Einstein’s Puzzle: “How to Repair the World?!” – Sweet Story with ‘Handy Solution’

Albert Einstein and Sahaja Yogis are like Scientists Children in Pursuit of Truth & Beauty


‘Study and, in general the pursuit of Truth and Beauty is a Sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all of our lives.’

‘If I had an hour to save the world I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute finding solutions’.

The  above 2 quotes belong to  Albert Einstein and I feel they represent a good introduction to the  Story below that is so purely Sahaj in its essence – for this reason I love to share it with you. It had circulated  few years back by email and I assume that it has an anonymous author. Those of us that had to (or loved to) study Math, Science, Logic deep enough to be introduced to the problems considered “famous” – we might recall  “Einstein’s Puzzle” or “Einstein’s Riddle” (despite the fact that most probably it does not belong to Einstein or it was somehow adapted).  I always felt that such title should be used for something wider and deeper rather for that particular test of IQ. Hopefully this spontaneous initiative will honour it in the form of a Sphere of Activity, made of words and images – allowing us to be once more children with a beautiful/enlightened mind, set  in pursuit of Beauty & Truth.. Even towards finding a solution for saving the world! Why not?!  Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did the Story below – and the cute photo of Einstein as a child that I felt is a good match. 🙂

Albert Einstein - His First photo as a child Once there was a scientist who lived worried about the problems in the world, and was decided to find the ways in which these could be less. He would spend days and days in his lab searching for answers with no results. Then one day, his seven year old son invaded his sanctuary, set upon helping him in his task. The scientist, nervous about his son’ s interruption, asked him to go play outside. Seeing that it was impossible to get him out, the father thought of something to give his child to distract his attention. Suddenly he found a magazine in which there was a map of the world! With scissors, he cut in several pieces the map, grabbed some duck tape and gave all that to his son and said: “Since I know how much you like jigsaw puzzles, I am going to give you the world all cut into pieces so that you repair it all by yourself”. The scientist thought that it would take the child at least 10 days to repair the map, but it didn’t happen that way……Just after a few hours, he heard his child’s voice calling him in a serene way. “Dad Dad, I finished repairing the whole map.” At first the father didn’t believe his son. He thought that it was impossible that at his young age, he could repair it without ever seeing it before. Sceptical, looking away from his scientific writings, he directed his sight towards the map that his son had repaired. He was certain to find a job made by just a kid. Surprisingly, he noticed that the map was very well put together, with all the pieces placed in the correct place. How was that possible?  How was the child capable of doing such a good work? The father with much amazement asked his son: “My child, you didn’t know how the world was , how did you do it? And the child answered:

“Dad I didn’t know how the world was…but when you took out the map from the magazine to cut it into pieces, I noticed that in the other side, there was the shape of a man. So I turned each little piece and started to repair the man.

When I was able to repair the Man, I turned it to the other side and saw that I had repaired the World.”

Clearly enough, the sahaj solution in repairing the  World (or  Man’s world) is definitely by repairing the Man (of course, representing the human being). And the solution to this is right here, in our hands – from a sahaj perspective too – because the Roots of our being can be felt in our  being , specially in our hands (the subtle system with its energy channels and its energy centres/chakras are mapped to/represented and felt  in our hands ). This we should not believe or accept blindly but try sahaja yoga meditation with an open heart, like a child and with an open mind, like a scientist.

Shri Mataji (founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation) –  Quotes mentioning Kundalini Awakening as solution for changing/saving the world:

I said I bow to you all because you’re seekers of Truth. At the very outset, one has to know that Truth is what it is. You cannot change it. You cannot transform it. You cannot conceptualize it. And, unfortunately, at this human awareness, you cannot know it, whatever you may try. Now, whatever I am going to tell you should be taken as a hypothesis, but you should have an open mind of a scientist. If it is true, you should accept it, if you are honest and, one must know that it is for the benevolence, your benevolence as well as the benevolence of your country and the benevolence of the whole world… You have to have some amount of I.Q. to understand that we have to achieve our selfhood, our spirithood.’

‘So please listen to Me carefully. We have this power of Kundalini within us. It’s a very ancient science from India. In the Koran also is written.. In the Bible it is said that “I will appear before you like tongues of flames.”..  Now the reality is that you must experience. You not blindly have faith in me. We have had enough problems of blind faiths on and off. But experience, experiencing that this Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanelle bone area. And the result: you get connected with this all-pervading power of Divine Love. It is no lecture. It is no sermon.  You have to rise in your Spirit and realize and understand it. Why? Because you have to do good to others. With your ignorance, you will stop the progress of others. What a responsibility, what a beautiful responsibility you have..

‘It is something internal — nothing to change outside. I know there is going to be global transformation in the world. Even the database of your genes change. All kinds of people have come to Sahaja Yoga, have got transformation. So many people have been cured, have been cured of incurable diseases without paying anything, by their own powers, so easily Sahaj, spontaneous. Even the animals, if you give them these divine vibrations (with our hands), even the crops and things grow ten times better… It is your own power. Only to know how glorious you are, how great you are, absolutely free because you get that superior intelligence. In the light of Spirit,you know what is constructive for you. You know absolute knowledge.. Now you can feel the operating power in your hands, you’ll see that…You will feel the cool breeze. This is the operating power and on your fingertips you will know about your centres and about the centres of others.’

‘If we have to change this world, and if we have to save our people from complete destruction, we have to take to wisdom, and that is only possible when the brain is enlightened by Kundalini. This is what is very important today, when we see that this world is on the verge of destruction..’

So, one has to realise how this ascent into that peaceful area of complete security works, and to enjoy your own values, your own status as a Yogi. But a Yogi is never an egoist. He never boasts about his state. On the contrary, he is extremely humble and helps everyone to come up to that state. Such a person is always concerned about the well-being of the whole world. This concern comes as his Dharma, his religion, which is not forced upon him, but is innate within him, so that he works in that way. He cannot commit sin because he has a personality now which is sinless, which abhors sin. In this evolutionary process now he has developed a sense of repulsion from something that is sinful or wrong. This sort of a personality will change the whole world…’

We also learn in sahaja yoga meditation that the chakras are represented also at the level of planet earth – countries, places; everything, from atoms to planets can be associated with specific energy centres/chakras and by awakening of our Kundalini energy we have access to feel the status – in our hands – at the subtle level, for any entity that is part of our World. So literally we keep The World in our Hands.


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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    What a lovely and lively quote. I recall when Einstein once was quoted to have said…we are like the tiny grains of sands in the vast seashore…. Yes and it is so true, when a tree grows in height it has teh capacity to bend and it bends in humility and not by its weight. Or else it meets its eventual fate by manace of environment that puts it to shape. Such is the case with human beings also. So true. Einstein was a realized soul and gave so much to us. Our most holy Mothe’r – Shri Mataji often quoted him on his Torsion Field theory’ that gives a little hint on gross level to human to understand the dimension of the experience after attaining the ‘thoughtless state’ at the level of pinnacle of spirituality called as Saharara or the seventh Chakra .

    We achieve Wisdom through our experiences and experiences can be obtained through ways of mistakes that we commits in past and eventually teh mistakes are an error caused essentially by our Foolishness. Therfore let us see what Einstein say in wholesome when we draw a line …wisdom of Today comes from our Foolishness of yester experiences.We neither can buy nor acquire wisdom just like what Realized soul like Einstein may have acquired it since his childhood…be it the Man behind the globe or Map behind the man.

    A real good and articulated composition Ioana. Enjoyed thoroughly in 2010. It was indeed a very refreshing opening chapter of Your Halton site in New Year. Thank you Ioana . I love you all and for the blessed persons of Halton to have privilege to have such beautiful ‘Man'(?) behind the lovely creative ‘World’ of Halton experience.

    1. adrian

      I understand what you say about “achieving wisdom” from the mistakes we have chosen to make… of course we can be “aware” or “not”… in which case we can continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over, without realizing that we actually have something to do with the outcome… that is why it is preferable to be “realized or awake”… so those original mistakes allow us the opportunity to “learn” or “not”. I also like what you say about the “tree bending in humility”… it requires humility to “learn from our mistakes”… it requires us to desist from trying to defend what we know is a mistake… again, that is what it means to be awake or realized. What many do not know about Einstein is that he was actually a very spiritual being… unfortunately that is not the stuff that students are taught about this man… and he also made mistakes… so there is no shame in that… simply learning to “let go” the stuff that is no longer of any use to us.


      1. Rabi

        Dear Adrian has tempted me to comment and share a beautiful annecdote that Shri Mataji once shared with her children in her teachings. To stand on one’s Dharma.

        Once as the Indian Legend goes Lord Shiva with his consort Parvati was travelling across the continents to see how their creations were doings.

        They come across a snake lying idle under a tree. So they go to him and ask

        ‘Son what’s your problem in life?’
        The snake replies to Lord’s question that
        ‘My Lord kindly tell me the means to worship your holy feet and achive what I want to achieve as peace on earth’.
        So Lord sayth unto the snake:
        ‘Son, look meditate with full surrender and you will get your all desires fulfilled’.

        So, they(Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati) both leave the snake behind and the snake thence onward sat in deep meditation meditating on Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati.

        Now after years the Lord and Mother returns retracing the same path to find the snake laying still with profuse bleeding under the same tree.

        Compassionate Mother much worried comes and lifts her child and asks
        ‘What has happened to you my son? who did all these to you and why?’
        To Mother’s question the snake replies

        ‘Mother I was meditating since you advised me to do so. But while I was engrossed imn meditation the children threw all stones at me and played with my silence and non reaction’.

        Lord Shiva thus speakth back again to the serpent:

        ‘My son, I asked you to go in meditation to attain your tranquility that you desired but did I ever asked you to forgive and forget all your dharmas that you were blessed with? Why did you forget your dharma of hissssing at others, that would have averted all pelting of stones at you and kept them away from approaching you by tyour Dharma…..and you would not have attained this state what you have now.’ Why did you forget all Dharma’?

        The moral of the story is : our mistakes are committed and pardoned too after realization but we need to stand on our dharma. Like what Adrian express so beautifully about genes and database. Even ‘Dharma changes after being realized’. and we tend to go beyond ‘Dharma’ to attain the ‘wisdom’. We become ‘Dharmatita’ as they call.

        So let us have our innate quality . It is true we must learn from our past mistakes and acquire the wisdom to grow and that is probably the gateway to become and be realized forever and the stuggle goes forever and not sleep away from our responsibilities thinking it won’t come back to me since I am realized now. Since we want to achive something but on the other hand forget our duties towards our ownselves and the family we live in this world.We have to value the valuable that is needed to be valued anyway.

        Like someone says: ‘I slept and dreamt ‘Life was full of beauty’ , but when I woke I found ‘life is full of duty’.

        All my love. Beautiful quote Adrian. I love it.

  2. adrian

    Shri Mataji mentions… “even the database of your genes change”… in response to the all-pervading power of “spirit”.

    So what does this mean! It simply means that anything that is taken as consciously responsible for humanity is possible… on the level of the individual as well globally and beyond.

    I feel we have been programmed to believe that genetics (our genes) move only in one direction… think of the idea of a game of cards… we are dealt a hand of say five cards, and that is it! Not so… I believe that Shri Mataji is saying that if you don’t like the hand you have been dealt… then simply change it… you must of course take responsibility for the changes you ask for, and in a way that exemplifies our true nature… loving, with humility and so on… in other words without ego or judgment. So our genetic make-up or gene database can be changed… through our awakening or self realization.

  3. Claudia

    Beautiful to read how the curiosity, resourcefulness and perseverance of the child brought to life a quote of hope.

  4. adrian

    Dear Rabi

    Thank you for your comment about my comment, and particularly the story about the snake lying idle under the tree…

    Joy to you

    1. adrian

      It is interesting to re-read our words(dialectic) to one anothere Rabi.

      So I have had a bit of time to reflect on the “snake parable”… from a year or so ago.

      The snake believes that all she/he had to do was to meditate… and forgot about the importance of “dharma”… interesting!

      Here is my thought on that, to simplify the meaning of our dharma…

      “eternal law of the universe”… was the dictionary definition for dharma


      So for me that is what I/we/you may call the “knowledge” that is not of books… rather just a “knowing”…

      Next… my own knowing of this idea is the word “honoring” or the idea of “loving oneself” first.

      Also interesting for me was to learn in the Guru activity what the Prophet Nanak said about this…

      He was asked the following question…

      How does the world come into being?

      Nanak answered…
      The world comes into being, O man, through a sense of “individuation”.

      In the story of the snake… he/she allowed him/herself to suffer by being stoned!

      Here is the next question that Nanak was asked…

      How does suffering come to an end?

      Answer was/is… still…

      “Suffering comes by forsaking the name”!

      This means that this knowledge we have access too was not heeded, we were not listening to our intuition… which was to understand the meaning of the word…

      to individuate
      or to honor self
      or to love self first

      Nanak goes on to say…

      “the gurumukh practices on the quintescence of divine knowledge”


      “Through the name he remains detached and he enshrines the Lord within him”.

      So in the end…

      The snake needed to understand that he too could stand “Tall and Free”… or… simply to take responsibility for his/her own well being… by “hissing at the rock throwing passersby”.

      Thanks for the reminder Rabi… and Nanak

  5. shashidhar

    This is a story of the famous (late) Indian Scientist Dr. Hargobind Khorana and his son…

    Dr Khorana had, with complicated logic, proved to his eminent peers that God does not exist. Firm in this belief, and wanting to hammer it home, he put up a sign to this effect over the door to his house: “GOD IS NOWHERE”!

    His little son returned from school and proudly told his father that he could now manage to read sentences. Dr Khorana promptly asked his son to read the statement above the main door. The little boy looked hard at the line and began: GOD – IS – NOW – HERE…

    It is said that, contrary to all logic, Dr Khorana’s belief had changed!

    Long live the innocence of children, and may it infect all mankind!

  6. Debbie

    Very enlightening – there is a song now that I remember that goes something like, “he’s got the whole world in his hands”. I think it was about Jesus Christ if I am not mistaken. Very Sahaj this message and so true. I love the picture of Einstein when he was a kid – so sweet, innocent and pure.

  7. Hitesh

    Articles here are just getting better and better. What a spiritual breakfast!

  8. armaity

    Have you ever stopped to wonder,
    at the innocence that shines out of a child’s eyes;
    how innocent is that innocence!
    What power does it energize,
    what beauty it does irradiate,
    what peace it does bequest
    to the heart that beholds it?

  9. pooyan

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful story, great quotes.

  10. Elsie

    Shri Mataji tell us that the yogi is never an egoist. He cannot commit sin because he abhors sin. He has developed a sense repulsion for something that is wrong. This kind of person will change the whole world. So we who practice meditation can help change the world. I can see why Sahaja Yoga must be available to everyone and spread because only then will there be an impact on the whole world, a world that will be filled with beauty and truth, compassion, kindness. “Be the kind of person you want the world to be”

  11. Antoinette Wells

    Beautiful! Iona! and I love the blue ‘world’ hands!. also the riddle of the puzzle is so imaginative, ancient like an old philosophy and of course true!
    Thank you for your ever creative blog.

  12. Elsie Kuly

    To see the world through a child’s eyes is to see awesome events. Children are curious and view events with such joy and wonder that it is impossible to not be caught up in this joy

    “pursuit of Truth and Beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives” To view the world with the innocence of a child – how beautiful
    A wonderful article – thanks

  13. paula

    “Study and, in general the pursuit of Truth and Beauty is a Sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all of our lives.” Einstein

    “When I was able to repair the Man, I turned it to the other side and saw that I had repaired the World.”

    I was clicking for inspiration on one of the bottom links of the Mars article, and found an answer to 2 questions I asked the universe today…

    I am working on repairing the “woman/man” through meditation, and discovering, that maintaining my own spiritual being is not only important for my own mental and spiritual health, but is integral to repairing the world. This week I shared 4 self realization experiences to flight attendants on the plane. Each one of them felt the cool wave breeze in their hands, body, above their heads. We are all just instruments, but I can tell you, their faces were so wondrous, so amazed, that they became as innocent as children, laughing with joy and amazement at the cool breezes and flow they felt in their physical body. There was no other thought in those moments, nothing but wonder.

    I felt so amazed when it happened to me for the first time. I am so happy when someone else gets their self-realization and is awe-struck by the power surging within them in connection with the divine. After 5 years, I see the proof that this is the quickest, purist way to awaken the energy every week. How many have we witnessed get the cool breeze or sensations on their hands from this connection? We are in the hundreds of hundreds just locally through the classes. And globally, well into the thousands and possibly millions.

    Both Einstein and Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, hold very rare honors bestowed from the University of St. Petersberg in Russia for their Scientific, human discoveries that have changed and continues to change the world, one human being at a time.

    I can feel the truth in the words like a cool breeze. After feeling this coolness, it becomes like a “mothering” GPS, that gently guides, nourishes, flows, and expands one’s ability to absorb joy in the present.

    There is no doubt, this is the paradise, and every day I am able to feel even more joy of nature, people, places. It is more than thinking positive. Once in connection with the all-pervading power, the true yoga, the potential of happiness becomes unlimited.

    Just wanted to share my joy and my appreciation for this article.

    1. Arie/Adrian

      I am…
      In your joy.

  14. Paula

    Upon reading this article again and reading all the deep and beautiful legends, stories, reflections i am so moved at the depth and quality and beauty of people who are imbibing the wisdom of this website.

    Last night i was simply enjoying a meal with colleagues and our collective attention turned to raising the awareness of the problems the world faces, locally and globally. What it would take to activate more awareness and solutions. The vibrations starting flowing out from our intentions, our deep love for aboriginal people, our desire for world peace, our desire to protect the innocents. It was a call to the universe and to ourselves to be more dynamic in our attention and intentions to change the world, to repair, to evolve. We hope more and more will catch this wave through the collective consciousness. I felt beautiful waves of vibrations right there at the dinner table. They may just have gotten their self realization as the vibrations were so strong for me. I hope they felt it too.

  15. paula

    Here we are in 2020, and this article is as deep and relevant today in these challenging times of self isolation than ever. The corona virus has impacted all of us, the whole world. Can we now see that if we repair each of us, from the inside out, that we will repair the world? It starts from sprouting this seed of self awareness, it will grow in thoughtless awareness, and it will penetrate the whole world as a doubtless awareness. We are no doubt interwoven by a planet we share, our souls, our hearts, our compassion. If we love ourselves, if we can have compassion for others, then there is no other. There is no us, and them. We are One. We are part and parcel of the whole.

    Thank you to Shri Mataji our meditation teacher who brought to light the purpose and meaning of our lives. Thank you for empowering us with the capacity to awaken kundalini energy, the life force, in others. Thank you for opening the Sahasrara chakra for the whole world. Thank you for expanding our lives into the 4th and 5th dimension.

    The gift of self realization, true yoga connection, in which one can verify the activation of enlightenment by feeling a cool breeze flowing through the central nervous system is the next step in our human evolution. It will not cost a thing. It is passed on by realized souls, like one candle, enlightening another candle.

    The online meditations offered here have opened up even more pathways to the 7th chakra within me. I can feel it like a soothing wave travelling upwards through the central nervous system. It is difficult to describe that feeling, but it is an inner journey that catapults you to a new reality. Simply incredible.

  16. Jolanta

    Such a lovely story and a fitting metaphor for the essence of Sahaja Yoga.

  17. Jolanta

    Dear Ioana,
    Thank you for recommending this article for the online SYMN class. Re-reading the beautiful story and the excerpt from Shri Mataji’s talk continues to be an inspiration in the pursuit of truth regardless of the troubles encountered on this journey.

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