Feel like A Light among Many Other Lights at The Festival of INNER Lights 2023

Get ready for The Festival of INNER LIGHTS 2023 in Burlington – FREE and OPEN to ALL

Our Poster for The Festival of Inner Lights

This article is all about Inviting YOU to Join Burlington in Celebrating its 150th Anniversary and the 100th Birthday Anniversary of our Enlightened Teacher in a very joyous, melodious, meditative and surprising way during the Festival of Inner Lights 2023. Once you start exploring this article – and make sure to reach to its very end – , you will appreciate what Burlington had to offer to many of its visitors, also how our team of volunteers was able to bring wonderful and talented people to our city for creating some really special moments.

Discover how Mayors were serenaded in the past or they received Letters from those that came only once to Burlington but they could never forget it.

Check Tim’s Letter and Marie-Joelle’s Letter too!

Enjoy these Joyful memories and COME to the Festival!!

Our Team of volunteers from Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network wanst to invite you via this article with video-clips and information, to a very special Free Community Event here in Burlington.

Some of the volunteers that ‘grew their inner lights’ around Burlington’s Orchard Hub in 2023, started caroling on Saturday, Dec 2nd, 2023 in front of the City Hall. Check the videos to realize they are worth listening and answering their Special Invite!

Watch the following Video-Clips and Images that show some snippets from the Hosting Party

(video) Watch the Carolers of Burlington with Oh Come All ye Faitful (is that Ekaterina’s voice?!)

(short) Now that’s what they were actually saying to You:

Our “Orchard Gang of Meditators” from Burlington wanted to Invite YOU from the front of the CITY HALL – Burlington.

Where it will Be? Guess it from the next two video-clips and let us know about it in a comment!

On Saturday our volunteers had a lovely “100 seeds of joy” seminar at the Orchard Hub in Burlington, then thook their joy Downtown ­čÖé

Another clue for you to guess the Location for The Festival of Inner Lights:

Yes, it seems like ‘somewhere else’, but in fact it is the very same LOVELY location in Burlington

You have to watch the Joy of Welcoming Shri Mataji’s Inner Light to the City Hall again!

From the first day when we announced publicly from the City Hall that The Fesival of Inner Lights is coming to town!!

Enjoy some beloved video memories from the previous Community Events offered by the Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network

The Festival of Inner Lights 2017 (every year has an unique format!)

Fall 2023 had seen a lot of 100 Seeds of Joy moments, enjoy this video-clip and the music too!

Surprise from the City Hall when International Youth Travelers and Halton Sahaja Yogis were singing a very special song to The Mayor of Burlington – Do Not Miss this video!

Even the Billboards are inviting You to Join on Sunday, Dec 10th, 2023,

between 1pm-3pm:

The Festival of Inner Lights

You can find many Details here: 100SeedsofJoy.com

As well in the Press Release shared with the local community!

See You There: 100SeedsofJoy.com and Check Who Else is Coming:

(click to read!) Ekaterina – Singer Yogini visiting from Montreal has Heartfelt News to share!

On Nov 27th, on our way towards the City Hall in Burlington to post the banners for The Inner Lights Festival, this is how the sky looked like. There were also the first flurrries in the air. However, the moment we reached downtown, we were right under that breaking through light falling from the sky and ‘there’ we enjoyed a bright blue, sunny and clear sky,eben though it was quite windy! You can see and feel it in the video-clip. A beautiful memorable morning, like a great good omen for our Announcement of the Festival of Inner Lights as well Welcoming Shri Mataji’s 100th Anniversary to Burlington City – the last major event this year dedicated to this milestone for Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network, when we also celebrate our beloved Burlington’s 150th Anniversary.

Feel like A Light among Many Other Lights at The Festival of INNER Lights 2023

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  1. NITI

    Burlington is lighten up with the lights of festival of inner lights,May all the people get enlightened with the light of this source of joy.Amazing video of invite and the boards ,which is full with the tremendous vibrations and sparks of joy.Thanks
    for everything dear Ioana and Halton collectivity for your efforts of hope to bring inner peace in humanity to establish peace among all the human beings.Thanks again.

  2. Ritika

    Looking forward to this beautiful Event.

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