2nd Collection of Joys from The Inner Lights Festival 2023

Enjoy the 2nd Collection of Joys from The Inner Lights Festival 2023

Photos provided by Nippun from Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes

Let us share with you more photos and videos from our amazing public program The Festival of Inner Lights – offered on Dec 10th, 2023. There was so much joy in the air ! Even after the program (that was charged with artistic performances), even more dancing and singing errupted, engaging everyone that did not feel yet ready to leave. The videoclips are sharing the joy created by the Nirmal Lights band with the musical hit “Mahamaya Mahakali”.

We are sharing these images and videoclips so you can feel the Collective Joy that immersed from this tranditional bhajan that was interpreted by the Nirmal Lights band comprised by musicians that also practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation, therefore the entire atmosphere is filled with positivity. Enjoy!

The lyrics of this traditional Indian song are very much connected with the Festival of Inner Lights’s theme and our team’s initiative of cultivating this year at least 100 Seeds of Joy in the Burlington community, in the honor of the 100th birthday of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

Enjoy Waltzing into the Rhythms of the Nirmal Lights Band with the following Videos:

Enjoy a Little Girl’s Joy of Dancing & More Video clips based on Mahamaya Mahakali

Two Glimpses from the Joy of Dancing Horas from Azerbaijan

Enjoy the next videoclip too, followed by more photos from The Festival of Inner Lights

More Photos from the Festival of Inner Lights — the Stories behind these snapshots will be shared in another article

Photos by Lucas from Montreal and other friends from Sahaja Yoga Meditation team (here is Ozlem during her Metis Dance spirutual moment)

More Spontaneous Collective Dancing on Mahamaya Mahakali Bhajan

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Youtube Playlist for The Festival of Inner Lights 2023 (music, dance, congrats)

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Thank You All that made this public program be so joyful and full of love for our Community and for the World. We were truly inspired by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and we hope we made Her proud. Namaste!

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  1. Ritika

    Such pure joy❤️

  2. Paula

    It was and is bliss to be among people who are wanting to experience the joy and bliss of their spirit…beautiful souls, artistic and cultural celebrations that kept us in the present for hours. Being thoughtless was effortless and the positive energy could be felt, as it is in class. It was an experience with our higher selves, in collectivity. The group meditations are very powerful and respectfully guided based on the teachings that unlock the life force in each of us. Shri Mataji’s teachings really address every aspect of ancient and modern life. With this, I am always comforted and transformed. What a beautiful team and some artists coming from Montreal so we can show how international nations can come together and draw the attention to simple and powerful yoga connections and the ties that bind humanity. Thank you all for everything!i It was bliss!

  3. Aarti

    Congratulations to all the volunteers of Sahaj Yoga meditation network for the 100 seeds of joy initiative during 2023 and on the success of the amazing “the festival of inner lights”!
    I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to attend some of the events this year. The lunch time meditation sessions have been so helpful.
    It is amazing and so inspiring to see Sehaj yoga volunteers are spreading the light to the community. It was such an honor to be a participant in 100 seeds of joy initiative.
    Thank you Ioana and other Sehaj yoga volunteers for all your hard work and initiative. The entire team and the events have had such a positive impact on my life, so thank you, from bottom of my heart.

  4. Helen

    Congratulations to all who arranged this fantastic event.
    Watching the videos now and reading about the celebration—truly have no words to express the deep joy and peace that I am feeling. The vibrations coming from each video are so strong !!

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you

  5. Helen

    Pure joy, wonderful❤ The vibrations are so strong.
    Congratulatiosn to all the volunteers, so inspiring!!

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