Missing Yoann Freget?! Kundalini & Meditation within 2 JAZZ VIDEOS from France – Reggae/Soul IMPRO & “Did not Rain, my Lord!” in Dec 2010 & SOON Austria & Germany TOURs in 2011

VIDEO#1 :  Yoann Freget “Did not Rain,  my Lord!”,  Dec 2010 – France

Yoann Freget is currently touring Austria and Germany  (below there is a “poster sample” for one of his programs scheduled in this very busy tour)

More Info about these Tours of Yoann Freget in Europe is shared with us by Peter  from Munich, Germany. Quite notable is also the participation of Rachelle Jeanty from Montreal, a great Soul-Jazz-Gospel singer herself, to the first artistic program of this tour! Let’s hear now directly from Peter:

This weekend there is a Saturday evening program during a national Sahaja yoga Meditation Seminar in Austria where Rachelle & Yoann give a Gospel concert in the Catholic Church of the city!!! I am not there personally but I am sure reports will follow!   After the Seminar we have organised 3 concerts and 3 Workshops with Yoann (alone) in Germany: on February 12, a Soul/Jazz & Gospel Music and Meditation (Concert and Workshop) with Yoann Freget in ROSENHEIM and 2nd program ; on February 13, a Soul/Jazz & Gospel Music and Meditation (Concert and Workshop) with Yoann Freget in the Sahaja Yoga Centre , Munich (see the attached poster). Reports will follow! Lg, Prem (Peter)”

VIDEO#2 – Yoann Freget – Reggae/Soul IMPRO with Public (Montpellier Gospel Festival, Dec. 29 , 2010) with “Come to the River

Important Note: If you have friends in Germany or Austria, make sure that you let them know ASAP about the great opportunity to attend these uniquely vibrant suite of music programs that include sahaja yoga meditation workshops. Let us know if you need more specific details at contact@free-meditation.ca

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  1. paula

    Yoann keep spreading those vibrations! We so appreciated your great talent in our little but mighty halton region and all over Ontario and Canada, thank you and keep us posted on all your success! Big hugs!!!

  2. Debbie

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful renditions with us – so full of love, joy and promise.

    Lots of love always.

  3. Priti

    IT was absolute joy watching your performance Yoann. It was full of vibrations, amazing Great Job.Thank-you for sharing this video. Hope to see you soon in Toronto.Everyone here misses you and loves you.

    With love,
    priti aunty

  4. Özlem Gibeau

    Woonderfull,we are praud of you Yoann,
    Lots of love and warmth,

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