(photo) Discussion on Meditation with Mayor Goldring @ Williams Fresh Cafe (June 25, 2015) .. and it’s a YES!

Openhouse june 25 at Williams Cafe -Sahaja Yoga meditation  with Mayor Goldring of Burlington -2015
Paula (from sahaja yoga meditation – SYM Halton) , Mayor Goldring, Shulin (SYM- Halton Youth team), Ana Bianca (SYM – Halton Youth team) and Ioana (SYM -Halton) — pleasantly surprised by the sudden request coming from mayor’s chief of staff to .. ‘smile’ for a photo. 🙂  We were already smiling!! Thank you Mr Mayor for meeting with us on such short notice, it was areal pleasure meeting you in person! (photo is courtesy of Mayor’s Office)

We had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting about meditation (of course!) with Mayor Goldring (of Burlington :-)) during the Open House on June 25, 2015 at the lovely Williams Fresh Cafe on Appleby, Burlington. Our team took the opportunity to hand out our Special Invitation for Mayor Goldring to participate to our  very special celebration: 10 years of sahaja yoga meditation classes and events always offered for free in Halton area.

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Don’t miss our event (click!) that is open to the public on Saturday, July 11, 2pm -4pm at Art Gallery of Burlington. Yes, Mayor Goldring will join us and  he will address our gathering!


(did you know?!) Mental Silence is Good for Chakras — Gandhi about ‘The Radio’ & Thoughtless Awareness

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  1. Colleen

    What a great picture, love it!! This July 11 is going to be a big day in Burlington for Sahaja Yoga. 🙂

  2. Gratiela

    It is very great that the Mayor will participate to our event.Happy Birthday SAHAJA YOGA in BURLINGTON !!!

  3. Galina

    So blessed you are. May it be the same allaround the World!

  4. Kruti

    Fabulous news. The world will be a better place when leaders will make right choices. The poster for the event looks amazing too. May the seekers find the path to the ultimate truth.

  5. Kathleen

    This is wonderful! We can’t wait to see Mayor Goldring and other seekers at the event!

  6. Karen

    Beautiful poster for this very special event in Burlington.

    Happy Birthday Burlington Sahaja Yoga!!!

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