Let’s Learn from The Shivaratri Seminar (PHOTOS, INVOCATIONS, PRAYERS, STORY)

Our Shivaratri Puja this year in Ontario was special for us, yogis in Halton & Niagara regions, because we were nominated the “hosting party”, so the entire vision for the decoration theme for the hall, as well the flow of the entire seminar was let’s say it: in our hands. Grateful we were, but in the same time we had realized that we better do our homework and research on all symbols and deeper significance of Shiva – Sahashiva aspects and its powerful impact on our chakra system. It was the 1st time that we had to organize this seminar so the honour to be hosting the 1st big seminar on 2012 gave us wings to spread even higher & wider. We listened to the call of our Heart (Lord Shiva’s??), and got everyone involved, even the very new ones and even beginners from our classes, in the preparations, in the creativity phase as well we had few classes in Burlington and Milton dedicated to the principle governing our Left energy Heart centre (Anahat chakra) represented by Lord Shiva. We meditated with children and parents on Lord Shiva including mantras and ancient poems dedicated to him. We recited from Bible as well from Sahaja Yoga Mantra book, all his 108 Names that tell about his subtle powers and qualities and the protection he offers. It was a very successful sahaj experiment, we have discovered so much talent and innocence and pure desire to learn more. Also, we have watched many videos with the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation, talking and explaining to us treasures of knowledge about this core aspect of our being: Lord Shiva (the Spirit within us).  We made sure that we absorb our Teacher’s words as well the qualities of the heart chakra.  Below we are sharing with you our “sahaj research” as well few photos with the decorations that were mostly “made in Halton”. We have to offer special thanks here to our main artists: Ela (Milton class), Anca (Oakville class) and Trevor (Burlington class) as well to the amazingly creative team of Halton yogis, also those wonderful hosts for the many get-togethers necessary to have a complete vision for our project: Indu, Rajani, Sathya, Vishnu, Maitli, Jon, Peter, Chandra, Jayanthi, Isabelle, Harjot, Gladys, Debbie H., Debbie S., Stefan, Jaye and Abi. Thank you all, the many others that contributed in so many various ways. A great thanks go to yogis from elsewhere in Ontario that joined us for the final meeting and many worked on our mountains and celestial bodies that completed our decorations. Thank you Nari and Jon for the photos!

Invocations to Lord Sadashiva – for the Shivaratri Collective Meditation in Ontario, February 2012

Hundreds of yogis this year in Toronto had the attention on the following invocations, that were collected from Shri Mataji’s various Shivaratri videos. The energy during this seminar was described as ‘awesome’ with ‘tremendous vibrations’. We saved some for you, gathered in this article 🙂



“You are the one that represents the Innocence.’
“You are the one that beautifies everything that is created.”
“You are Shri Mahadeva, which means the Restorer and the Destroyer.”
” Your nature is Forgiveness.”
“You are the one who pacifies our anger, our lust and our greed.”
“You are the one who is protecting the realized souls by your tremendous power of protection.”
“You are guiding us into the right path through the gift of Vibratory awareness.”
“You are an ocean of compassion.”

“You are watching the behaviour of our 7 chakras and nerves through the auras of the Heart.”

“You are opening the 5th dimension in human beings.”
“You are bringing us to the state where there is no need of pujas.”
“You are getting us completely washed and cleaned out.”
“You are God , the Singular Personality, No Duality.”
“You are bringing Shiva Tattwa, the principle of the pure spirit into the Brain and you fill the detached Brain with the colour of the Spirit.”
“You are the Source of Joy.”
“You are making us Niranandas – Blissful personalities”
“You make everything to be We and there is no Other.”
“You are Shiva-the pure spirit, who is the most important within us.”

Recommended Prayers to Lord Sadashiva – during Meditation

“Oh, Lord, give us strength and that Source of attraction by which we give up all other attractions of all the pleasures, of joy of ego, of everything that we think of, but we should fall into the pure joy form of the ShivaTattwa – the principle of the pure eternal spirit..

We are very lucky people, to know about you, recognize you and meditate upon your reflection within us.
We thank you, the Spirit in us, that has brought light to our attention we pray that the light that has come in our hearts will enlighten the whole world. So please , Lord, Let this Light of our Love of the Divine, spread to the whole world!  We pray to you, oh Lord, with all sincerity and confidence and understanding that we are connected with the Divine and believe that whatever we desire, will happen. We thank to our Creator, to God known under all names on this Earth, we thank for we have felt the ocean of joy and we have felt the ocean of forgiveness and the capacity to forgive as our Motherly Teacher  has, which we have seen is so tremendous.  We pray: ‘Let our hearts expand and encompass the whole Universe and our Love should resound the Name of God.’

We pray for our Hearts to express the beauty of God’s Love, every moment.

As we are also cells in Mother’s Earth Vishuddhi centre (Throat Chakra) we further pray, Oh Lord please help us reach the Detachment that makes us feeling Responsible, not giving ego, but Responsibility which is executing by itself, which is expressing by itself, manifesting by itself in Virata – the Cosmic Being and Permeating the Virata with the Compassion from our Hearts.”
** based on Shri Mataji’s specific recommendation (and her words were used) for such a prayer to Lord Shiva

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  1. carmen

    Dear all:

    I was at the Puja and wow when we were saying the Mantra: Sat Chit Ananda Rupam Shivoham Shivoham. It was just amazing. My heart was so big that was able to love all yogis equally, I still do.

    Thats the magic of Love.

    Thank you for all these articles.


  2. abhishek kumar baranwal

    let the prayers said here fulfil all our pure desires so that we as the non dual collective brahman achieve the emancipation of the world through our desiring in a detached state.the vibrations here confirm that this is exactly what is going to happen,the surgical(total)cleansing of the self-the ultimate dip in the ultimate Ganges flowing out of the Sadashiva residing in our thousand petalled lotuses.JSM

  3. Colleen

    In February of 2012 I had just heard of Sahaja Yoga Meditation on Meet-up. It took me until June of that year to start going to classes, I’m still going to classes now. Practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation for these few years has changed my life!! I love reading these articles, there is so much Sahaj knowledge here. And this one is just as great. Thank you. With Love.

  4. Kartikeya

    Beautiful prayer. The father who is the spirit himself has so much compassion and forgiveness for us. Mother kundalini leads us to rise and become the spirit. These articles really help me get through my day at work. On a subtle level I feel rejuvenated by the end of reading each article.

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