Namaste in Various Forms: Condolence Letter from Mayor of Burlington and Austrian Walter’s Poem

Condolence Letter from Rick Goldberg – Mayor of Burlington


Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Some people worship out of fear

Some people worship out of awe

Some people worship out of expectation

Some people worship out of desperation

Some people worship what they love

Some people worship what they want

The wise, though, worship out of love

They worship to be one with what they long

They worship to rise on the waves of their love

They worship to become their better selves

They worship the love in their teacher

They worship the love in the earth, the sun and the moon

They worship the love in the mother and father

They worship the love in each other

Namaste – I bow to the love within you

Please strengthen the love in me

– poem by Walter Lerchner, sahaja yogi from Austria

Remembering Shri Mataji on February 23rd: Yogic Experiences, Connections, Realizations, Dreams

Below you can see a slideshow with the Felicitations that were sent to Shri Mataji from various officials (Prime Minister of Canada, Toronto Mayor and other government representatives).


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  1. RBL Saini

    thanks a lot to our divine mother for blessing.

  2. rajeev

    .. are a great storyteller….Nirmal Love

  3. Elsie Kuly

    We were privileged to hear Yoann when he sang here in Burlington. His voice comes from his heart and soul. I was deeply moved. I am happy to hear of his success. The videos were so enjoyable, thanks.

    The letter from our mayor, Rick Goldring is much appreciated. What an honour now to have this recognition of Shri Mataji and her contribution to the world, by our Prime Minister, and other officials.
    Walter’s poem about love is beautiful.

  4. louise

    So much appreciation expressed through these tributes.

  5. ornella

    Again, thank You Mother, again and again, You have spread your Enlighten Love to the all world trough music art and cultures and united all with bliss!

  6. Nirmal Verma

    i love to all your world’s …..

  7. Anjali Gandhi

    Such beautiful poetry + article…my kundalini started to dance as soon as I clicked on this link.

  8. Kyla

    I love that Namaste poem so much. Feeling the waves rise up inside me, over and over.

  9. NITI

    Beautiful article ,with all the divine poetry,with the blessing of mothers love ,filled my heart with joy,Namaste…Jai Shri Mataji..

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