Breathtaking: Ocean – Singer Nicki Wells (Superb MUSIC VIDEO!!)

Just like when we put salt in the sea water it gets dissolved in it completely, in this way you should be dissolved in this infinite ocean, and concentration should come in us. This bliss is beyond explanation.

A person who has completely submerged himself in the ocean of Sahaja bliss, for him there cannot remain any problem or question left unanswered because this is the ocean of Shiva Tattwa. This is the ocean of tremendous Shakti (power). And this tremendous Shakti is of the love of Lord Shiva, it is of the ocean of Shiva Tattwa and is the Shakti of the love of the Lord. In this, once you dissolve, you get dissolved and start emitting this Shakti of love. You get into a state of ecstasy and that Shakti starts manifesting from every part of your being.”

(Talk on Shiva Principle in Heart Chakra -1988, Bombay, India)

music video for Nicki Wells’ song ‘Ocean’, filmed and edited by Ananya Tanttu.

** the singer Nicki Wells is practising Sahaja Yoga meditation in UK and the creator of this amazing video, Ananya Tanttu is also a sahaja yoga meditation practitioner. Hope you have enjoyed this Masterpiece that is enchanting the Pure Spirit within us. One can feel the Ocean within while meditating with this video .. isn’t it?! Had to share it..

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  1. Sailaja Rani Ginka

    Excellent music with depth that touched the spirit. beautiful location, beautiful song, serene atmosphere, this is really the “JOY OF THE SPIRIT”. Thanks a lot.

    1. mike strachan

      having heard it on the radio it would be good to hear it again unfortunately…..cannot find it anywhere

  2. Ayesha

    My spirit always want to sing this song and now i found my inner voice from Nicki Wells,It amazing and so joyful,and I really really feel so much part of this ocean of love.

  3. Aron

    Cheers Ioana, this song is really nice and bears cool vibrations. Joyful days!

  4. Judith Cecilia

    Nicki. felicitaciones por esa voz tan bella.
    Esta musica es divina, da mucha tranquilidad espiritual.

  5. Liliana Pacureanu

    Great music indeed – the pure love flowing from the heart – after listening this wonderful piece the great silence cover your spirit.

  6. jutta madhuri

    wow, beautiful music, like waves taking you hiher and higher in bliss and surrender! Thank you Nicki!
    Is this song on an album, that one can purchase or download?

  7. paula

    Exquisite song and video starring Nicki Wells…so soothing, and as she sings…engulfing…I could watch and listen many times and discover all the layers of this beautiful, peaceful singer with a simple, gentle, invitation to feel this moment with the ocean. Looks alot like Costa Rica…where I am now…the sunset was spectacular…see you all soon!

  8. Berly d'Orcel

    Thks Nicky for sharing so much of your own art, insights and beauty, reflecting THAT beauty that we always seek

  9. Claudia

    Refreshing and inspiring. Beautiful crystal voice , just like water in the ocean – Thank you . Claudia

  10. Samar

    Simply wonderful! Amazing vibrations!
    Thank you for sharing it Ioana.

  11. Debbie

    So much peacefulness and beautiful vibrations felt…very soothing.

  12. Avdhut

    An incredibly deep and moving composition and execution, firmly in the centre and yet effective in their emotion, a true response to the wisdom of kundalini as She pierces each chakra, causing the instrument to create sounds of beauty that enlighten and strengthen at the same time. Shri Mahakali and Shri Saraswati in perfect unison stirring the ocean of compasssion upon which Shri Mahalaxshmi stands poised to bless humanity, at the source of our being.

    Incredible Raas !

    Thank you so much for the experience!

  13. Leela

    I’ve been waiting to hear this song released since I first heard it, months ago. Please, is it released yet?

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