Wings of a Dove: A Jazzy Dedication by Sia + Emancipation Quote

Children are the best people who know about Love” – Shri Mataji

Child on Wings

“Let us spread our Wings and Fly in the Sky of Joy”

Joy has no double meaning it’s absolute. You reach to that subtlety, you start enjoying that tasting of joy, not vibration but joy, beyond your central nervous system where it can not be expressed in words.

It expresses in your eyes, in your faces, in the atmosphere, in the nature, everywhere to see the whole thing is blossoming around.

This is what you all have to achieve and for that we have to know that we are not going to bow down to anything that puts our attention into shackles. Mother has freed us, let us spread our wings.

We are not little, small little birdies but now we have become birds and let us spread our wings and fly in the sky of joy.

There is no need for birds to fly.. can sit at a place.. but they need not, they spread their wings and fly because they enjoy, like swimming in the sky of joy,

...use the beauty of this joyous happening to nourish yourself, be happy, make everyone happy and emancipate this world from ignorance.

— Shri Mataji’s Talk, India Tour. Ganapatipule (India), 6 January 1988.

(music) Wings of a Dove – Into a New Dimension of Love by Sia R.K.

Like the Wings of a Dove, In pure shining white,
She spreads Her Love, bringing us light
Into our hearts that are troubled for nothing at all.

And when the new era ends one magical day
Will people hold hands and fly away
to a place yet unknown but familiar to us all.

But until then let me try, let me try to be part of it all…

And to the sound of violins played on heavenly strings
and the rhythm of drums we shall dance
into a new dimension of Love

lyrics by Sia R.K (sahaja yogini singer and song writer from USA who visited Burlington earlier this year and performed during Canada Culture Days 2015 )

Painting by Adrian - artist from Burlington sahaja yoga class
Painting by Adrian – artist yogi brother (Burlington sahaja yoga class)

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  1. Sia

    Thank you!!! What a nice gift to find my little song on here! I hope many souls enjoy it!! Lots of love to all and let’s spread our wings!!! Flying is cool!!! And together so much more fun!

  2. Ioana

    Happy Birthday dear Sia, isn;t this so cool and so sahaj, that this article was ‘born’ today,that happens to be your birthday .. the article was an ‘order’ from above .. as we had no idea that it is your birthday today and we have other 100+ articles ‘to be published’ .. and some with ‘high priority’ as they are related to recent events and successes and projects .. however we as sahaja yogis are spontaneous and we listen to the inner voice .. that comes from our connection to the universe .. and to each other. We are sooo looking forward to welcoming you to Halton /Niagara /Barrie region again!! See you next year “here” — that would be our gift to ask of you 🙂

  3. Tara

    SO nice, and happpy birthday, belated.
    It is really joyful and sweet.

  4. Krystal

    What a gorgeous artical, image and song! Ioana truly this was meant to be.
    As a young/ new yogini who has been growing within this amazing gift and family I can truly say that this artical and image is exactly what Sahaja yoga means to me. Like a bird who could not fly I am slowly growing my wings and allowing my inner sprit to take flight.
    Looking at the image while playing Sia’s song was a beautiful experience. To feel our inner child and our inner sprit we all have the opportunity to take flight into a world of peace and love.
    Thank you Ioana for this beautiful experience and gift.

  5. Dorothy Logan

    Dear Sia,
    We wish you many many more happy birthdays, its a joy to listen to your beautiful voice. Can’t wait for the next event.
    Much Love,

  6. Jon

    Wow, incredible vibrations from the song. Thank you Sia and everyone involved in producing this. The photo and the excerpt are perfect as well. Very, very nice!

  7. paula

    Sia it was wonderful to meet you at Burlington Culture Days and enjoy your musical songwriting and vocal talents permeating the Burlington city hall and the lake Ontario at Spencer Smith park. This article is a gift to all of us for your birthday and everyone’s pleasure. I truly am a fan of your brand of music. So grateful for your depth and open heart. Very nice to meet you here again through the sharing of this wonderfully compiled article.

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