Ekaterina received the ‘Heart in Action’ Award!

Let’s find out more about Ekaterina and about the ‘Heart in Action’ Award

Ekaterina is (not seen) between Ozlem and Ioana right after the celebration of Shri Mataji Nirmala Day at the Art Gallery of Burlington.

Who is Ekaterina and What is her connection to Burlington?

Ekaterina is a true friend of the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network of volunteers that is based in Burlington. In fact, Ekaterina has joined earlier in March, The Festival of New Beginnings as a special guest and enchanted the 200+ people in the audience with her beautiful voice and variety of songs. The Mayor of Burlington and other officials were also present.

Ekaterina opened so many hearts and raised a lot of interest in her music on March 18th, 2023, during The Festival of New Beginnings .

Other Connections: October is about Thanksgiving and Navaratri Celebrations as well Halloween. In various ways, we can relate them all to the Heart, can’t we?!

Photo captured by Ioana P. in Burlington.

It’s interesting to share that we found out the news about Ekaterina’s award only after we shared our local October news: the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team of volunteers received an invite to the VIP Party for “Community Champions” here in Burlington: (click!) Meditators become Champions in Burlington Community. Cool, isn’t it?!

We were celebrated with other Community Champions on October 24th, 2023

Ekaterina received the “Heart in Action” Award on October 21st, 2023

Let’s Find out Why Ekaterina has received the ‘Heart in Action’ Award?

Let’s find out about more about the Heart in Action Award for Ekaterina – an Ukrainian Lambertois Singer and Sahaja Yogini.

“Heart in Action” Award’s Info – translated by Ekaterina from Saint-Laurent’s official website

‘The category of the prize is “Lambertois of heart and action.” The description of the category: 

Having carried out a project or action which has contributed to improving the quality of life of the community or which serves as a motivation or example to fellow citizens. The text under Ekaterina’s photo

Ekaterina Lavrentyeva receives a “Heart and Action” award in recognition of her efforts to help Ukrainian refugees here and those who remained there. Immigrating from Ukraine herself in 2005, Mrs. Lavrentyeva was worried about her family and her compatriots when the war broke out in 2022. She quickly looked for the possibilities to help in any way and multiplied her actions in our community as well as for those who remained in Ukraine.’

Her participation as an artist in various cultural events has highlighted Ukrainian culture. Her commitment as an interpreter to Ukrainian refugees also deserves to be praised. She knew how to translate their words and their emotions. She was able to explain to them the Quebec context in which they were operating, which certainly facilitated their integration.

She also got involved in collecting clothing, sanitary products and medicines for Ukraine. Finally, she is always there when asked for help and does so with discretion and humility.

For all these reasons, Ms. Lavrentyeva is a truly generous and active woman and she deserves this recognition.

Our Sahaj Appreciation for a beautiful human being and dear sister sahaja yogini:

This year is very special for us, sahaja yogis, because in 2023 we are celebrating the 100th birthday anniversary of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – our spiritual teacher and the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Her legacy revolved around the genuine love for humanity, the strive to achieve our individual and collective Self-Realization , by becoming connected to the universal energy and to each other, ensuring that by standing with a dignified character on the higher principles of truth, love and compassion, we unite and support each other, ultimately finding: Freedom in Self-Realization through Meditation!

One can see that Ekaterina is ‘walking the walk‘ (the sahaj path) and her heart is not only in the right place, but it goes all out!

On behalf of her Sahaja Yoga Family and Friends from here, in Burlington (the heart of Halton region), we are offering to Ekaterina our gift of love and respect with this article, carrying enlightening quotes from our spiritual teacher’s teachings, accompanied by the heart-shaped petal roses from our gardens; also we stand together as Shri Mataji always wanted for Her children-followers to create family-like communities, in which we enjoy each other’s spiritual growth, qualities and achievements, while being actively compassionate for everyone else in the larger communities and for the entire world.

ThanksGiving to Enlightened Teachers on our Path towards Togetherness and Effortless Synthesis

Hey, Ekaterina! Burlington is Welcoming you and Everyone on December 10th to The Festival of Inner Lights 2023

Dear readers: Join us on December 10th for the Grand Finale of the 100 Seeds of Joy community initiative!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this articledrop a comment. 🙂

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  1. Paula

    Ekatarina you are a heart in action joined by many hearts here in Halton. Look forward to your collective, multi-cultural performance where inner lights of all cultures unite to spark world peace. See you all Dec. 10, 1-3pm at the art gallery of Burlington for the festival of inner lights. It’s sure to amaze!

  2. Gratiela

    You are gifted Ekaterina with beautiful voice,it is a pleasure to know you.Waiting for you to come again in Burlington.

  3. Anjali

    Dear sister Ekaterina, Congratulations for this lovely award – it is so satisfying to see when beautiful souls like you get the recognition for doing something for the community not to feel good about yourself but because you truly care and want to share that valuable “something” to touch the heart of people in need- as very rightly said with “discretion and humility”
    In March you moved many of us in the audience…I for sure was melting in love, beauty and grace you transmitted during your soulful singing. As we prepare for the new event, we have been listening to your recording and while doing so, I found you so close to me as if you were with us together. Cant wait to share a hug and experience your performance. We are waiting for you with an open heart ready to activate 🙂

  4. Kruti

    Congratulations dear Ekaterina, you truly deserve this award. We have known you for few years now and your singing, music, and to help the community with your talent is just remarkable. It has touched the souls of people and open their hearts with joy. We are looking forward to one more dynamic program on Dec 10th here in Burlington and we are so happy that you are part of it. See you there.

  5. Helen

    Dear, dear Ekaterina,

    Congratulations!! So wonderful all that you do with such love, compassion and caring!
    You are making the world a better place and setting an example for all!!

    Wonderful, wonderful!!

  6. Bogya

    C’est magnifique Ekaterina! Remplir notre coeur d’amour et beauté dans tout ce que nous faisons…

    1. Ekaterina Lavrentyeva

      Thank you so much for all the kind words in the article and in the comments! When I come to Burlington to participate in the activities of Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network, I enjoy it a lot, every moment of it! Your volunteers express so much love and care to every person they meet, they are so generous with their time and their hearts. Healing people’s soul must be the most important step towards the peace on the Earth, and your Seeds of Joy master classes contribute to this noble cause.

  7. NITI

    I met you in March programme,you are such a gentle soul with the heart full of love,which anyone can see through all your kind voice and in all your actions. I really appreciate all your work for humanity,and above all to generate love and peace in the whole universe with the divine gift of your beautiful voice Congratulations for your award.Truly waiting for you again in Burlington.

  8. Armand

    Très chère sœur c’est toujours une fierté et un réel plaisir de voir des personnes de haute naissance accomplir ces choses. L’amour se partage et se vit. J’aurais bien voulu que tu sois avec nous au Bénin, en Afrique de l’Ouest du 8 au 10 décembre pour le Mahakali Puja avec ta voix divine pour sublimer les flots de vibrations que nous recevrons. En espérant quand même te voir un jour en Afrique, au Bénin, félicitations à toi encore pour le prix reçu.

  9. Cheryl

    Thank you for your shining example in this world in turmoil.

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