Starbucks Customers LOVE the ROCK Meditation

Let’s see Why the Starbucks Customers and Personnel LOVE the ROCK Meditation

The poster for our July event at Starbucks in Burlington

Explore Quotes of Wisdom and Beautiful Feedback from this Event

 “Just see the Joy and Creativity! That joyous state is so beautiful. It is neither unhappiness or happiness or anything – it’s just Joy and you enjoy everything, every person, every moment of your life is filled with Joy and you give Joy to others. This is what has to happen to you.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation [Public Program at Royal Albert Hall in London, UK on July 10th,1999]

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network is Sowing Seeds of Joy in our Community

At Orchard Hub in Burlington we are offering such a variety of free programs! Join us every Wednesday.
Check our 100 Seeds of Joy Calendar.
By Burlington’s Lakeshore (Ioana’s photo). Mother Nature has a Master in Creativity. Here there are sunrise photos.

Indeed, starting with March 21st, 2023, our team of volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network, is moving forward, sometimes even “rocks and rolls” with various creative events, to achieve the goal of sowing 100 Seeds of Joy this year, here in Burlington. It is also joyous to see that our team is called to cultivate our Seeds of Joy even beyond Burlington’s borders.

How a Seed of Joy can create MORE Seeds of Joy in our Community

We were postering around for people to know that such free events, offering wellness workshops in creative ways, are available in our community. It seems that even our posters can act as seeds of joy :-), because a Starbucks manager noticed one of our posters for a Free Event at Orchard Hub in Burlington and wanted to bring the 100 Seeds of Joy events for their Customers. That’s how this event was born!

Feedback collected from Participants

Let’s check the impressions collected by Anjali [ from our team of SYMN volunteers ] from some of those Starbucks customers that participated to our “Meditation with Rock Painting Event” offered back in July 2023. Kathleen and Anjali were there for the entire event’s duration, representing our 100 Seeds of Joy initiative. I only came by for a little bit to enjoy the positive energy and had a chance to chat with the participants (mothers, fathers and their children] as well snapped a few photos for you. 🙂


It was a nice experience, my child loved it..


“This was a wonderful  opportunity  to meet people  and given an introduction  to what meditation is for kids.

I will definitely  attend  future meditation sessions. Thank you so much for  the opportunity.”


The rock painting workshop and meditation is amazing!! 👏 “

Feedback from the Starbucks Supervisor and Partners

Some of these messages were received by Anjali on the spot right after the event, and others were received via text messages by Ioana from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team. Our team is grateful for being invited by the Starbucks team to collaborate on this event and for all their support. We added them to our 2023 List with Cultivators of Joy 🙂

Urooj (Starbucks Supervisor)

Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network volunteers were so pleasant and kind.

They worked so well with the kids and were very understanding.

Working alongside them was smooth.

The meditation was wonderful,

and they had such a positive energy that it both calmed and excited the kids.

It was a pleasure working along Kathleen and Anjali [volunteers from 100 Seeds of Joy / Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton]”.

Rui (Starbucks manager and co-organizer for this event but she could not attend the event)

One of my partners, Elisa, has great feedback of the event.

She would want to send you a message. Hope you don’t mind sharing your number with her.”

Elisa (Starbucks partner)

“Hey there, it’s Elisa. I did the Rock painting event with you. I am so sorry it took so long to give you some feedback.

I thought the event was amazing.

We all needed some relaxation. My daughter really enjoyed it!

I would definitely be interested in more events for sure.

You guys are great!

 “There’s one thing: that if there is within us the Joy, then only you produce Joy. If there is no joy, you cannot. So first of all before doing any work, creating anything, one must measure up the amount of joy one has received, the blessings one has received from the divine, and then recreate. With that consciousness, with that awareness you’ll find your creation will be very beautiful. And we have to bring the world to a new method of creativity where there is exuberance, exuberance of joy, and of Divine aesthetics, because the world is going from bad to worse.”

“You all should desire for such: that people of exuberance should come forward to value such things which are full of Joy.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation [Lecture in Brompton Square, London,  UK on August 5th, 1985]

Enjoy this Video-Sample from a recent 100 Seeds of Joy event for “Cool Kids & Parents”

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Ioana’s photo from Nova Scotia, around Easter 2023.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and will see you soon at one of our 100 Seeds of Joy events where we bring Mother Earth’s energy and creativity, while we find joy within and inner peace through Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Don’t be shy, drop a comment, we are eager to know your impressions!

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  1. Kruti

    Self-realization through rock paintings is such a cool initiative and a fun one. Awakening our innerly, pure energy within us and keeping our attention on rocks which represent Mother Earth is the best thing we can do to ourselves. I have seen these events are enjoyed not just by children, but also by adults equally. Kudos to the entire Sahaj creative team for continuing to offer these free events to community.

  2. NITI

    Thanks Halton collectivity for sowing the seeds of joy wherever you people get opportunities.Thanks to the people who gives you the opportunities to bring your selfless work into their workplaces. I Saw the wonderful pic of participants. Who are young ,old everyone is enjoying their experience that showed that in this gadget Era., the soul still found their joy in this natural workshop of rock painting with all the love of mother nature.Amazing pic of mother nature,Thanks Anjali and Kathleen.

  3. Paula

    It was so great when I was postering Starbucks for other events provided by our Sahaja Yoga Meditation Network team, especially those for the Orchard Hub in our neighbourhood, that Rui (it’s nice that the name is pronounced the same as “Ray” of sunshine 🙂 the manager loved those SYMN events for 100 Seeds of Joy (a Burlington initiative) and we clicked immediately! It is another way to be in life…….open hearted…open minded…..benevolent to the community and joy collecting… through yoga connection. It is so simple, and inside, waiting to be discovered by each and every soul that desires to know “what else is there?” “ what are the solutions to repair the world?” This awakens the spirit, brings back joy and a deep and moving inner silence that returns us to our higher self…an evolved sense of existence. There is so much more room to grow within. All it takes is a spark. And in this case a simple “Ray of sunshine” 🙂 to see the wisdom of spreading pure love throughout the community in heartfelt efforts. Bravo!

  4. Paula

    So glad enthusiasm was met with an open door to something quite special! Thank you to all for such an open hearted event filled with artful inspirations from a universal sense of connection to a new and amazing reality! These are truly beneficial and benevolent events in the community that bring out the sparkle in the eye, and sense awe and joy in everyone. Impressive efforts and jam packed article on the meaning of life and even more events! Joy begets joy. It’s worth expanding our wings!

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