How to Pray? The Native Way – The Sahaja Yogi Way in 4 Prayer Exercises for Self-Improvement during Meditation

  • Shri Mataji – How to Pray in Sahaja Yoga?

    Let’s open our hands towards the screen  ..  absorbing the Vibrations  while we receive the wisdom ..  let’s read and feel..

    .. Meditation will happen spontaneously .. in a sahaj way..

    “Pray with your Heart.

    First of all, you must ask for strength from Mother. ‘Give me strength so that I be genuine, I won’t deceive myself.’

    You are deceiving yourselves, morning till evening. ‘Give me strength that I face myself’ and say it: ‘with my heart that I try to improve myself. ‘ Because these are defects which are not your own, they are outside. If they fall off, you will feel all right, you’ll be perfect.

    Now, then you should ask for forgiveness, pray for forgiveness. There should be prayer, say that, ‘Forgive me because I have been ignorant, I did not know what to do, I have done mistakes so You please forgive me.’  That is the first thing one has to ask, is the forgiveness.

    Then second thing you ask for is,

    ‘Give me a sweet tongue. A method by which I become communicative with others, others respect me, they like me, they like my presence.

    Give me strength. Give me love, give me that beauty of culture, beauty of understanding that everybody loves me, wants me.’ Ask for that.

    In the prayer you ask that, ‘Oh Lord, give me the sense of security of my Spirit, so that I do not feel insecure, by which I trouble others, or get angry. Give me sense of my own dignity, so that I do not feel that I am belittled or somebody has belittled me.

    If you are at a higher position nobody can belittle you. It’s only you belittled by your foolishness and doubtfulness.

    Ask for strength that, ‘Give me my witness-state, give me satisfaction. Let me feel my satisfaction from what I have. Whatever I have, whatever I eat, everything, take out my attention away from all these things.’ 

    You know that your attention is in the stomach, and those who are very much interested in food will get liver (problem), in any case, whatever you may try.

    If anything like this, (pray)  ‘Wherever my attention is going, please give me strength to pull it back. (Chittanirodh in Sanskrit).

    Teach me how to avoid things that tempt me, that take away my attention, take away my thoughts.

    Give me witness-state by which I see the whole drama.

    Let me never spite others and criticize others. Let me see my mistakes, not others.

    Let me see why people are not happy with me. Give me strength to have a very sweet tongue and a sweet nature so that others like my company, they enjoy my company.

    Let me be like a flower and not like a thorn.’

    You have to pray. All these prayers are going to help you.

    Then ask for the greatest prayer which is, 

    Please keep me away from Ego that gives me ideas that I am superior to others,

    I am better than others, or in any way it takes away my meekness and my humility.

    Give me natural humility by which I can penetrate into the hearts of people.’

    Just you have to bend your head and you go up to your heart.

    You have to bend your head.

    Just to bend your head and there is your heart where resides the Spirit. Be with it (your Spirit). If you are any way hurting your ego, or you are hurting somebody’s  ego it is just the same. You will behave in the same manner, in the same egoistical manner.

    So try to understand that these things have to go away.

    The best is to pray and ask for help.

    Prayer is a very big thing, but with your heart pray that,

    God give us strength and that growth that we can please our Mother sometimes.

    We want to please our Mother, we want to see Her happy.’

    “The only thing that really will really gives me happiness is that

    the way I love you, you love each other.”

    “Try to go out of yourself. Selfishness has to be controlled.

    Self-centeredness has to be finished. Self-indulgences are to be taken away.”

    Shri Mataji’s  Advice to Yogis at Chelsham ashram, London (UK), 26 September 1980

    **dedicated to Shri Mataji – 1 day after Remembering Her passing on Feb 23, 2011

    (AUM, Ganesha, Jesus) – The Divine Essence of Prayer

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  1. Air Cmde Nagendra K Jha

    Jai Shree Mata Ji
    Very Divine and sweet prayer- for uplifting self- Prem Tatwa-becomes- Atma Tatwa- a drop in the ocean of love-becomes part and parcel of Virat.
    Sahaja Yoga will save the world from complete destruction.
    Jai Shree Mata Ji

  2. Issifou Toussouere

    Thank you so much for the prayers. They have been useful to me. I’m a Sahaja yogi living in Benin.I’m an English teacher. This is my fourth year in Sahaja yoga. Mother has changed my life. And make it hopeful and pure. But you know when you are born in Muslim familly, you have troubles to Practice well Sahaja yoga because people go far in Islam and become extremists and blind. And whenever you tried to progress, they keep disturbing you.. This last year, i had trouble to progress in meditation. And i want you to please help me find my way back to my Inner Self as Mother helped me to reach when i’ve started Sahaja yoga. I also want to know how can i establish my Ganesha Tatwa and my Lakshmi Tatwa. Please help me dear brothers and sisters. I love you all. I just want to go back to the Holy Feet of my Divine Mother.

  3. Ioana

    Shared as received .. comments from a reader from New Zealand:

    “Thank you so much for these beautiful words of wisdom and soothing pictures of nature .. love it..”

  4. Kruti

    Just the right quotes I was looking for this morning. I was already in meditation and feeling the cool breeze while reading it. Thank you for compiling Mother’s advices so beautifully.

  5. Shivangna

    You sharing this article again came at the right time. Sometimes you realize how far you have to go and don’t know where to begin fixing it all. This is exactly how I was feeling…each line of the prayer basically corresponds to every ‘frustration’ I was feeling within. Lo and behold, this prayer came at the right time. It works like a soothing balm. Thank you for this reminder. The act of prayer is so powerful and effective and we need to lean on it more.

  6. Jolanta

    Issifou’s response reminds me of the hostility towards Sahaja Yoga meditation displayed by some people I know, and the comment of an “old” yogi who said that “the person(s) who hate Shri Mataji(‘s photograph) really hate(s) themselves”, which I can confirm based on my experience. Thank you Ioana for posting Shri Mataji’s advice on how to pray. Very helpful!

  7. Anjali Gandhi

    Simple and so effective in our spiritual growth. Thank you for this article.

  8. Niti

    Thanks Ioana for this amazing article.Mother herself
    taught us how to connect with divine through very simple but very strong prayers.I can feel mother’s love very Strongly in this article that all her children become beautiful realized human being without any selfishness and ego.

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