(45 Seconds) Native Drums with Youth Meditators at Round House of New Credit First Nation

Round House - Yuvas from Calgary -China - Finland


45 sec VIDEO


Native Drums from sharevidya youtube channel

Samantha‘s Recollection: 

“As part of the Realize Canada Tour while they were in the Toronto area, a group of us went to Nancy’s round house in New Credit First Nation Reserve to give a sahaja yoga meditation with live music program, and it was a wonderful time. The information they had there was interesting and informative and we were allowed to play with their drums and instruments, which was a great experience for me. I have been wanting to try drums for some time but until now, no opportunity had cropped up, so getting the chance to play the drums with the other young meditators was a lot of fun; I got very into the playing, though I only played for two songs I was in meditation the entire time and vibrations were incredible, it just felt so * natural* for me to play the drums and to play with them, I could feel the beat right through my entire being and I did not want the experience to end.
 Round House - Kathleen and Calgary yuva
The meditation at the round house was also an experience to remember, it was so deep and the vibrations were so wonderful- especially while one of the tour members, 17 year old Nirmal from Seattle was playing the flute, he played so beautifully and with such passion the vibrations just flowed so clearly, I was in heaven there and so connected, I can’t wait for a chance to go back someday and feel the place and the land even more.” – Samantha from Burlington, Halton, Ontario (Youth Class)
Round House 1



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Trees from Halton region, Canada

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  1. Shulin

    So much joy coming from the rythym that we all beat together in our hearts. Really miss this place and everyone who was there. Hope it wouldn’t be too long before we meet here again.

  2. Paula

    Truly great memories. Very inspiring, very honored.

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