Bring the Ocean in a Cup – How everything becomes Spiritual!

“But what we can do is to understand it : That if a colour is dropped on the ocean, the ocean becomes colourful-is not possible. But try to understand: if a little colour, limited colour, is dropped into the ocean, the colour loses its identity completely. Think of the other way round. If the ocean is coloured, and is poured into atmosphere or onto any part any little wee bit, or onto any spot, onto any atom or anything, it all becomes colourful.

So the Spirit is like the ocean which has the light in it. And when this ocean pours into the little cup of your brain, the cup loses its identity and everything becomes Spiritual! Everything! you can make everything Spiritual. Everything. You touch anything-it is Spiritual! The sand becomes Spiritual, the land becomes Spiritual, atmosphere becomes Spiritual, celestial bodies becomes Spiritual. Everything becomes Spiritual!

So it is the ocean-that is the Spirit, while your brain is limited.

So the detachment from your limited brain has to be brought in. All limitations of brain should be ‘broken’ so that when this ocean fills that brain; it should break that little cup and every bit of that cup should become colourful. The whole atmosphere, everything, whatever you look at, should be colourful. Colour of the Spirit is the light of the Spirit and this light of the Spirit acts, works, thinks, co-ordinates, does everything.

This is the reason today I decided to bring Shiva-Tattwa  to the brain.”

** Tattwa =Principle in Sanskrit; Shiva represents the Spirit and resides in the Left aspect of the Heart Chakra

(the above quote/analogy was found in a Lecture of Shri Mataji on ‘Shivaratri’ in Pandharpur (a shrine of Shri Krishna who represents the brain), India,1984 – about the Spirit, and its governing principle, Shri Shiva; below it is another powerful and subtle explanation on the Spirit)

(click!) The Parabola for Spirit – Sat-Chit-Anand or Three Types of Phenomena

12 Responses to “Bring the Ocean in a Cup – How everything becomes Spiritual!”

  1. Rabi Ghosh says:

    Complete bliss in understanding. When you become that …you become that.The ultimate Shiva…the eternal beauty of life.

  2. armaity says:

    Yes, just simple bliss — Niranand ! All that we need to do is surrender our limited ego and conditionings and let the Spirit, the divine dimension within us to enter our brain with its light and enlighten it !!

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  4. Dr. Rajan rawat says:

    “Satyam shivam sundaram.”

  5. Aron says:

    Absolutely wonderful. These vibratory states when you really don’t know who you are, there is no difference between the other and me. Pure divine love, joy, bliss.

  6. Priti says:

    Thank-you for sharing such a beautiful and simple explanation of the “Spirit” by our Dear Mother. That is the absolute truth thanks again for bringing into my attention.

  7. anaic says:

    It seems so easy to get, so natural to feel, and it is also. But at the same time, to be able to be detached from our limited brain can take ages…or sometimes it just comes suddnely.
    This does not really depend on us but on the Holy Grace. We can only create the good conditions by meditating and get prepared to receive it. For the rest, it is not in our hands.

  8. Elsie Kuly says:

    If we can detach from our limited brain and let it be filled with spirit – everything will be colorful. What joy this would bring
    Color of the spirit is the light of the spirit and this light of the spirit, thinks, works, acts, and co-ordinates everything. This should bring tranquility in our lives.

  9. kalieswari says:

    Awesome. Thank for sharing.

  10. Antoinette Wells says:

    Beautiful topic, beautifully expressed with sound, colours and words!

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  12. Anjali says:

    This article is too short. …I want more of this talk. So rich and deep

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