Today is Live Music Therapy with Meditation Program @ Burlington City Hall ++ What is Ganesha Chaturthi?

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Today is a special day! For once because on Ganesha Chaturthi  is celebrated the birth of Lord Ganesha when millions of people sing and meditate on Shri Ganesha – not only Hindus but also Buddhist and Jainists revere this extremely popular spiritual symbol as the remover of obstacles, supporter of fresh beginnings, and the patron of arts and sciences and the divine principle of  intellect, innocence and wisdom.

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation we also embrace the universal truth and in perfect serendipity, on this day our team of volunteers will offer a Free Introduction to Meditation with Live Music Therapy to Burlington City Hall’s employees.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation at City Hally - Sept 17 2015 -Flyer

 (with the flyer above – below is an excerpt from how this event was announced at City Hall)

Sahaja Yoga Free Meditation is celebrating 10 years of offering weekly classes, cultural and wellness activities and yoga meditation workshops in Burlington. Join the family of sahaja yogis with special guest Mar’yana Svarnyk directly from the Shri P.K.Salve Kala Pratishtan Arts Academy in India.

This event will feature a basic Inner Energy Workshop with volunteer instructors from Sahaja yoga meditation in an introductory one on one experience. During this simple and effective workshop on meditation and inner energy centers, the goal is to spread inner peace, reduce stress and awaken creativity.

We thank to the City Hall and to Angela, the manager of arts and culture in Burlington, for all the support ! The participants enjoyed our ‘meditation with music class’, they even stayed for a chakra workshop. It was such a good feeling to receive their heartfelt thanks and listen to how they congratulated each other for the spark in their eyes  – one of the under promoted benefits of this meditation 🙂 !Isn’t this something how such an event happens on such an auspicious day ?! Truly Burlington is an enlightened town, standing proud on the shores of lake Ontario.

Learn more about Shri Ganesha and its Yogic Connections (Compilations)


Shri Ganesha of the Root /Mooladhara Chakra 

Ganesha Symbolism

(click!) Ganesha’s Symbolism & Meditation on Einstein’s Magnanimity of Mind & Heart in Mars – Opening the Fountain of Bliss with Two Promises to Shri Ganesha


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  1. Colleen

    I’m so glad it went well at Burlington City Hall. This is just the beginning!!

  2. paula

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait to come back for the culture days! Sept. 25 – 27th in burlington at city hall outside again with even more musicians and a full on outdoor event on Friday Sept.
    25! Festivities are open to the public and start from 12-8 pm. Live music,workshops, great vibrations!2 wonderful musicians from England and Holland will join us! Come all!

  3. Constantine

    Very nice!

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