Light, Spark and Diamond – Collective Miracle Experience

Ioana from Burlington: “We were preparing for this Easter celebration 2013 with all yogis and yoginis from across Ontario. So it happens that there are very deep and eager new yogis and yoginis in Halton and Niagara regions that had not participated yet to such large scale meditation experiences. So, few weeks prior to te Easter we had many gatherings  in our area to introduce these ‘new ones’ to the subtleties of Ontario level sahaj celebrations that beside being profound meditation events, they also imply a deep state of  Bhakti in Yoga during the occasions of ‘sahaj pujas‘.Photo -Easter 2013 Halton - from Holly

That evening, after a weekly class, we gathered at Perviz in Mississauga, and we talked about Jesus Christ and his role within the system of chakras and energy channels, also about the spiritual connection between Shri Mataji and the Son of God. That evening had incredible vibrations! Many wondrous things happened that night during our purely sahaj togetherness. For instance we talked about Agnya Chakra and Jesus Christ being The Light and that he is the Lord of Agnya Chakra (the third eye); We also were reading from sahaj mantra books, and there was one description of Jesus being the Light in the eye of Shri Mahalakhmi (Mother Mary); then Holly from Burlington wanted so much to look for a photo in which Shri Mataji is in meditation; she saw a photo in the mantra book that she liked and she took a picture; the result is in the photo nearby. Isn’t this a beautiful ‘coincidence’?!

Later in the evening we talked in more detail about the puja, vibrations were so strong; all of a sudden we saw with open eyes, how a diamond like sparkle – exactly the sort we see in Disney movies about magic  and fairies – had appeared above the little candle. It was not a fire sparkle. It was absolutely pure white, as a little diamond and let traces like star dust. It lasted for few seconds while moving vertically, then it disappeared. That was a beautiful pure divine gift for us to treasure forever. Such a magical evening!”

Helen from Oakville class: ‘We were looking at (Shri Mataji) Mother’s photo while Ioana was explaining the significance of the elements of the puja.  Suddenly, a tiny spark of light appeared and fell across Mother’s photo with a tail of light just like the falling stars in the sky.  It was awe-inspiring.’

Colleen from Burlington class: ‘We were at a great Sahaja Yoga Meditation class in Milton-Misissauga and just watched an amazing Shri Mataji video.  We then gathered together, a few shakti yogini sisters, to plan and organize some different events.  The vibrations were wonderful, so strong!!  Near the end of the gathering there was a couple of us who hadn’t been to a puja before so we were being shown what the format was and how it all happens.  There was a beautiful alter set up with some offerings and a picture of Shri Mataji and a picture of her feet and there was a candle lit in between the two pictures.  The explanation was just winding down and we were all just admiring the whole scene at the table when a small  spark rose from the candle right in front of Shri Mataji’s picture, we all let out a gasp of unbelievable surprise when we saw it.  It was one of those quick joyful unforgettable moments!!’

The Conclusion comes from Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation: You must gain your confidence by your experiences which you have in Sahaja Yoga. As you were singing yesterday – miracles every day, miracles around you. These are done by the angels and they try to convince you that : “You are one of us, just join our company.” So we have so many angels now sitting here, and why should we not think of transforming this world ?!’ (Excerpt from ‘You are Angels’  – Shri Hanumana Puja, Germany, 1990)

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21 Responses to “Light, Spark and Diamond – Collective Miracle Experience”

  1. Samar says:

    Thank you dear sisters for sharing the joy of these miracles… which are not at all coincidences !

  2. Kruti Gandhi says:

    Just reading these stories giving me cool vibrations.

  3. Ayesha Nadeem says:

    I remember that never-forgetting moments and i was there enjoying the blissful vibrations of the moment, every thing was so miracle and innocent, specially the picture of Shri Matajis is so amazing.The whole moments of this pure collective being is saved in my”heart-memory-box”

  4. Dragos says:


  5. Delia says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Really cool vibrations xx

  6. letitia says:

    emotionant,e in orice clipa cu noi si aceste miracole sunt exceptionale

  7. Delia says:

    WEll, as I was finishing reading these extraordinary stories and saw the picture as well… all I could think was: as She is in your hearts, you are in Hers… 🙂 <3

  8. Jayanthi says:

    Dear Ioana, thank you very much for sharing with us. I am a very strong believer of these miracles and the messages shri.Mataji is sending to us at the right time with right people.

  9. Edda says:

    Mother is always really closed to each of us and she shows her love throught different ways.. Many blessings. Thank you mother

  10. Rabi says:

    Experience shared are simply awesome and left us all spellbound ….. Its after all Mother’s love expressed through Her ganas for Her children who wanted to offer their devotions collectively at Mother’s Lotus Feet.When fairy tales starts transforming into reality we must think the blessings are overpouring. May it be star dust or the fairy tale effects of good fortune. We are blessed to listen to such wonderful experiences.

    Thank you Ioana for sharing such a wonderful expereinces of the Halton collective.

  11. James M says:

    Thank you for sharing. Wonderful!

  12. MARINA says:

    Iubirea, atentia mamei sunt permanente.
    Receptia este cand mai slaba , cand mai buna iar cateodata este sublima.
    M-a bucurat mult.

  13. mihaela says:

    Miraculos ,thank you very much for this photo !
    Vith love Mihaela

  14. Rosalie Nickerson says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you!

  15. Doris Méndez de Acosta says:

    OH ! Todo esto es maravilloso! IOANA, lo trasmitió de tal manera que nos sentimos muy bien con las vibraciones fluyendo, como si hubiéramos estado con todos UDS. en ONTARIO, estamos conectados todos los yoguis del mundo cuando comunicamos estos milagros!

  16. angelica says:

    Ce bucurie !!! Minunat ! Multumesc , Ioana
    pentru ceea ce transmiti mereu.

  17. Sugata says:

    Dear Ioana

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful miraculous experiences.
    Truly Mother is the Doer and She Alone is the Enjoyer. A milloin thanks to Shri Mataji for residing in our Hearts and giving us ths incomparable experiences of oneness with the Divine and for being able to feel all this bliss and Joy: “Niranda” – “Nirmalananda”

    She is pleased & enjoys the most when her children join in collective company and their hearts are united in Pure Love and Joy.

    For, it is She who resides in our hearts as the Pure Spirit that is Shri Jesus Christ as described in one of the 108 names of Shri Jesus as “Hridaya mandirastha”

    Shri Mataji has very strange, touching & beautiful ways of expressing Her loving presence through our Sahajayogi Brothers and Sisters.

    It reminds me of a very miraculous experience that I had of the Shri Jesus as “Shri MahaLakshmi Netra Teja” description of Jesus being the Light in the eye of Shri Mahalakhmi (Mother Mary), It one of those blessed days when one of my Sahajayogini sister was due to Arrive at my place for the first time in India at New Delhi.

    That Morning in the early hours of about 4:00 am i woke up to a sound of someone reading the “Namaaz” at a Distant mosque near my place and as i woke up, to my surprise, I suddenly realised that just before opening my eyes I had the beautiful “Darshan” of Shri Mataji looking at me with her face very close to mine , lookng at me with tremendous love and care,
    …..and a stream of white light flowed in like two rivers from both of Her Eyes and filled into both my eyes giving me a very cooling and relaxing experience.

    Indeed it was a blessed morning and and an unforgettable experience for me, later that day, when “Hala” our sahaja sister who arrive from Lebenaon at my house I related this experience to her.

  18. Doris says:

    JSM!!!! mil gracias por las vibraciones que sentimos con sus experiencias .

  19. Anjali Gandhi says:

    What a magical sharing and togetherness. When we are all together and our hearts are filled with pure love for the divine and each other as brothers and sisters the blessings from the divine are poured onto us as pure joy and peace. Ego, differences, conditioning just drop out and we become one. Thank you for this beautiful article. I truly enjoyed the strong vibrations from it.

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