With Trust Open the Heart to Love’s Sophistication & Fragrance from Flowers & Weeds

“So you have to believe in yourself and enjoy the way gently you are sweeping into the current of your Mother’s Love. Just enjoy that. Like a flower that falls into the current and flows and enjoys all the beauties of that current. In the same way you should enjoy. When that enjoyment comes into you, you will start trusting. And trust your Mother.

I try many things to correct you ; but trust in one thing, that whatever I try for you or do anything, anything I may do for you it is just to cleanse you. That’s my job. Maybe sometimes you might feel I am publicly saying things for you. Maybe your images are being ruined by that, or whatever you may think. That’s not the way. It’s for your “hita” it’s for the well-being of your Spirit and that is the most difficult job.

With all this trust in your heart, first trust yourself, trust others, other Sahaja Yogis. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’ Who is thy neighbour?! It’s a Sahaja Yogi. Stand by him.

And trust your Mother. As I have trusted you, you have to trust me and it will work out. Open your heart to this trust. You should    not worry whether it would be absolutely respectable or not, because heart knows.  Whatever your heart will do in its genuine form will be respectable because there resides your Spirit which manifests. That will look after it. By outward forms whatever you try it’s not going to work out. It is that trust in your loving heart that is going to do it.

It doesn’t matter. You see today she (a sahaja yogini) brought some flowers. There were some supposed to be weeds according to her. She went to the station and there she was taking some f lowers out and the station master and his wife were very sweet. They said, ‘Go ahead. They are only weeds. You can have them.’ And they are so fragrant! One of the most fragrant flowers I have ever seen. They are just weeds. They do not conform to any formal flowers or anything but just a few flowers attached to other flowers were most fragrant.

Love gives all the Sophistication and the Fragrance and the breeding which is required.

Not talking of love, but Really loving is The Way.

It’s most enjoyable..”

(the above is a short excerpt from a spontaneous lecture of  Heart & Love addressed specifically to sahaja yoga meditation practitioners in UK, in 1981-08-02.  Fyi: “Mataji” means “Revered Mother” so many of us that practise this form of meditation and connection we refer to Shri Mataji in an informal way as ‘Mother’ because the founder of sahaja yoga meditation is always so loving and compassionate and intimately close to her disciples .. even though Shri Mataji has received so much international praise as a “formally-officially” recognized and highly respected Saint and Yoga  master, teacher and benefactor)

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  1. armaity

    Thanks Ioana for this informal talk on “trust” by Shri Ma. We have to go beyond our love and trust in Her to see that when She gives us tribulations and so called problems, actually what She is doing is trying to make us strong in areas we are a little weak. In Her infinite mercy and grace, She is trying to make us more and more perfect in all aspects, so that we emerge as more strong and rounded Sahaja Yogis.

  2. Debbie

    This just reinforces my belief that no matter what is happening in our lives, we have to open our hearts and our minds and trust in Mother. She knows best and it will all work out…

    Lots of love always.

  3. Chandra

    Thank you Ioana.
    Every time I read and hear Shri Mataji, I keep measuring the “Gap” between what SHE wants me to be and where exactly I am now. I seek HER blessing to gradually dimish that gap. It is happening.
    Your posting, Ioana, always so powerful, I am thankful for that.

  4. Antoinette Wells

    Such a beautiful reminiscence of these invaluably precious spontaneous talks of Shri Mataji in the ealy days: I am fortunate to have gathered quite a few at the time in my diaries. Thank you very much Iona to share this auspicious website!

  5. Anja

    Iona I LOVE YOU and your work is so respectable!! Thank you sooooooo much for sharing with us!

  6. Angi

    Dear Iona, this article is so beautiful and joygiving and the photos are amazing. Thank you for continously bring us joy with all these amazing posts. Love ~ angi

  7. Elsie

    Shri Mataji says “trust your loving heart” How true. It manifests then only beautiful things.

    “With trust open the heart to love’s sophistication and fragrance from weeds and flowers” Again, how beautiful

  8. louise

    Resonating with my heart! thank you Ioana

  9. Pradip Gharpure

    The love spread and developed by Mataji all over the world is matured now. All of us are feeling it with the great blessings of Mataji. Let us be lovable all our life and then Mataji would be very much happy to see the world full of love.

  10. Sunaina

    Thank you Ivona. It is very nice article. Love is everything.

    With Love Sunaina

  11. Sahaj

    Mother’s love has that innate capacity to turn a weed into a flower. Thank you for turning this weed into flower; after all it’s a blossom time.?

  12. Sahaj

    Mother’s love has that innate capacity to turn a weed into a flower. Thank you for turning this weed into flower; after all it’s a blossom time.

  13. Jolanta

    It was a joy to read the post on this website. As I understand it, some of the main points made by the founder of Sahaja Yoga in this talk are about the meaning of true fragrance, as well as the need for self-confidence, and acceptance of various predicaments that happen in our lives, and approaching them (the difficult/unpleasant situations) as lessons which could (should) be used for self-improvement and spiritual growth.

  14. Oresta

    It was wonderful to be reminded to trust no matter what is happening in our lives. I believe we are always moving to a higher level and achieving spiritual growth with every difficult experience we encounter. The flowers are a wonderful way of bringing joy into our lives and it’s nice to be able to appreciate and see the beauty in them even if some of them were weeds. Enjoyed the post.

  15. NITI

    It’s really a cute compilation of Mothers talk about the power of mothers love.we have to trust mothers
    love,whatever she does it is for our benevolence. We should flow with the current of mothers love surrendering everything on her wish.Thanks Ioana for this cute but powerful article.

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