Plant a Seed of Joy in Burlington Today

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network’s “Plant a Seed of Joy” Initiative is IN the Burlington Today Newspaper

You can join our Initiative – don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s plant a 1000 Seeds of Joy – Together!
Welcoming Sahaja Yoga Meditation banner in front of the Orchard Hub in Burlington. The “100seeds of Joy” classes are Free and Weekly.

The Beginnings of “100SeedsofJoy” Community Initiative

Our “100seedsof joy” initiative was launched in the Burlington community on March 18th, 2023 at the Art Gallery of Burlington, during the Festival of New Beginnings celebrating “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Day” in the presence of the Burlington Mayor and about 200 participants.

Note: It’s worth checking the 26 videos , photos and Mayor’s impressions from that absolutely wonderful event!

Here there is the poster for our online Lunch meditation that are also part of the “” initiative besides the variety of the in-person workshops. Note: this tulip is from Burlington and the photo was captured by Ioana last year in a moment of grace, there was so much beauty in the air, it felt like a painting. Luckily the camera was able to capture that perfection created by Mother Earth.

About the “Plant a Seed of Joy with Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network” Article published on March 3rd, 2023 in the Burlington Today Newspaper

Ioana from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers. had the opportunity to be interviewed a while ago to share this special initiative that started in April – the Earth Day month. Then, the article about this initiative was published in May, just before the “Sahasrara Day” that is on May 5th; the day that marks another New Beginning, when the “Blossoming time of en-mass Self Realization” was made possible with the opening of the “Sahasrara chakra” — the Crown energy center.

In the chakra chart one can see the 7th centre, marked as Sahasrara. We will learn at our next classes in May about it in more detail.

How Spontaneity is the channel for the Divine Planning

We are quite amazed how every step on this journey is filled with precise symbolism as by a “divine design”.

The Festival of New Beginnings was offered in March, the Month when the Spring Equinox is celebrated as well Nawroz, the Persian New Year and of course for us sahaja yogis, it is forever linked to March 21st, the Birthday of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. This year in 2023, there is the 100th year Birthday celebration and we wanted to mark it with a Special initiative and bring it to everyone everywhere and help this world become a better place!

Image from one of our “100seedsofjoy” classes offered in Orchard that was dedicated to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. We are blessed to find this Community center that decorated so nicely with messages that are absolutely “sahaj”, meaning completely tuned to Shri Mataji’s vision for the World. All we did was to add a few posters but the Community Board was created as you can see it in the photo.

Then so it happens that we were able to start a bundle of 24 “Plant a Seed of Joy” meditation and yoga workshops in April – the Earth Day month. The interview happened in April and it blossomed like a cherry tree, in May.

Yesterday, on May 3rd, 2023 was our first “Plant a Seed of Joy” May session in Burlington’s Orchard area. When I returned home, late in the evening, I checked the online Burlington Today newspaper and there it was: the article about the Class we just offered as well about much more: Sahaja Yoga, volunteers, Shri Mataji and Self-Realization as well other concepts.

Another surprise was that after I was asked to provide a photo of mine, of course, I felt to send a few other photo options that were more about “us”, our team of volunteers and what we do. Of course, I did not ask for “all to be published” and did not hope for this to happen. Yet, when I opened the article, there they were, all three photos. So grateful and proud to have such sensitive, good hearted people in charge of our Newspapers in Burlington.

We are sharing few excerpts from the original article.
A few more excerpts as you might not be able to see the original article if you are from another country. It happened before.

Messages from a Powerful Mother – Earth Meditation – Energy Balance Workshop

We hope you’ve enjoyed the excerpts from this original article.
Burlington Spring 2023 – photo by Ioana

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May 2023 in Burlington – photo by Ioana P.

CHECK the Photo-Album “Festival of New Beginnings” – “Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi DAY” Event in Burlington, March 18, 2023

Youtube Playlist100SeedsofJoyEvent videos (26 videos so far and we keep adding)

Join our “100SeedsofJoy“Commuity Initiative focused on mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through meditation and self-realization workshops that Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers launched in Burlington for 2023!Yes, we will make the world a better place — Together! Stay tuned for more News from our team! Come to Burlington to Enjoy its in and out Beauty!
Spring 2023 in Burlington – photo by Ioana P,

Drop a comment if you like. Contact us. We are here for you. 🙂

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  1. Shruti Shukla

    It was such a blissful experience to be part of the March Sahaja yoga event at Burlington which marked the hundredth birth anniversary of Shri Mataji the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation.I was visiting Montreal from Mexico where my diplomat husband serves as India’s ambassador.Having been in Sahaja yoga meditation for couple of years, the fact that I could come to Burlington and be part of this amazing initiative is proof itself of the power of universe and it’s love.The subtle energy system within and outside us just need our attention to unite and propel us into a zone of something beyond the limitations of modern life.All aspects of our mental, physical and emotional life are nourished and we radiate this all round.Ioana and her volunteers need a applause for the 100
    Seeds of joy which will bloom to million seeds of joy soon.

  2. Armaity Bhabha

    Wow ! Am so happy to see the kind of work that the Halton Collective for Sahaja Yoga Meditation is doing year after year since last so many years to make the community aware about the possibility of attaining peace and fulfillment for oneself in these chaotic times that we are living in. Once the person successfully attains such a state, he or she easily becomes a conduit to help others achieve that very state which is so much needed in today’s time, to reverse the destructive trend of where we as a humanity are heading towards and collectively move together a state of happiness, contentment, peace and harmony,

    Am very happy to see that all the hard work selflessly and voluntarily put in by Sahaja Yoga Collective is now being officially acknowledged by the Officials of the city of Burlington and its newsletters.

    Here’s to more & more success… Ioana and your team in reaching out to all corners of your community & beyond via online classes and seminars.

  3. Mayank

    This is has been truly incredible experience and thanks a lot to Ioana and team for organizing and conducting this spiritual event for everyone.

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