Floriana’s Heartfelt Testimonial on Wings of a Dove (GREAT MUSIC!)

(short VIDEO) Live Testimonial @ Meditation Burlington Class

( image up in few seconds)From Portugal to Canada:  Searching for “the right answer

(music video) Wings of a Dove (created and sung by Sia R.K, UK) 


(click!) Adrian’s Heart Chakra Experience in Art (VIDEO) 

(click!)  Floriana’s Root Chakra Artwork (Photos) 

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  1. nicolette van 't hek

    Such a beautiful talk, well done, thank you.

  2. paula

    FLoriana your testimonial was fully loaded with wisdom, you have really grown through Sahaja Yoga meditation and reflected upon the improvements and the miracles. You recognize the miracles! I felt your great vibrations the entire presentation, it was completely honest and from the heart. This pure knowledge to speak to the very heart of us. I have felt such miracles too. It is so interesting what you say about the idea of “having to suffer”…my father, now 82, said it the other day…like maybe we are supposed to suffer. I firmly said absolutely not! And thanks to Sahaja Yoga, I can announce with confidence and thanks to these teachings and the miracles I have witnessed for myself and others…that we are here on this earth to ENJOY! I had felt snippets of happiness, have tried to be positive always, sometimes noticed things going my way in spurts, but never knew what was this force that was the cause of these blessings. I was grateful, but, until this type of meditation, I could not tap in and sustain myself, steady it, realize how to maintain it, it is beyond the thoughts, but it is within our reach. Life is manageable, beautiful, joyous and a miracle every day.

    I am so inspired by your growth Floriana! The last time I saw you in Oakville class and you we broke down into littler groups to learn more, your words were emitting such vibrations…I felt you were completely connected and I enjoyed being around you. That is what it is to be around someone who emits the light of the spirit! They become, absolutely magnetic, guided by that divine force. So congratulations, on all the blessings you have received and it is an honour to know you and a pleasure to spend time with you. Excellent presentation! It really shows you are a teacher of very high quality.

  3. doina mira

    Very touching and insightful! Jay Shri Mataji!

  4. Shulin

    dear aunty Floriana, We are so happy that you have joined us! And it feels like you have always been part of the family :)))) This presentation is amazing! It takes a lot of courage to share your stories and journey. And I’m so happy that you have found peace and security in Sahaja Yoga. We love being with you and hope to seeing you finding more diamonds in sahaja yoga and in yourself :)))) looove shulin

  5. Gabriela Stefanescu

    Congratulations about all your work. Being teacher helps you to make those presentations.

  6. Chandra

    Shree Mataji sends us Her blessings and protections in many different packages and you are one such package!!
    You don’t know what you have done to me through your such a 15-minute beautiful and innocent talk!!

    A very resounding “YES”, SHE is there for us all and there is nothing to worry about.

    You don’t know me but now I know you very well now through your beautiful talk.

    Hi there all others,
    I see you all soon. I miss you all so much, Ioana, Paula, Peter, John,mama, shulin, Abi, Indu and all others I don’t remember names..
    Sahaja Yoga is our real family.

  7. Jon

    Floriana, that was a great video, and it was so cool and light! Thank you so much for sharing your experience through the Sahaj Guru Game. It is a wonderful way for everyone to see and enjoy how our own meditation practice changes our lives very much for the better. See you in class!

  8. Colleen

    Beautiful Floriana, miss you at Burlington class, hope to see you soon. Much love.

  9. Helen

    Dear Floriana,
    Thank you for sharing so bravely these experiences. How you manage to identify the issues and surrender with such innocence and courage is so soothing to hear.

    Seeing this video has helped me now very much!

    Hope to meet you in person soon. Keep surrendering on this exciting journey.
    Nirmal love, Helen

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