“Incredible Work!” Felicitations from the Government of Canada and from around the World

Photos: Collective Meditation for Peace on Earth conducted during the Festival of Inner Lights 2023 celebrated at the Art Gallery of Burlington (invite)

Let’s hear the “Incredible Work” felicitation transmitted by the MP Karina Gould to Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers based in Burlington, Halton, Ontario

Karina Gould – Member of Parliament and the Leader of Government in the House of Commons of Canada participated to The Festival of Inner Lights public program offered by Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers, celebrating the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as well the wonderful success of their 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative dedicated to mental, emotional and spiritual health in Burlington and beyond.

Let’s Enjoy another Collection of Joys from the Inner Lights Festival 2023

Agenda (high level) for the The Festival of Inner Lights 2023

Felicitations from around Canada as well from Europe

Maybe it’s better to start with a collection of five video messages received by the organizers of The Festival of Inner Lights from other volunteers that serve their respective communities either across Canada, and that found out about our 100 Seeds of Joy initiative launched by our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team earlier in March 2023. Some of them are following our blog for many years and became close friends and others participated in November to the online presentation offered to meditation instructors from across Europe. They were impressed and expressed their support and desire to introduce this intiative to their own communities.

Check it out: VIDEO-Clip with Surprise Congrats from across Canada and from Europe

Get to know a few lovely people from the “fan-base” for 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative

We are offering a collection of video-clips and photos related to the Felicitations received by our team of volunteers from other community members from across Canada and from other active meditators from around the world, as well from the Government of Canada.

The First Basket of Photos showing Glimpses from The Festival of Inner Lights 2023 is below:

Ozlem from Montreal (Turkish origins and adopted by Metis of Kebec) performed a Metis Dance during the Festival of Inner Lights.

For now we are sharing a few videos and photos related to the “Congratulalations” topic 🙂

Karina Gould – Member of Parliament and Head of the Canadian Government in the House of Commons joined The Festival of Inner Lights 2023 at The Art Gallery of Burlington

(watch the full 4 min video) “Incredible Work!” congrats from MP Karina Gould for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network‘s Mental Health 100 Seeds of Joy Initiative (*info) in Burlington

Full address from the Honourable Karina Gould – MP and Leader of the Canadian Government in the House of Commons

(2nd video-clip) Video provided by one of our volunteers

Thank you Karina Gould for showing such an amazing support, for taking the time to join us and for the beautiful address! We are humbled by your congratulations received from you and on behalf of the Canadian Government and of the Prime Minister. We offer them further as our heartfelt tribute to our Spiritual Teacher — Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi with the ocassion of Her 100th Birthday Annniversary. We hope we made Her proud! 🙂

A few more images related to this very special celebration for our team of volunteers

(short video) Enjoy a glimpse from the Inner Lights’ Welcoming Dance offered by our Team

Flowers were offered to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – our Spiritual Teacher and Inspiration

There was a very moving moment after the interpretation of the Turkish traditional song “Mother” by Ozlem and Ozgur, our guests from Montreal. They invited other sahaja yogis to offer flowers to Shri Mataji, and it was lovely to see how other participants, that were new to Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network’s events, how they wanted to join us in showing respect to Shri Mataji – the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Quote from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s teachings
Photo with sunset in Burlington captured by Ioana in December 2023.

For “more” enjoy the following two Collections with Joys (music, dance, photos) from The Festival of Inner Lights 2023 celebrated at The Art Gallery of Burlington

(click!) 1st Collection of Joys from Inner Lights Festival 2023

(click!) 2nd Collection of Joys from The Inner Lights Festival 2023

(click!) Feel like A Light among Many Other Lights at The Festival of INNER Lights 2023

(click!) Incredible Feedback from Community and Gov Representatives: “The Festival of Inner Lights” 2017

Photos from Vancouver Island taken on Canada Day 2023 – by Ioana. Shri Mataji loved Canada and the Canadian people. 🙂
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  1. Ajay Nargas

    Amazing… Sahajyoga meditation growth and blessed Sahaj yoga Burlington network volunteers .
    Jai shree Mataji

  2. Kruti

    It was so nice to see MP Gould to come and acknowledge the amazing community work that SYMN is doing. We are truly proud of these leaders to encourage and support the city, to plant the seeds of joy. Slowly and steadily we will succeed in making this world a better place. Also want to thank all the yogis, who have been practicing Sahaja Yoga for years and have seen a great difference in their lives, to send their love and support through video recordings. They all brought so much joy and hope in our hearts. 2023 was amazing and looking forward to 2024. May we get more opportunities to spread the inner lights. Thank you.

  3. Ritika

    Congratulations such a proud moment❤️

    1. Jacqueline

      Bravo et félicitations pour tout le travail que vous faites pour répandre la lumière dans les cœurs des gens.
      Jacqueline de La RĂ©union

  4. Luigi Brad

    Merveilleux travail! Bravo et fĂ©licitations Ă  tout le collectif de Burlington et aussi Ă  ceux qui ont apportĂ© leur soutien Ă  diverses occasions au long de l’annĂ©e 2023!
    En plus, ça doit être encourageant de voir que tout cela reçoit des appréciations bien méritées des représentants du peuple situés au plus haut niveau!
    Lâchez pas!

  5. NITI

    Congratulations, and lots of regards to these wonderful warriors of peace,to lit a light of meditation in this Era of darkness to connect all the people of the world through connecting to their ownself spirit, which is the source of joy and happiness .Thanks to the MP Gould for acknowledging this remarkable work of Shri Mataji.

  6. Ekaterina Lavrentyeva

    Hi, I appreciate the originality and the creativity of the events organized by the volunteers of SYMN in Burlington. Such a nice mix of educative and cultural approaches. It’s always interesting to know more about the parallels in different cultures, and also about great personalities like Nirmala Shrivastava. This time, it was also inspiring to see that a prominent member of parliament (Catherine Gould) takes interest in her community and encourages good initiatives. It was really nice of her to come and give her support. Wishing all the best to her as a human, as a politician and as a mom.

  7. Paula

    It was wonderful to hear Member of Parliament representative Karina Gould recognize and congratulate the Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team in Halton for the vast number of mental health and wellness and joy planting workshops throughout the region. The room was filled with an appreciative audience of many. The brilliant art through music and dance and all the beautiful videos of appreciation were astoundingly beautiful. All to acknowledge the founder of Sahaja Yoga and how the Yoga Teachings of Shri Mataji create a ripple effect towards the betterment of society. Bravo to so many who poured their hearts out, travelled from Montreal. Made videos from far away places. And the growing local team that has the formula and the will and pure hearted ness to plant a seed of joy tin everyone, everywhere. The positive energy was ever flowing and felt like a wave of bliss for hours at a time. It was a joyous reality we didn’t want to leave! But we know how to get it back. We know how to re-balance and flow with the universe. So we always do what we can to keep the inner candle flame of the spirit lit. it was a pure love for community flowing.

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