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Raja’s Path of Life

Eight years ago, I walked, for the first time through the doors of the Sahaja Yoga Center in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada. Four years later, in 2015, I went back for a much longer period of time. The simplicity of the welcoming and the ease of contemplation immediately seduced me.  I enjoyed listening to the inner silence after cleaning the chakras… to feel the awakening of the Kundalini energy by the coolness of the breeze above my Sahasrara (the crown chakra) or in my palms.

I learned a lot about the benevolent power of acceptance, detachment, recognition, indulgence.

Raja – Sahaja Yogini from Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada

I can never thank enough to Shri Mataji and her faithful and generous messengers and disciples for teaching me to welcome my innocence, my purity, my joy of the child as a jewel to be preserved and cajoled.

Agronomist, economist, willingly an artist, the creative process in various forms has been subjugating my minds for life time. I paint, write and publish short stories, poems and articles related to horticulture. But also, I weave, I garden, I meditate and I breathe.

Raja – Sahaja Yogini from Quebec, Canada

Love is in the Air – Raja’s poem

Love is in the air

Lungs, swell with that air,

O, heart pump it,

Blood irrigate me,

Soul get drunk with it

O,  my body welcome it.

Love is in the air!

Birds sing,

Trees are budding.

The wind rustles between the branches,

The grass shivers under my footsteps.

Life is moving

It is shaped

It is spirit

It is energy

Who says I’m not eternal?

But Where is Happiness? – Poem by Raja

But where is happiness? Where is it?

There it is… There it is…

But where is that happiness?

Close to you… Close to you

I don’t see it…… I still don’t see it…

Listen to your heart… Listen to your breath

So close?

Yes… closer than that

What do you mean?

It’s you… it is what you are

It’s the life you built.

The daily life you continue to honor

The path you’ve charted

In what you do and what you didn’t do

If you say yes to yourself, you say yes to Happiness

If you welcome you, you welcome it

Close by….very close

It’ll be there… always there… never far away

You and happiness

You are one.

Raja recites her poems:

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All nature related photos in this article were “freshly” captured in the Halton region of Ontario, Canada.

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  1. Isabelle

    Beautiful poems Raja. You have captured what so many are looking for in these poems. You are aware that you basking in the beauty.

  2. Helen

    So moving to read this,. To become part and parcel of the words. Such grace.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Carmen Pavel

    It is such a complex simpicity in your poems. The “simple” words lead to such a profund concepts. Thank you!

  4. Kyla

    Thank you for your poems Raja, they are beauty. I felt such peaceful and bright waves of energy flowing into me as I listened to you read the poems in french. So much lightness and joy. Thank you = )

  5. Leena Khajone

    Very impressive, and peaceful ,keep writing, best wishes!

  6. NITI

    Thanks Raja for describing your journey towards sahaj yoga in beautiful poetic words.Each and every word written here really pouring joy and happiness in my heart.Thanks again.

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