readers of this confession-article are sharing with me this love for Kites and Poetry and ultimately, Spirituality.

‘..I have been born in Maharashtra..Thousands of saints live in that country.

..Spirituality is the tradition of the place where I was born. Maha means great and rashtra means nation. The tradition there is of spirituality and not of alcoholism, drugism or any other ‘isms’. Spirituality is the tradition of that country where a very simple poet called Namdev was born. He was a tailor, just an ordinary tailor.

But he has written many sweet poems. I will explain what he says.

burlington-lakeshore-sense-of-direction-and-serenity”A little boy is flying a kite in the sky. He is looking at the sky; he is talking to his friends ; he is moving up and down and discussing things here and there. But his attention is always focussed on the kite. Then, he says, a lady is carrying her little boy and doing her work in the house – giving water to her husband, sitting down with the kid, cooking and then rising up to do washing. The child is on her waist, resting. But her attention all the time is on the child. There is a woman holding a pitcher of water on her head delicately balanced. She is walking with other women. As they are walking together laughing, smiling, and talking to each other their attention is always on the pitcher of water, in the sense that the attention is on the Spirit.”

In the same way, though we have to lead a life here, it is absurd that we do not have our attention on our Spirit which is the giver of the ultimate in life.

But as soon as you begin to talk about something spiritual, people think that it is a lot of trash which should not be listened to. They want to hear the same mundane things again and again. If it is a broadcast, say, the Conservative party or the Labour, they will listen to it for hours – such mundane stuff. Every year you hear that. But if someone says ”No, this is all artificial, you have something more worthwhile within you and hearken to it” they think they have not come to hear all these things. ”What is it that this
mother is telling us ?”

shri-mataji-photo-with-the-spirit-shinningBut now awaken and arise!

On a different level we have to understand what these people have done so far and we have accepted it. What we have taken for granted for all these years is beyond the horizon.

A Star is shining within us and that is our Spirit.’

(the text in Blue represents quotes from Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

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  1. axinia

    beautiful…nothing to add 🙂

  2. armaity

    Possibly the only reason why people prefer to hear about mundane matters & stuff is that their attention has only evolved to that level. Spirituality challenges them as they have to first face themselves to “know” the truth about themselves,accept it in all humility and be ready to change. Only by knowing your own “self” you can know the ultimate reality, the absolute truth and merge into it as a drop merges in the ocean. The ego and the super-ego have to be seen for what they are by separating them from your conscious self… only then will you be able to see the truth and reality by their coming into your attention and they will no longer be able to confuse you with what you truly are.

    To reach such a state , the only catalyst is our own desire which would want you to ‘know yoursef”. The problem is that we are so bombarded by mundane, worldly material desires that we fail to see the pure desire which is inherent within all of us, but not in equally strong way in all of us, depending as it does upon our own state of personal evolution.

  3. armaity

    Possibly the only reason why most of the people prefer to listen to mundane matters is that it is not challenging like topics on spiritual matters which requires one to face one’s own self, look within, accept one’s frailities and weaknesses and be prepared to undergo a change. Only by ‘knowing oneself’ can one progress to know and experience the ultimate truth and reality and merge with it like a drop in the ocean.
    By witnessing one’s own ego and super-ego as entities apart from one’s real self,their power to confuse us and cloud our vision of absolute truth is minimalized, reduced or entirely negated.
    The only catalyst required for reaching such a state is our own desire to know the truth and ultimate reality, but unfortunately for most of us this desire remains at a very low level seeking only mundane things. Only our personal evolution prepares us for the ‘pure desire’ which is inherent within all of us, but embedded underneath different number of strata of layers.

    1. adrian

      I am grateful to be able to read your forthright comments… they are honest and spoken with the openess of one who is awake to the infinite possibilities of the “truth” that lies within.

  4. Rabi

    Dear family,

    Such a beautiful thought – ‘giving birth to the fragrance of spirituality in us’. It is ultimately the attention that only matters as the ancient seers also reserved. The attention can stretch anywhere with human mind. Especially in this modern times we need to seek for settling our agitated attention that tends to fritter owing to the stress of the external influence.

    Similarly once the Realized poet Rabindranath Tagore expressed in his words …’Where the mind is led forward by Thee into everwidening thought and action into that heaven of Freedom, our father let our country be awake’.

    But, in our deep intropscetion we can replace a few words in his poem seeking spirituality as ….’Into that heaven of Freedom ,Our Mother,(Who is the creator of creations) let our inner self be awakened’.

    It is really a beautiful quote – Ioana . I really love the way the love is blended with fragrance from your column in this site in progressive style from computer software customer care to bees to kite and so on so forth. That is what we all seek in this stressful life.May our attention somehow be directed or focussed to that world of serenity where we enjoy. Rest is all passion or workoholism or external inputs that destroyed our beautiful attention that wanders around like any negative element it doesnot effect any noble effort within our inner self – arriving at the ultimate self….the Spirit through attention!!!!

    Great posting.Comments are also so tender and with full of love and compassion to seek that love which understands and spread fragrance around.

    Thank you for sharing those lines and the image of the rainbow over Niagara that gives the joy as is the kite or the bird in the sky as we also feel like becoming one of the ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ of Richard Bach or a character of never ending story.

  5. Taneli Myntti

    So explain me this one… it’s a dream… very meaningful but don’t know fully it’s meaning.

    I am following the kites of black clouds. I see them flying. There is a string coming down from them. The kites of black clouds get stuck into a brances of a tree. I go closer to the tree and notice dark woman sitting at the base of the tree. I go closer and suddenly that dark woman has ant in her hands. I touch the ant and suddenly my face starts to melt – like a mask of persona melting away. I go into a house to wash my face. On the way i pass by my brother.

    This dream has a lot of symbolism in many Earth cultures.


    1. adrian

      Yes… lots of meanings in here…what do you think it all means?

      Thanks for sharing

      1. Taneli Myntti

        Thanks for comment… it might meen many things.

        If you watch that film clip about Tukaram, (there are English subtitles only in parts of it) there is an event that takes place under a tree where Tuka is meditating. Tukaram was a bhakti of Vithala, Panduranga – Sri Krishna. So was Mirabai.


      2. adrian

        The “black” clouds represent the absence of light or recognition of our spirit.

        The branches of a tree represent the “tree of life” within us all… waiting to be lit up like a Christmas tree.

        The dark woman is the gatekeeper of the tree, she is the EGO that blocks the light.

        The “ant” is the Mooladhara, awaiting awakening.

        Your touch is the sign of your courage to be free from the mask you wear.

        Once the ant has been touched your face melts… Kundalini rising… that is you loosing your mask… and now you are free to truly understand your brother as he with you… which is your desire… to connect.

        That is what I feel about your dream…

      3. Taneli Myntti

        Thanks… you must be right 🙂

        Dark clouds might be thunderbeings. They might be good or bad. In some native tales there are mentioned bad thunderbeings who even kidnapped people high up to the mountines.

        The tree might be family tree, tree of life, my own or of Finnish people ( I am a Finn ). Dark clouds that are stuck in the tree might be clouds of war from the past that still affect hugely the society. Clouds of guilt, depression, negative feelings, alcoholism, suicides.

        Dark woman might be a Finnish woman that Sri Mataji has talked so much about. Material western woman. Blake spoke about Vala – shadowy woman that feeds Orc – revolution and war in this world. Sri Mataji has asked: what is wrong with Finnish women, why are they so hard?

        Lakota way of writing a name is to draw a line from a person to an image that describes the name. In Black Elk Speaks (realised soul) his name is written by drawing a line from his mouth to an image of black elk.

        Ants are said to be good of givings names. Dream might refer to receiving a new name. Thus the old face melts away.

        Best wishes, Taneli

  6. Chandra Sekhar

    Kite takes off, on & off, but many a times I don’t let the string loose enough to let the kite to fly and raise further high …

    1. adrian

      simply choose to do as you wish… the more conscious you become, the more clearly you will understand the power you have to create that which you want to experience.

  7. Taneli Myntti


    i found a video of Tukaram part 1 :


    Tukaram was a devoutee of Sri Vithala ( standing on a brick ), Panduranga – dark faced form of Sri Krishna.

    Here is also a link containing voices & writings of women before 1700:


    Mirabai also worshipped the Dark One – Sri Krishna

    [The “dark one” is Krishna:]

    Thick overhead
    clouds of the monsoon,
    a delight to this feverish heart.
    Season of rain,
    season of uncontrolled whispers—the Dark One’s returning!
    O swollen heart,
    O sky brimming with moisture—
    tongued lightning first
    and then thunder,
    convulsive spatters of rain
    and then wind, chasing the summertime heat.

    Mira says: Dark One,
    I’ve waited—
    it’s time to take my songs
    into the street.


    “I do not care about social norms.”

    I will fasten the bells of his love to my feet
    And dance in front of Girdhar.
    Dancing and dancing I will please his eyes;
    My love is an ancient one.
    My love is the only truth.

    I do not care about social norms
    Nor do I keep my family’s honour.
    I cannot forget, even for a moment,
    The beauty of my lover.
    I am dyed in Hari’s colour.

    – Mirabai


  8. Debbie

    What is very powerful message – as we walk through life’s valleys and peaks, we need to always remember to keep our attention on the spirit!

    Lots of love always.

  9. Deo K Kafley

    Thanks to the Holy mother and the Revered Guru, let all of us be able to fix our attention on our SAHASTRARA(“our attention on our Spirit which is the giver of the ultimate in life”), like the boy’s on his kite, Mother’s on her child and the woman’s on the pitcher of water.

  10. adrian

    Snow peas

    I am… growing them
    and see they are
    arising naturally
    from the earth…
    reaching for
    There is no thinking in that
    Just Being…
    with only what is necessary
    Is that mundane…!
    Do we see how simple
    Creation IS.

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