Managers in the Light of Confucius & (VIDEO) Abi & Isabelle: WHY Confucius and NOT Lao-Tzu?!- Sahaj Guru Game

With more than 2 million registered descendants, the family tree of Confucius, the revered Chinese philosopher who lived over 2,500 years ago, is the longest in the world... check more here:

Shri Mataji about Confucius:

“Par exemple, Confucius a lancé l’humanisme”

(Shuddy Camps, UK, 1987 – lecture on Samkhya, Yoga and fanaticism)

“Confucius has Taught the Humanity how we can improve our relations with other human beings.”

(Beijing, China,  1995 – speech at the Fourth World Conference on Women)

Confucius about himself:

“At fifteen I set my mind upon wisdom. At thirty I stand firm. At fourty I was free of doubts. At fifty I understood the laws of Heaven. At sixty my ear was docile. At seventy I could follow the desires of my heart without transgressing the right.”

Shri Mataji about China, Lao-Tzu & Confucius

( — MEDICAL CONFERENCE LECTURE, 1995 — St Petersburg — Russia)

“You shouldn’t mind if I say that we couldn’t start Sahaja Yoga there in that way because still they’re communists. Chinese are other very ancient people, very wise. Culturally, they are like Indians. They have morality in them. One thing I noticed, they were extremely hospitable, kind and gentle. You saw people there who were from Germany, from Africa, from America.. Chinese, you know, they had arranged, through their students, the volunteers, very well trained girls and boys and so gentle. They were paid nothing. They are very patriotic people one has to learn from them. I wish Indians were like that.

They (Chinese) are very dignified, very well mannered. Of course, if you insult them, they don’t like. I must admit that Indians did that, insult them. And art, what art they have! Their government doesn’t allow much to come inside China. They also don’t care much for the Western culture. They dress up just like the Chinese, most of them.

Moreover, they’re very learned. They had two great philosophers, but the greatest was Lao Tse (Lao Tzu), who talked about Kundalini, Realization, everything. Confucius talked about Humanity. So they believe in Confucius because suits communism. In Hong Kong there are many Chinese and I asked them what will you do when the Hong Kong goes to the China, mainland China? They said, “We are Chinese and we’ll be with mainland China. What does it matter? We’re not going to run away.” And do you know how they became rich? So many Chinese have gone abroad. And after this episode of killing the young students they were angry, but when it was explained that how can you suddenly give freedom to these young boys, students. One can do it gradually. Otherwise, like Russia, there will be problem of mafia. They are very wise. I tell you, Chinese women are very really very sweet. They don’t compete with men. They are very sweet and they win over men with their sweetness. I also know that they are very sensitive to spirituality. Even their prime minister asked me about spirituality when I went with my husband. And I’m sure one day you’ll find your brothers and sisters very closely in China.

Shri Confucius about Managers

” A man who is without good faith I do not know how he is to manage! Lead them with dignity and they will also be dutiful; be filial and kind and they will be loyal; promote those who excel and teach the incompetent, and they will encourage each other.”

(VIDEO) – Ana Bianca & Isabelle are Presenting: Shri Confucius! Why not Lao-Tzu?! Enjoy!

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  1. Helen

    Heartfelt, informative, well-presented and with a strong vibrant charm! A complete joy to see and listen to.

    Thanks so much – now I know more about Confuscious.Congratulations for such a fine delivery.

  2. paula

    Two great gurus teaching about Confucious with a homey feeling from your living room…thanks for being brave presenters in the quest for the truth about Confucious. His teachings live on inside all of us and give us gravity. Very spontaneous and nice surprise! Thank you for the opportunity to share experiences and spread vibrations through the Sahaj Guru Game! Life changing and highly recommended!

  3. George Grinberg

    Well, I am not going to say that vibrations were good or strong. That is understood and goes beyond saying. The few things I can truly say is WOW and NICE! The accuracy and the delivery of this wisdom is impeccable. Abi and Isabelle have such a natural ability to explain so much in a very short time that, from a personal perspective I wanted to listen to more. The 13 minute video felt like 2 minutes. Excellent work ladies!

  4. Elsie Kuly

    Interesting to learn that Confucius in 500B.C. knew the system to train good managers who could manage in a humanistic way. It wouldn’t be through fear or anger or punishment but through gentleness and patience. His wisdom should be included in a manual for training managers presently.

    The video was informal and interesting Both Abi and Isabelle researched the history of the two great philosophers and shared their knowledge which took a great deal of their time.


  5. Debbie

    Happy to have learnt about Confucius. Thanks very much Isa and Abi for sharing this knowledge with us along with your personal connections. I loved the quote “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do and I understand”. We each have a responsibility to be good, kind, caring and helpful to others and make a difference in this world like Confucius. I really liked that in his eyes, everyone was equal whether you were a Prince or a Peasant.

    Lots of love always.

  6. phyllis

    I enjoyed learning what each participant’s perspective was focusing on. One shared more about the history and the other shared the philosophy. I learned a lot about Confusius I did not know. I especially liked the quote “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do and I understand”. It reminded me of how we as humans do not learn things or interpret experiences the same way or at the same time. Thank for sharing Abi and Isa!

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