Incredible Feedback about “The Festival of Inner Lights” 2017

Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation:

“When I was small I told to my father that: The number of stars shinning in the sky, I want the same number of people to shine in this world and spread the Light of the Divine.”

We are happy to say that on Saturday, Dec 9, 2017 at our first edition of “The Festival of Inner Lights”, there were so many Stars shining.

Let’s Get a Feeling of this “Starry Night


#1 Special Guest – Honorable Karina Gould M.P. , Minister of Democratic Institutions, Burlington M.P, represented by Mariam

#2 Upbeat Volunteering with Sahaja Yoga Meditation

#3 Festival of Inner Lights


#4 Indian Dance Recital – choreography Hema Kukreja

 We hope that you enjoyed the video-clips. Now it’s time to Realize how many Stars we had .. and we collected their feedback, provided in the state they’ve reached after a wonderful meditation with Shivangna and her Flute.

Impressions from Stars 

“I feel light, joyful, and so much at peace with my current mental, emotional and spiritual state. I feel very joyful; and would like everyone to experience this.” 

“I felt grateful for the experience and the community. My experience today made me calm and at peace. I wish for a life filled with happiness and balance for myself and all of you and our loved ones.”

“Lots of vibes and energy in myself.”


“Feel Amazing! Life is short so stop worrying about money and material  things.  Be happy, live in the present, Mother Earth will protect you. ”

“I am feeling joy of divine, very relaxed and light. Feeling one with divine. My wish is that all the world feel this joy, and be one with divine and be kind and helpful, and compassionate with everyone.”

“I wish for the world to have peace and satisfaction for everyone so no one can have greed”

“Beautifully warm (inside)”


“Joy being here all questions are solved, thanking you”

“Most wonderful, super amazing Experience!”

“Very peaceful, nourishing, wish to get rid of the arthritic pain which makes me very very low”

“I felt amazing cool breeze flowing through my hands and head.”

“Peacefulness, balance and joy”

“Self-contentment, BEAUTIFUL, ENERGIZED, REFRESHED, BACK HOME, Wish for peace and More time for SELF+PEACE”

“I finally felt the cool breeze in my hands + got the message that there is no struggle required to reach self realization.”

“Amazing Vibrations, Feeling lightness in my heart chakra”

“Wonderful program. This journey of sahaj is a blissful and miraculous for last 30 years. Jai Shree Mataji”

“We pray for the innocence of all children in the world to be protected, come to schools”

“Sahaja Yoga helps me to be in peace always and to be in present always. Jai Shree Mataji”


“Peace through the World”, “Happy” , “Calm, Happy, Thankful”

“Peaceful, Thoughtlessly Aware. Calm, In Love with the Divine Power, Love with Shri Mataji”

“Sahaja Yoga is for Spreading Peace and Love in this World”

This hibiscus flower blossomed on Dec 9 – our event’s day.


“There if good out there. BELIEVE”

“We wish for our SCHOOLS to teach Sahaja Yoga Meditation”

“I pray for More Love and Self Realization for everyone.”


“Let’s spread the Love of our Mother to the whole World”


“I wish for the world to have peace”


“Lots of Emotion, Love & Compassion, Cold all over my Body”

“Very peaceful and nicely flowing program , Excellent video about Shri Mataji’s achievements and influence”

“Wishing peace in the world.” — ” Emotional , Happy inside”

“Love and Peace” —  “HAPPY”

We thank you all, participants, organizers and supporters that so intensely and lovingly put together this event in record time while being very much solicited by the regular classes and volunteering events. Special thanks to Shivangna (flute music and meditation), Kruti and Hema (Bharatnatyam dance), Kathleen (Cool Kids class), Sam & Peter (operating the laptop/sound system), Carmela (who cooked for all of us), and to our amazing artist photographer, Aydin. 

We thank to our special guest speakers:  Muhammad Kamran Azeemi (Azeemia Sufi Order of Canada) and Mariam, representing Karina Gould, the M.P of Burlington.


Were you able to connect with the message of this article /our event ?  Did you feel the inner lights? Please share your experience of inner light with us. 🙂

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  1. Paula

    Dear Global Citizens that share this Mother Earth…the solutions for world peace, as the founder of Sahaja Yoga has said, is the actualization of inner peace. How Sahaja opens up the hearts and minds and integrates and harmonizes our community. After self-realization takes place, barriers in our minds dissolve as we become drops in the ocean of bliss… everything changes, perceptions get enlightened, we become thought free and wise. The good feeling of vibrations and the purity of love between brothers and sisters from all nations is the joyful answer to a better world.

    The oneness is felt just by looking at the photos and feeling pure love expressed through meditation, art, respect, genuine volunteer meditators, the innocence of the children enjoying their yoga connection, joyful interaction,creative endeavors.

    Such powerful, pure art in music, expression through dance, flute, song, enlightened affirmations, how we express pure love for humanity’s sake, how true beauty is enjoyed by all of us.

    It is the purest form of the Christmas feeling…inner lights giving the greatest gift of all…pure love and connection to the universe.

    It just fills me up with joy. Thank you for this wonderful festival of inner lights and free classes always…like a lifeline for many us and a source of unending, infinite energy and joy.

  2. Mohinder Sidana

    Full of love joy and divine vibrations
    I just loved it

  3. Heen

    The pictures, the feelings, the dances, the talks, the meditations, the caring and vibrations are amazing!
    Such joy! Amazing experience.
    Thanks so much for making this all possible.
    Blessings, Helen

  4. Bhavià

    Great ! it’s so nourishing and encouraging !Thank you to all of you!

  5. Shivangi

    Amazing …pure love and joy all over

  6. Colleen

    Wow, this sounds like it was an absolutely incredible event. I so wish I could have been there but seeing these videos and reading everyone’s wishes I almost feel as if I was there. Thank you for the wonderful vibrations and the feelings of love and joy!!

  7. Daniela

    beautiful work full of joy for all of us. thank you very much!

  8. Anjali

    What an amazing event with so many joyful kids and I really enjoyed this celebration and I feel very proud of all the volunteers who made this event a great success. Congratulations to the team and I look forward to next years celebration. Thank you to all the performers and volunteers.

  9. Doris Mendez

    Es maravilloso todo ese gozo que nos trasmiten a través de sus vibraciones Divinas,felicidades para todo ese colectivo que a la vez es también para el mundo entero.

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