The Mayor of Burlington welcomes Fourty International Youth at the City Hall Singing “Kindle My Heart”

Pin from Burlington Mayor– Article by Nirmal Nair (USA – 16 years old sahaja yogi meditator from Realize Canada Tour 2015)

On the 1st of August, 40 youth from around the world gathered in the city of Vancouver to embark on an adventure we have named “The Realize Canada Tour”. Our goal: to share Sahaja Yoga meditation with the people of Canada. To teach others about inner peace and how to incorporate it with the current modern lifestyle. After visiting every major city between Vancouver and Toronto, we end the Realize Canada tour in the beautiful town of Burlington.

Young sahaaj yogi meditators visiting Burlington from Croatia, USA and Australia (Nira)
Young sahaja yogi meditators visiting Burlington from Croatia, USA and Australia (Nira) – with Realize Canada Tour.  

As preparation for Sahaja Yoga’s event in the Burlington Culture Days, we had our last day of meditation programs in the downtown area at the city hall. The tour held a meditation program in one of the rooms of the city hall where we preformed music and greeted city officials.

Realize Canada in Burlington 7

As we were packing up and preparing to leave, we ran into Mayor Goldring.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.54.51 PM

After a brief introduction, the Mayor decides to take time out of his day to welcome the whole Realize Canada Tour to the city.

Mayor 3

We all gather in front of the city hall, and after kind words are exchanged between the mayor and the Realize Canada Tour, there arises a collective desire among us to perform a song for Goldring.

Realize Canada Tour at City Hall - filmed by the Mayor
Realize Canada Tour at City Hall –  “Kindle My heart’ by youth is filmed by the Mayor  🙂

 We sang a song from the great poet William Blake, titled Kindle My Heart.

(VIDEO) “Kindle My Heartby William Blake – performed by Youth Realize Canada Tour for Mayor Goldring  in front of the Burlington, City Hall 

“We felt the song was appropriate to express the impression Burlington had on the hearts of our tour members.”

Realize Canada Tour Receiving Burlington Pins from Mayor Goldring

We each received a Burlington pin from the Mayor as a parting gift from the city.

Pin from Burlington Mayor

Real.ize Canada in Burlington 4


Overjoyed and full of excitement from the spontaneous meeting,

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.54.51 PMMayor Goldring filming Realize Canada Tour

our Youth Realize Canada tour enjoyed the rest of the evening indulging in ice cream from Crema Di Gelato, and relaxing and meditating upon the shore of lake Ontario and in Burlington’s beloved Spencer Smith park.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.49.28 PM

Meditation in burlington - Realize Canada Tour1

painting and relaxing in Spencer Smith

Sleeping in Burlington

Meditation in burlington - Realize Canada Tour

Collective meditation in Specr Smith park in Burlington

Burlington City Hall-small

 Round House - Yuvas from Calgary -China - Finland

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  1. Nitin Dhotre

    Excellent work by the Mayor ! involved in such Youth activities is a wonderful achievement. Nonetheless, great young people – their project is amazing, hope they get all the support they need. please post more about them!

  2. Helen

    Thanks very much for sharing the joy.

    What a wonderful encounter with the Mayor! The shining faces and smiles say it all and the singing resonates much love and peace!
    Many Blessings, Helen

  3. Carolyn Vance

    Such tremendous energy and inspiration coming from these continuous feeds from Halton. Please never cease, Iona, the photos and videos radiate vibrations and have an impact that we can’t measure, but we know it’s happening.

  4. Kruti Gandhi

    So beautiful to see yuvas blossom in Sahaja Yoga. They all are bubbling with joy.

  5. Paula K Erskine

    Great song from Wi?liam Blake, dynamic yuvas and yogis and everything falling into place in terms of planned and impromptu meditation moments through songs and sincerity. Spontaneous happenings, as the mayor took time out of his busy schedule to hear theirsweetness and meet tomorrow’s future catalysts for change.

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